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  1. We offer our dancers 75% of tips, escorts get 200 prims and a skybox on the sim to do their business is and get 80% of their jar prices starts off at 3000L but you can make your own prices all must be paid to tipjar, but your prices must be 3000L or more. You receive two groups. Must maintain a adboard they are 200L a week and get a free photo fromt eh club photographer. (Requirements: Must voice Verfiy & have a mesh head & body.) Dancer & Escort apply in world. DJs & Hosts get 100% tips, rez your own tipjar. DJs must have their own stream, drop your stream in land. Host and Dj both required to take 1 perm set. Weezy Section DJ App: https://tinyurl.com/WSDJApp Weezy Section Host App: https://tinyurl.com/WSHostApp http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Rose/127/168/3500 PM me here or contact me in world @ MariaCieloMonroe Resident or contact Jweezy1870 Resident
  2. Weezy Section DJ App: https://tinyurl.com/WSDJApp Weezy Section Host App: https://tinyurl.com/WSHostApp Chain of Command: Manager: 亗ℒυςí Ⱳεεzƴ'ȿ ℜƴdα Ɓƴȶςђ亗 (mariacielomonroe) Owner & Founder: 亗Ðℐ ℳαȿтεяKíиg Ðяαςυℓα Ⱳεεzƴ亗 (jweezy1870) Co-Owner & Dance Manager: Qᴜᴇᴇɴᴍɪʟʟɪᴏɴ Ḻεηεϯϯα Ciroc Xυe (msbossynova) All are welcome! We accept are furry & LGBTTQQIAAP friendly. All genres are welcome, we are also D/s friendly. For any question please contact one of us or stop in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Rose/134/188/3500 also tune into Weezy Radio http://weezyradio.hostcrate.com:9896/ Contact us in world for dancer & escort info or stop into the club & rent a board, also Dancer get free skybox home to live in with 150 prims as long as their board is paid
  3. Thank you for pointing this out because Hmm yeah I was receive back last for saying the same for her wanting photographers lol for her business they get 150L per event when she getting more than that.
  4. She's the photographer I believe going off her profile
  5. Maybe that what you seen but I seen people and I myself actually use Photoshop not just some fliters.....your comment didn't contribute either lol, but it fine lol.
  6. SO you only pay your photographers 150L a event.? when you can make way more than that freelancing and doing it on your own....no offense but I would never take photos for a event for 150L. I take about 60-100 pictures a event so that not even enough to cover upload cost O.o. For just one photo I get 800L when I do photos for readies for 30 photos I make make 3k O.o....you ripping your photographers off....
  7. Looking for someone who can teach me how to mix on VDJ 8, I been using sam but it no longer works so I want to learn how to use VDJ 8 I have everything for it already just need to learn how to mix on it. I've watch numberous videos on youtube but I'm the type of person who need to learn hands on how to work things
  8. Weezy section is now currently hiring hosts & DJs! Hosts will recieve 100% tip jars and may rez their own tip jar DJs will recieve 100% tip jars and may rez their own tip jar You may become part Weezy radio, which stream 24/7 and have 3 children streams to go along with it. With over 200 listeners at all times in and not in SL. With a following of nearly 500 in the radio group along. We accept all genres of music excluding Country. Contact MariaCieloMonroe Resident in world if interest!
  9. You are not doing anything against rules matter factly message me in world would like to talk your work
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