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  1. Yup. I stopped reporting earlier this fall because things I'd reported two to three months earlier.. Still were up and not addressed. In addition, I've found stores with 30+ pages of gacha that were all clearly abusing keywords. Would have taken me hours to report them all individually and there's no way to report an entire store.
  2. Hey all! Released I should post this here for y'all as well. Made up a handy spreadsheet you can use to find and keep track of advents this year. Have just under 200 unique advents listed, all verified, which seems to be the most conclusive list I can find. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qcdo2G6jTdYi1j-0BmLAhsgqF4UC6gb3Q7gqNCnNwbw If there are any advents not listed that you know of, PLEASE let me know via a PRIVATE message. Due to community guidelines, please don't post them here as that may be considered a violation for directly promoting a single store
  3. "P.s We welcome fantasy rp " Apparently you're welcome to LARP there. I'm not aware of anywhere like that, but the idea could be fun! Hope someone knows of somewhere.
  4. Although possible, it's extremely unlikely they would try to tackle that business angle. The issue goes far beyond PayPal. A large part of it has to do with the credit card companies and their policies. Often times they will refuse to service transactions with your business if it's of adult nature or provides services for adult industries. Some of this has to do with the credit risk involved.. The adult industry has the largest amount of disputed charges than any other industry. Thus the credit card companies are often left carrying the loss. Then you get into the pressure they rec
  5. Not gonna tackle the current conversations.. But if anyone wants an amazing free resource to listen in on experiences of POC in the USA, I highly recommend the podcast Code Switch.
  6. Wanted to get some clarification on what does and does not constitute Keyword Spam, primarily in regards to Gacha's. The understanding I have from this is that terms unrelated to the exact item listed should not be used. For example, if you were selling a pair of shoes that came from a gacha set that also included a hat and dress: Valid: designer name, gacha set name, shoe, shoes, Invalid: designer name, gacha set name, shoe, shoes, dress, hat, Even though the full set includes a hat and dress, since you are not selling them as part of your listing, they shou
  7. Because calling leftists snowflakes and purposely trying to 'trigger' them isn't bashing either. 🤲🙏🤲🙏 Both sides have their rhetoric and insults. Acknowledging that you're just as brainwashed as they are, but from a different perspective, will let you actually listen and try to figure things out for yourself.
  8. I have a gacha resell store. Over 300 items. Not a single one has any keywords that might be considered a slur. And if I'm mistaken and one does? I will HAPPILY spend the five minutes or so changing and relisting the items.
  9. How is it a waste of time if it still improves our situation? Sure, you might not succeed with what your ultimate goal is, but you'll still make improvements. One of the most important lessons any of my teachers ever taught me was to dream big. It's something a lot of successful folks will tell you. Don't fear failure, accept the risk and even often the likely chance of it. Your comment implies that we should also give up on all anti-pollution measures. Because we'll never completely eliminate pollution. There's always going to be accidental leaks, natural disasters, etc that cause p
  10. Just because something isn't achievable doesn't mean you can't strive for it. There will always be injustice in the world, that doesn't mean we get rid of laws and courts. True equality may not be achievable. I'd argue that it isn't. That won't stop me from trying to work toward it though.
  11. Although I do agree the posting of the store images was unnecessary, I don't believe they violated any stated policies. I've looked through the TOS, community guidelines, and community standards. I can't find anything related to a 'no naming and shaming' policy. Nor any mention of posting publicly accessible information as being against policy. I think this, in itself, is part of the issue. There are multiple policies for different areas of SL. The forums have policies, the market has policies, in world has policies, content creation has it's own policies. And none of them state the same
  12. First: Do the listings show up when you are on 'All'? Or do they just not show up at all on the MP management screen? Second: This frustrated me and made me panic so much the first time I sold something. When you relog, you'll notice the stock=1 will change to stock=0. For some reason SL won't update the actual stock properly when you're in world. So it'll unlist the item, you'll 'know' you have 0, but it'll still show you as having one until you relog.
  13. Had a friend argue once that women shouldn't be allowed to go topless, because if he was driving and saw a topless woman he'd become distracted and likely end up crashing into something. Which, is probably true. But that's still HIS fault for not controlling HIS reaction. Not the womans. Personally, that argument frustrates me so much. We shouldn't be stopping people from doing things, unless the action is directly causing or promoting harm, because of someone else's reaction.
  14. There's a whole area that is set up with a Native American feel. It's not very authentic... But it exists. It's probably because your comments are usually nonconstructive and often bordering the line of disrespectful.
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