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  1. @BeautifulXu Well generally a missed connection thread probably doesn't belong in a totally unrelated Roleplay thread.
  2. I think you're in the wrong sub my dude...
  3. If I recall correctly Legacy also doesn't store it's things in SL itself, but rather links to an outside server for them. I don't know exactly how it works, I just recall someone talking about it once. From what I remember them saying because of how things are stored for them if their system went away you'd kind of lose the functions of your body or something like that. I'll see if I can find the discussion. I think personally their previously iffy reputation has definitely made me doubt I'll ever buy one of their products if the chance they might just disappear and your things jus
  4. Places like Sweet Thing, Spoiled, Rebelpill, and Miwas are good places to start for clothes. For hair I'd say Doe and Pr!tty are good starts. And then makeup wise Cake and Caise do good soft blushing for the body and Adored does really good eyeshadow and lipstick. I'd check out the Otakon event going on now and Harajuku for some more options too.
  5. Maybe it's because I'm newer, and lacking in the rose colored glasses of nostalgia for system avatars, but they just don't look like the same amount of effort is put into them. Standing beside one feels like looking at PS1 Cloud next to Cloud from the remake. And that's fair considering they were basically just LL slapping together a, at the time I'm sure decent, avatar shape so people could have something to move around. But they definitely have not stood the test of time. So a roleplay sim that wants people to put at least a minimum amount of effort in to their avatars makes sense to have th
  6. I've seen 10 houses/boats so far, but every time I've gotten an error or sold out message immediately. I hope the next batch comes out a lot sooner than a month from now...
  7. I've got no personal issues with furries, and have known quite a few in my lifetime. I'm just confused at the insistence of it being "racism". It just leads to people taking actual racism less seriously when they hear people like you throwing the term around for every tiny inconvenience. It's not racist for a sim owner to ban certain types of avatars for whatever reason, and the fact that you seemed to imply LL should do something about it is just weird and alarming. There are plenty of places that are friendly to furries, so if one or two aren't they've probably got a decent reason for it.
  8. Furries aren't a race though, so it's not discrimination to say there are places they don't fit into. If my avatar looks Asian and someone says I have to change cause they don't like Asians that's racist, because real Asian people exist and it would be wrong to say something negative about a race of real people. If I'm a neon green cat walking around and someone says I have to leave, that isn't racist because, and it's weird to have to point this out, no matter what someone likes to dress up as, neon green cat people aren't really a race. Sure, you might really want to be a green cat person ir
  9. I would guess some places also just don't like the aesthetics of furries. If you're trying to run a medieval inn, and a dude that looks like a giant neon green dog starts walking around he's gonna stand out. I mean even things like a beach resort, or nightclub might be going for a specific look that furries don't fit with. And since furries tend to kinda go places in groups if people see a small group of furries they might assume that they're in a place meant specifically for furries, and leave. And if your target audience is made uncomfortable it's a lot easier to ban the minority that is mak
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