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  1. https://secure.acsevents.org/site/STR?pg=entry&fr_id=104349 Second Life members have raised over $3 million dollars for Relay For Life. Fantasy Faire, one of the largest events, raised L$25,834,863 or $103,339USD last year. Sure, some of the people involved have met up in person, but most never will. There's a whole bunch of people who've met their significant other via Second Life or other online platforms. There's also a whole bunch of people who couldn't freely be themself in their first life, due to local politics or feelings, who are able to be themself in SL. Others who are disabled and stuck in their house, with Second Life giving them a chance to socialize they'd otherwise not have. Some people may not need or desire what SL offers. That's perfectly okay. Some of us consider it a core part of ourselves though. That's also perfectly okay.
  2. Figure out what button toggles your crouch animation. Then click it. I legit went through this myself months back. Had accidentally hit the crouch hotkey, which I'd forgotten I had set.
  3. My biggest pet peeve? People getting a 400+ page topic locked because they are ranting about a topic which has been shut down twice now by Lindens.
  4. Linden Labs is legit Linden Research, Inc. Linden Labs could very likely have a huge database of all this information already and actually have it connected to your personal information. If you're really terrified of someone finding out that you like to sex it up with a virtual avatar, please consider disconnecting from the internet.
  5. Stalking requires the focus of intent to be direct at one person. We're literally scouring all of SL. The individual is just a blip of data. Stalking also requires the "stalker" to be threatening or act in a way that causes a reasonable person to fear. It must be clear that the "stalker" is intending to cause fear. Please explain in which way BB is causing a reasonable person to feel threat or fear by appearing in a region for less than a minute, not interacting with anything, and immediately leaving?
  6. Your argument is failing to gain support for one simple reason. You keep saying collecting this data is wrong and anyone doing so could use the information for nefarious reasons but you've failed to provide any examples of what those nefarious purposes may be. I'm sincerely curious what sort of nefarious and harmful deeds you believe someone can do with information about your online pixel avatar. Please provide examples.
  7. Thanks for coming up with new features we weren't even providing! We could totally scrap data on if someone has payment information on file or not! Considering this is public information visible on your profile it'll be real easy to do. Just think of all the valuable uses a big list of all accounts with payment information could be! And it's all thanks to YOU for thinking it up!
  8. If your issue is with bots showing up on land that you don't even own then having an opt out feature won't resolve any of your issues. An opt out feature would confirm the request is coming from the land owner. Rez day is on your profile. There's no reason to anonymize that as ANYONE can see it already by simply opening up your profile. Frankly, all I'm seeing is you annoyed that a random avatar is showing up on land that you don't own once in a while for a few seconds. Which is a pretty minor thing to be so upset about and seems extremely obsessive and controlling. If you really do need that much control over who enters your land consider moving to a private region and using the whitelist feature.
  9. All data collected HAS to be publicly available data. There's no way for anyone aside LL to collect data that isn't. So this is information you are putting out on Second Life. It's just data being anonymized and compiled. I would like to point out you can ban BB's from your parcel. That will prevent any of them from showing up. It's pretty easy and if you need someone to walk you through it I definitely can. One of the things BB does is track region population. This is to help find and share interesting and active locations on the grid. One of the hardest parts of SL is finding out where people are at. Most of SL exists with little activity. The hope of this is to bring more people together in SL and provide a chance for more positive experiences. Again, BB is there for 5-20 seconds. Basically long enough to pop in, grab the publicly accessible information, and then figure out where to go next.
  10. Wait.. Are you trying to stalk BB? If so, pick one of the pins, click on it, and then zoom in. Map will automatically reposition to keep following. The map is mostly just for fun though. There's not really much value in seeing where a BB is at considering they don't stick around one place for long and are always on the move. There's actually a fun new Marketplace sales tracker that was added to the site. Can be a fun way of finding new things to buy. It's provided some rather interesting insights as well.
  11. So, what you're saying is, Bonnie is only in your region so briefly that you can't even tell?
  12. Your suggestion has been added to the suggestion box and will be given the full amount of consideration it deserves.
  13. SUP Y'ALL. YOU ASKED AND WE DELIVERED. https://www.bonniebots.com/bonnie
  14. So a small amount of the population gets bothered by a random avatar appearing on their region for a very small amount of time, not doing anything, not interacting with anything, and then leaving. And as you pointed out if they are bothered they can easily prevent access. So what's the harm? Seems like you're trying to provoke outrage over nothing.
  15. How are they bothering people? They pop into a region for all of a second, gather public information, and then move on. That information is then added to a database which can be reviewed by those who know the website to do so.
  16. The last one! BB's were made just for funs, inspired by some mapping bots from back in the early days of SL. The information gathered at first was basic parcel gathering. Since then it's increased to traffic levels, available abandoned land, and even a new feature of trending attachments. The ACTUAL BB's are 100% completely harmless. They do not stalk people. They do not follow you. Aside from BB prime they will NOT talk to you. If you feel like a BB is stalking you or threatens you in any way, please do report to LL immediately. This is not an actual BB but someone posing as one.
  17. Four more found and added! Please let me know of any others.
  18. 32 more locations have been added! This brings the list up to 171 total confirmed locations for this year. Some of these locations had a late start and their day 1 item is still available, so make sure to go grab them while you can!
  19. It's the 1st of December, which means a new season of Holiday Advents are here to collect! With over 100 locations taking part collecting every item offered will be a real challenge. To help prioritize what locations you want to go to and to track what days you have collected I've made a handy spreadsheet you can save and use. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_zwAuOwRVL9gUC7IGp5f9liHvUNc4hcpKHy7yAh3T60/edit#gid=0 Save this to your own Google account or download and open in whatever spreadsheet software you prefer to use. Make sure to check back occasionally though as I'll be updating with any new advents I find! Find it easier work off a normal list? I recommend Fab Free's very thorough listing. https://fabfree.wordpress.com/december-advents/ If you find any errors in my list or any locations not currently added please let me know!
  20. Builders Brewery does classes on Blender and other subjects for free. TP http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Builders Brewery/156/97/25 Calendar http://www.buildersbrewery.com/calendar
  21. $1500-1800 are the reported sale prices I heard from a few people recently. The difference between 20k and 30k is negligible in regards to price, as upgrading or downgrading is simple.
  22. I ended up lying again. I missed the window to sell before my tier payment, so I haven't dumped the land yet. It's still available at super low prices. Please buy it.
  23. Hey peoples of the internet. I'm looking for a working ski lift or gondola that can be set up for custom use.. And doesn't look like it was designed in 2012. Gondola style would be preferred, though open bench ski lift would be fine. I've tried checking the MP and am not interested in the quality of what's available. I swear I visited a place a year or two back that had a working lift that was considerably higher quality. Can't find it now though and not sure if it was a custom creation or not. If anyone has ideas, please let me know!
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