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  1. I added you on Discord. I would like to talk about some things I am needing please.
  2. I am looking to commission someone to make some nice tiny link mesh necklace chains. I will give more details to anyone interested. Please IM me in world. Thanks in advance and hugssss. Rainbow Fairymeadow
  3. I clicked that like and I only see for places. none with houseboats. Does that mean they are gone already?
  4. Ahhhh, Thanks very much for that info Rosa. I will dig into that. I always thought maybe it was bad keywords or something. Like when you see the banner at the top of the main page. Advertising a certain item.. Hair, furniture etc.. maybe those people paid to be there other than what we can use, like the set up for us featuring and item and paying for which page we want it to land on. curious, have you ever used those as well? I'll let you know how things go :))
  5. I agree with this. I was on MP the other day just trying to figure out how this works, I went through about 15 pages of jewelry and never saw ONE of mine, but multiple things from other stores. I wish I would have found this thread a few minutes earlier. I actually just started a thread to get some help lol.
  6. Hey all So I am really just looking for some marketing strategies and have a question. I am a jewelry designer, I also dabble a bit in eyes and nails. Anyway. I have a store on MP and after all these years I am still wondering how the listings get arranged. I looked the other day under jewelry and went through about the first 15 pages and didn't see one listing from my store. I DID see multiple listings from other stores. My question is, does MP just list things as they are listed each day by the merchants, or are the listings I am seeing, ones that have been enhanced to land on a certain page? Good Keywords?? Thanks for any answers in advance
  7. I have to say updated in world building is something I have been hoping for, for a long time. After all the years I have been building in SL I now have to learn a whole new complicated program ( Blender) which probably wouldn't be that hard if the mouse controls weren't reversed lol. I actually prefer just working in world. As I was saying, I now have a ton to learn without the patience or time to learn it as RL takes a lot of my time. I loveeee being in Sl and creating things. I am a jewelr, I put together floral arragements for weddings and small house deco. I now design eye textures. I use SL as an outlet for my creativity that I was unfortunately never able to grasp in RL. I am also creative in rl, always wanted store of my own but just never seized the opportunity. In SL I can Have the stores, and can reach out to SOOOO many people from all over the world, far better than just one state of the USA lol. Still would just be much easier for me to just build while I'm standing on my platform in the sky or sitting on my beach listening to tunes. I honestly will be in SL for as log as its around. I have made so many friends in here over the years. I have collected a whole world of things I would never have in RL lol. I LOVEEE to ride my motorcycles. The Yeah there are DIFFERENT people and lifestyles, but hey, in RL its the same. Just not so in your face. To explore or not to explore, that is the question... I explore but I know where my TP button is in a jiff lol.As for telling rl people about SL. I tell everyone! There is just so much to tell. I work at a gaming sim late nights on a different Avi, and I actually tell people its like my second job and how it all works.
  8. Hi Rosalyn, I am interested to see if you are looking for, or do referrals for floral designers. I just opened a shop about a year ago and do custom orders as well as having a marketplace for some of the pre-made items for purchase. I have done around 8 or 10 custom orders so far, so I also have references. Hope to hear from you soon. The flowers are done on a different Av than this because I didn't want to get my inventory confused. Her name is cherryrainfloral Resident and here is the MP link so you can see some of my work. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198253
  9. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about boost value in sarch, meaning the store and things in the store showing in search. I have this little hud that says my boost value is -1. I have no clue how to fix this or what is means other than the little bit they tell you in knowledge base which is In addition to traffic, size, and many more ranking mechanisms, we also apply a small negative boost related to how spammy a listing seems to be. We determine this using software that evaluates content and gives it a rating. This spam ranking is viewable on the source code of your world page listing, and there are several inworld merchants with free objects that tell you if your parcel has been flagged for spam. Adjusting the title and description text associated with your parcel affects your spam rating, and that new rating is picked up in the next update. Can someone please help me understand this.
  10. I own Glint jewelry, I could do if if you want. I accept all kinds of custon orders
  11. Just wondering how much bento is going to affect the attachment places for jewelry. Maybe there will be an update for RLV jewelry scripts as well?
  12. Thanks Arton, I will work on that. I will also post a pic here with an idea of what the hine would look like. just a simple glossy area.  I'm guessing just alot of detailed shading in SL
  13. What are the top 10 radio stations in SL :) ?
  14. Hi I'm Rainbow, from Glint jewelry. I can help you with this if you contact me inworld. I do tons of custom work Its my favorite task in SL, because its specail to someone when its done. I love bringing smiles to SL.
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