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  1. Alright, I'm done defending my choice to show kindness to a new person. Have a good night ya'll
  2. I agree, girl friend shopping with an empty profile on day one is pretty cringe. But we're veterans here and that feels cringe cause we know that's just not what you do. I'm not defending that at all. If someone wants to find a partner in sl, there needs to be way more effort than just coming to the forums. And I advised going out and exploring the world first because you just simply don't know what's out there and what you can offer other people on day one. That all being said.... I'm only suggesting maybe some people would find it boring to fill out a profile on day one of starting
  3. I meant on day one. I've been here forever and am constantly tweaking my own profile. I just added new stuff today. But I certainly didn't care about it back in 2004. We all have different priorities and when starting a new thing, some people are gonna wanna go out and explore before investing time in a profile.
  4. You weren't wrong, it was just a harsh way to talk to someone new. 1 day old avie...of course they're gonna have a blank profile. Who sits in a new game and just fills out a profile? Especially a game like sl people tend to want to find things to do and explore.
  5. https://www.morethantwo.com/ is a really good resource if you have more questions about it.
  6. That's a good question. I'm meaning polyamorous or open relationships. I know there's a huge active swinging community and that's not what I'm meaning here.
  7. Hello out there to all the poly friends and folks on the grid! I'm so curious as to where you all are hiding out at? I've been in sl for such a long time and this community by far is one of the most reclusive I've ever encountered. I don't mean any ill will by that, as an introvert, believe me I get the love for solitude. That being said, I wonder what it is about this community in general that makes it so quiet. Not unfriendly, or unwelcoming, just...quiet. What do you guys like to do? What events would interest you? How are you finding other poly people and how are you findin
  8. Welcome to SL Darklotch. Though lots of people date in sl, sl is not a dating service. I would spend time exploring what sl has to offer other than that. At least for now, while you're getting to know the world and how things work. Most people who have been here aren't going to be interested in a relationship with someone who just made an account. Go find something that interests you, find some places to explore, make some friends, find a community. Figure out what you want with someone in sl, and what you can offer in return. Give yourself time to find your place in the world a
  9. Some people only want you in the moment. Maybe it felt good to chase and be chased for a while then he got bored. Nothing wrong with you, it's just a *****ty way people can be in sl or online these days. It's easy to hide behind your avie and not face any real accountability for how we treat people here when we can just unfriend and block in a matter of seconds. It sounds to me like he did you a favor, though it may not seem like it. I know it hurts to be discarded like that, I'm just glad for you it was early on before you got too invested.
  10. I'm looking to meet more poly folks as well. Please add if you'd like 😃
  11. Matching efforts is super important to me. So many people just want to give the minimal amount of energy to keep you hooked but never give you anything of substance. An unwillingness to be vulnerable is a huge killer for me. It's hard enough to feel close to someone online, so how do you have intimacy if you can't let your walls down with that special person?
  12. I'm always happy to make new friends and meaningful connections. But there are red flags I look out for. When you have to broadcast that you're not into drama. Stable people don't need to do this. Yeah everyone can have moments of turmoil in your life from time to time but if it's so consistent that you feel the need to proactively wear a batsignal that this is a no drama allowed zone, then maybe.... the problem is you? Plus there's also the fact that this usually just means 'conflict' and if you're that afraid of conflict and can't manage disagreements between friends, this speaks a lot
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