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  1. I LOVE that the moles created essentially 3.5 entire regions just to make a public "hiking area" with beautiful lakes, hills/mountains/rocks/flowers/plants/trees, and stunning waterfalls. It's just gorgeous!
  2. That's a fantastic find! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. And this is Kit's pre-owned camper site on the dunes over above the boot heel on the west side. We're just chilling after a long cruise around Belli.
  4. The garden path is from Dysfunctionality. They have a lot of great stuff.
  5. Train station just over to the left out our driveway...
  6. Yet another pre-owned spot I stumbled upon playing Game of Homes! So pretty and it's right next to one of the train stations too! Can't wait for the trains to be operational! I honestly think the camper landscapes and roadways/rivers are my favorite now. That was a surprise!
  7. I agree it would be nice to see a rez zone near that station!
  8. Cruising all around different areas of Belli is absolutely one of our favorite pastimes. Surprisingly long hulls (like a Pacha) can still do remarkably well.
  9. While technically "legal" in one sense, it's still quite inconsiderate of your neighbors because a huge block like that on top of the standard roof height will completely block the view for everyone around you. So.... like, before you plop some view-destroying monstrosity on "your" parcel, maybe ask yourself whether you're screwing up the experience for all your neighbors? I mean... Sheesh.
  10. New Halsey video features a live-action depiction of like every dance party in SL. Literally all the dancers look like they're dressed in the current "club wear" fashions and hairstyles straight out of SL. Once you see it, you can't un-see it. Enjoy!
  11. After really demo-ing Genus versus Lelutka all morning, it seems the overall Genus experience is fairly unfriendly. The skins I see in the stores for the Genus look great, but the Lelutka simplicity and usability is very appealing in comparison to Genus. Thanks again for all the great advice.
  12. I'm considering the MYCHA skin as part of the reason to switch to a Genus head (I'm tired of the Catwa duck lips and the clunky HUD). But I also like the RAIN skin a lot. In the mainstore for theSkinnery, they make it clear that RAIN is designed for the Classic head shape. But they give no clues about which head shape the MYCHA was designed for. Any tips?
  13. This is beyond in bad taste. It's nearly 2020, my Belli peeps. Can we NOT do this casually racist stuff please?
  14. I logged in right after getting home from work to catch at least part of Pirate DJ Sophia’s set! Sorry I missed the Linden Werewolf though. 😔
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