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  1. I predict that there will be a second release.... it will happen 5 minutes after we've all logged out and it will be the region of our dreams......
  2. exactly.... if they want you out of the region before they restart and release them they will kick you out or prevent you from going into it in the first place.... like they did with the first camper releases...
  3. i had this one earlier before Leora and just got it a second time.... I released it and a Jon something or other got it.... don't know if he kept it or not...
  4. which begs the question..... there were many regions just to the north of Hammond Park that were pretty much exactly the same thing. Why did all of those release on a normal schedule?
  5. pushing past the 2 hour mark from the release and there's still campers on the land page. Yesterday was about an hour and a half Meadowbrook is finally back.... 2 hours and 15 minutes lol... back to campers.... maybe the restart mentioned by Marianne
  6. you can try resetting your mailbox or campground marker with a long click.... sometimes it resolves the issue
  7. nice of you to sacrifice one of your abandons for the greater good....
  8. only the root of the object has to be on your land.... anything else connected or joined to it can extend off... I did that with some fencing on a beach plot a while back.... actually the one you got on Kahuna
  9. they added a walk way to a dock on the lake which is off their parcel.... its nicely done and looks as if it belongs
  10. I let that go earlier today.... it stayed unclaimed for a couple of hours...
  11. was there a double release everyday this week so far?
  12. I agree it's not a good idea if you have no copy items.... everything I've been using is copy so it hasn't been an issue for me....
  13. Nice one.... good luck to whoever goes after it....
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