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  1. Don't stop.... it's too fun..... I for one would miss all of your posts and reports of your finds.... 😃
  2. I think with the huge number of tries you have that you are responsible for cycling the entire system.... 😁 😉
  3. ohhhh nice tip..... much better... thank you...
  4. This happens to me often.... I started rezzing a box and sitting on it to get out from under the stairs.
  5. releasing a Vic in Rood hook at 8:15 slt. It's a pretty nice corner location with some nice border rocks. There are train tracks right across the street and the end of the line train station on the opposite corner....
  6. Has there been any information about when they are going to start up with new region releases? I think the houseboat and campers still have new regions that have been in the automatic release mode but I'm more interested in when some new trad or vic regions are gonna start again.
  7. traditional on the land page for a while now..... 1st region of 2020? Never mind.... gone now.
  8. Sorry... you are right.... consider the sl banner photo question closed.....
  9. it sure looks like his avi.... might have been so drunk on new years that they fell off..... then again..... it can just be 4 random folks....
  10. Off topic... anybody know who the other 3 avatars are on the SL page before you log in? I know Patch is over on the left but don't know who the other 3 are.... I assume it's Patch any ways even though there are no mouse ears...
  11. I suppose that starting from next week some traditional regions (nice ones) start to get released again.... There seems to be a lot of them getting ready....
  12. I've seen maybe 2 or 3 Victorians and around 5 Trads... but this was mostly earlier in the day.... I haven't been looking so much in the afternoon...
  13. I saw grumpy old man lingering at a Victorian I got.... I named the parcel Keep Off My Lawn in his honor.
  14. So, I've been seeing a traditional on the land page on and off all day. I've not tried to take it but I'm curious if it's the same location or maybe a few locations getting recycled over and over of if they are generally different ones as people shuffle around looking for something different.
  15. I got one in Price and let it go about 5 minutes ago.... might have been it...
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