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  1. Thirteen-plus years of building and living in SL, and I've never seen anything so organic, inviting, warm, in a mass-residence configuration like this!
  2. This is why my OP that you responded to specifically said "...So figure out how to constrain and guide the mesh makers so that you can effectively optimize for mesh..."
  3. Please listen to Niran. Please do not foist this garbage DOWNGRADE onto us! I've been around for nearly 14 years. I use SL primarily for photography and machinima. The current rendering and windlights have their issues, sure, and the IDEA of being able to set a windlight on your parcels that others will see BY DEFAULT is a good idea! But this implementation? It's TERRIBLE. You really need to go back to the drawing board on this. If you foist this on us, you're seriously breaking what I still find valuable and fun about Second Life. (Because you're KILLING social interaction by not optimizing for mesh--when being around more than a handful of other avatars can blow up your client, you simply avoid all the old ways of socializing.) And you'll probably lose me for good. I maintain 6 premium alts, and to this day still buy a fair amount of stuff from creators. You want to lose that revenue? You want to kill off your economy for creators even more? Then push this on us when we're asking you NOT to. Go back to the drawing board. And yeah, about NOT optimizing for mesh... WTF? Forcing us to choose between looking like Ruth just so we can socialize is NOT a choice. People want to mesh. They want to look good. So figure out how to constrain and guide the mesh makers so that you can effectively optimize for mesh. Like I said above, the only thing SL still really offers me is photography and machinima. You're killing the club/music/social scenes by stubbornly refusing to optimize for mesh.
  4. I have encountered both of the same problems that Kitten Kaos is describing so well above. It's very frustrating. I use an Nvidia Geforce 1080 graphics card with the latest up-to-date drivers, on Windows 10.
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