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  1. I had this one a couple of days ago..... if it wasn't for that brick wall around the entire border I might have kept it for a while. I know I could have derendered it but I knew even if I couldn't see it I would have known it was there like a little pebble in my shoe just making me angry....
  2. trad on the page that keeps getting an unknown error when trying to take it.... finally gone after 10 minutes...
  3. I've tried that a total of 3 times and was successful twice.... I think it's too scary to try these days. I think it used to be easier when there weren't as many abandons popping up randomly.... On a similar topic I have 3 premium accounts and all 3 of them have gotten my original first home at some point in time and one account has gotten it twice.
  4. I had this parcel for a few days before I grew restless and moved on.... it is a very nice location but I kind of didn't like the tracks right out front....
  5. I think there are only a few really nice ones there along the west coast line.... I had hopes of grabbing one of those but I was not online when it was released... I should correct myself here.... they are all really nice but there are only a few prime spots..
  6. I knew Leora would come through with a nice list..... thank you!!!...
  7. any guesses as to when Ebbe Tide gets released? it seems to be one of the ones above the current line getting released that was passed over.
  8. My Alt just lucked into one of the trad lots in Porthole on the corner of the channel that were so coveted before they were first released. Think I'll have to live in this one for a while....
  9. I had it since Selina let it go and wasn't in world.... just released it about 10 minutes ago so it was just you and I... I suppose.... it's pretty nice actually... close to the sea and some other water...
  10. Don't stop.... it's too fun..... I for one would miss all of your posts and reports of your finds.... 😃
  11. I think with the huge number of tries you have that you are responsible for cycling the entire system.... 😁 😉
  12. ohhhh nice tip..... much better... thank you...
  13. This happens to me often.... I started rezzing a box and sitting on it to get out from under the stairs.
  14. releasing a Vic in Rood hook at 8:15 slt. It's a pretty nice corner location with some nice border rocks. There are train tracks right across the street and the end of the line train station on the opposite corner....
  15. Has there been any information about when they are going to start up with new region releases? I think the houseboat and campers still have new regions that have been in the automatic release mode but I'm more interested in when some new trad or vic regions are gonna start again.
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