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  1. Just watch.... because of the advance notice it will be one of the houses that takes a few hours to release again...
  2. If that's the case I think there are currently 2 dots on there on the map that I don't see on the minimap and they both just vanished at the same time...
  3. interesting.... I will pay attention to that next time round and see where I end up. if your theory is true then a couple of sold outs and then getting one should put you on the water...
  4. it would sure be nice to figure that out... some small hesitation at the start of a release or pass on the first one with a refresh to try and move to a home in a specific section of the region.... I know... they all go so fast and it's over..... still would be nice to know
  5. does anybody have any idea in what order the houses are released within a region? Does it start in the center or one of the corners and go in a pattern or is it just random?
  6. it's something on your end.... I just looked there and the house is rezzed ok for me
  7. Seems to me that they are popping up more often over the last one to two weeks from what I see in the group chat and here on the forum. I remember the days where I would refresh for hours and hours and see nothing for days on end. Now they are reported seen more often and better yet announced before they are abandoned either here or in the group (not that they are always available right away after being abandoned) giving people a chance to click with disregard to the refresh limit for short bursts. I don't know how many premium account holders are still trying to get that first home but the number must surely be dropping rather quickly. I don't currently have a horse in the refresh race but it's still a bit interesting to stay in touch with it... specially when you see people grab that first one.....
  8. In the group chat this lovely little plot was getting grabbed and released just before the 1st release on the new pickle. It must have gone through 5 or 6 people before somebody finally kept it.
  9. just buy the upgrade for a month..... you can try and if you get something great you can just renew for longer after... If you miss out don't renew....
  10. you got the one right on the border with the red line in the photo..... It's elevated up a bit over the other houses.
  11. your boat is right in front of the house I grabbed with my alt
  12. wouldn't that be tricky if they restarted them early and only need to take down the red box and release..... no advance warning
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