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  1. Into the way my avie looks? Not at all! In fact, my avatar is of a character that exists in another medium so physically it is very far removed from myself. Yet when it comes to my avies personality then I can say completely that's all me.
  2. No, I haven't. I may in the future to hopefully avoid this conversation, though honestly the initial inquiry doesn't bother me, they're just curious. Its when they won't let it go after my first No, I'm fine the way I am.
  3. I found the forums not long after I joined in June. I just started posting today because I wanted some location recommendations. The forums seem fun as either an alternative when I don't want to login, or maybe even as an addition when I do if I require a little extra to keep my mind whirring.
  4. I'll go for my biggest pet peeve, forget my small gripes! My b i g g e s t SL pet peeve might be more of a specific pet peeve, so everyone may not be able to relate to this exact situation, but I'm sure if you think about it you can conjure up something similar. People, who ask me "Why not get a mesh body and bento head?" When I say, Nah I don't want one, they proceed with the question, "Can't you afford it?" or something else that is equally as insulting, seemingly without them realizing it. When I assure them that, Yes I can afford it, but no I still don't want one we begin an
  5. I would like it if someone could name some places where an avatar like mine would be welcome, particularly music clubs. I have an anime avatar but its not the normal anime avatar, even. I'm a female anime character, but I'm not using Utilizator or Kemono, or anything like that. I stand out even among anime avies, I admit it, but I also like the way I look and don't want to change it just so I access some places. I've been asked to leave a few times in the past because I don't fit the sim's aesthetic. It was never a hostile or nasty message, just a simple IM asking me to leave and well, their s
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