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  1. Now that I've talked to some friends the 7.5% buy fee seems to affect renters the most. Peeps start thinking about abandoning their land or spend less on other things. It's basically a tax on rent fort me. I live in Second Norway and I think land sales might drop significantly ... we'll see 🙄
  2. Linden Lab could try to crowdfund new features ... oh wait, accountability is not an option 😜
  3. Right ... but "forever" sounds so freakishly painful 😟
  4. So let's do a quick recap: April 15 - Thursday at 15:39 PDT: Linden Lab announced they have a world map fix in testing (after having a broken map for 5 months). April 15 - Thursday at 20:44 PDT: Linden Lab announced the 7.5% buy fee change money grab (starting on April 22 and that's 1 week to go). ... what a happy little coincidence 😜
  5. Thank You, Samara 🤗 ... but oh my, I just watched the video and now I'm literally crying: Thank You Oz 💛
  6. I'm thinking about leaving Second Life. I've already kinda stopped exploring the grid and even sailing because it's no fun at all without a working map. I moved to Second Norway because of sailing and I can't even see the sim I live on on the map. As an estate manager I would be totally furious about that because potential customers can see neither the sim nor the available parcels on the map. It's not only the world map issue, but several other issues like eg data loss on my web profile, eep problems and so on and so forth. Things have really gone downhill in the last few months. And of cours
  7. Still waiting for my recent posts to reappear but at least it's possible to post new pictures again 🙂
  8. I know exactly how you feel. And now that I have at least my old feed back it's impossible to post new pictures: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/tmcc751nd236 Deleting my own comments doesn't work either. To be honest, the profile feed is totally unusable at the moment 🙄
  9. Yesh, that's what I meant. Thank You 💛
  10. My feed with older posts is back. At first I was kinda happy, but then I realized that all the more recent posts are gone. It's pretty annoying. And of course no notification from Linden Lab or any update on this issue. If that's the way Linden Lab treats its customers' data I'm concerned about my inventory, considering I've spent a few thousands dollars 🤔
  11. Linden Lab has been investigating this issue for weeks now and didn't came up with any solution. Moreover I can't really use the feed because I run into issues every single time I wanna post something. Not only that I lost my whole feed and followers but it's still a total mess and unusable ... It's a shame they screwed things up and haven't been able to fix this in a month: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/mwpxz87d7gfh
  12. Same problem here, my web profile just seems to be gone 😧 https://my.secondlife.com/sweetlucielle And I couldn't find a way to report that either 😟
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