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  1. Carmen King is making Second Life Videos right now. She has over 900,000 followers in the 18-24 demographic. Most of her followers, I believe, are Sims, Imvu and Grand Theft Auto players. I am assuming the op is one of her followers. Social content will be important and appealing to the people from Imvu and young people in general. Maybe they can come up with something on the new mobile app that can evolve with trends that is attractive to the younger demographic. There’s an opportunity here. She has a huge following and I AM seeing them in world. Her video about buying a mansion had over 59,000 views from 4 days ago. The biggest problem I’m seeing is getting their avatars sorted out and looking “kyoot“. I checked comments from the video and almost immediately found a comment from someone who quit after two days because the couldn’t figure out the body. Maybe @Strawberry Lindencould collaborate with her on a detailed Bom/Mesh video? I can see that SL could be attractive to the Imvu and Sims players. Two ways to attract the younger crowd might be: 1. Have a dedicated Second Life Tik Tok channel. 2. Have a You Tube collaboration channel where once every four months or so they collaborate with a You Tuber that has a good number of followers. (This would have the potential to create a constant stream of new users, when interest dies down from one channel you get a stream from another. Each video could have a link to a detailed video on getting started. (Sorting mesh, bom and wearing clothes) The video tutorial itself could have links to vids on what to do once you are in world, etc.
  2. Letting go of a houseboat in a few minutes if anyone is looking!
  3. I lean gothic with industrial a close second.
  4. Omg, so happy you are back in forums again! (Dances around in the fairy dust)
  5. @Marianne LittleI cheated too! I rented small parcel but it ended up too small so I trade up to a larger one. My Belli home was in a beachy area and I was not feeling it for fall and winter seasons. Maybe I will go for a cabin this time? I am ready for something new! I understand that the stilt homes may not be soon but was hoping at least for the premium plus.
  6. The pilot would like to remind you that passengers may not deplane until they have been checked for proper hair length, degree of haggardness, script usage, polygon count and unsightly baggage. (Motions to person holding a measuring tape) Quinn, our flight attendant will be checking the height of all female avatars....you know why. Last but not least, all finger pointers shall be “assisted“ in deplaning at 5000 feet. Thank you for flying with us, we hope you enjoyed your flight!
  7. I am searching for a body for my beach, one that looks like it washed onto the shore. I am not looking for skeletal remains. I have checked the MP but haven’t found anything that looks properly waterlogged. Anyone have any ideas where I might find one?
  8. When someone ends their debate by calling someone an idiot who clearly is not
  9. That derailed quickly. *Toasts some marshmallows over the flames and makes s’mores*
  10. I wasn’t offended or being snarky. If I had said something insensitive I wanted to know so I could apologize. I absolutely value and respect his reasons for not posting.
  11. I am trying to find the section of my thread where I said or even inferred that Maitimo's reasons for not posting were less important than my regrets. That was certainly NOT my intention.
  12. @Panteleeva I am so sorry you are suffering. Sending lots of hugs. I don’t know your situation but I do know sometimes taking a small break, maybe a week or two away can help you find a more positive perspective. It is so hard to heal unless you give yourself time. ❤️
  13. Thank you so much Jaimy for all the goodies, you rock!❤️ Can’t wait to come shop, I might be decorating early, at least the inside. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
  14. I have noticed, In the last few months, people missing from forums. I feel that one of them left a large void, that person is Maitimo. I considered, more than a few times, sending a note to say, “Wow, you are amazing, you put so much time and effort into helping people.” I am ashamed I didn’t. I thought he would always be here. I thought I could do it another day. I did rectify that the other day, I wish I had done it sooner. There are people on here that put so much time and effort to helping others, thank you to all of you. I rarely have to ask questions because most of you have already answered them. Maitimo, you are missed, I hope you come back soon.
  15. Ok, can I type fast enough to get my peeve in before the thread goes up in flames? Hahaha! You guys, stahhhpp. Anyway, I bought a cheap scooter because I am poor atm and it was so bad. The pose on it is hilarious. It makes you look like you are sitting on the toilet and reaching out for tp with both hands. I was crying laughing so hard I couldn’t read the notecard. I’m seriously thinking about using the pose, sans scooter, to “ride” around the neighborhood.
  16. I suffer from a botanical overload too Elena, though you never know from my current garden. The only thing bigger than my house plant/garden folder is my texture folder!
  17. I was planning to around the first week in October, but I’m shopping now! Thanks Elena
  18. When do most people start putting out fall foliage in Belli? (Basic trees, bushes, leaves, not decor)
  19. You are one of my favorite people on forums! I love watching you chase people off your lawn... I mean... thoughtfully guide people to the proper area for their topic.
  20. That isn’t asking too much. You are worth it! @Panteleeva
  21. A gigantic... enormous...tremendous...colossal...REALLY HUGE....sense of humor.
  22. Thanks Josephine, I will drop by there this weekend. I was wondering, does SL have any annual fall or Halloween shopping events?
  23. Thanks Laurel, I will check those out! Love Half Deer. I have no words for how much I love fall, I’m obsessed ❤️
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