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  1. If we rush the Moles and Lindens, it will ultimately harm the very aspect of Bellisseria that makes it so desirable in the first place--the handcrafted uniqueness, personality, and beauty of the landscape in and around the home parcels. And watching the history of calls for different release tactics here over the past months, the Moles and Lindens can't win either way. People complained they didn't want to wait entire months for the next big batch (such as the 700-plot Squishy Pickle area) to be ready. So they start releasing at a much faster (but smaller) cadence, and now the complaints are just as numerous, but different. And ironically calling for a return to the long waits and big releases. I totally understand that it can be frustrating to make time to be rolling the dice when a release is about to happen. But going back to the long waits and big releases isn't the panacea you think it is. Those 700 plots were gone in less than 30 minutes. If you'd stayed home from work that day to roll the dice, you still might have not been smiled upon by Lady Luck. Belli will keep growing. Some residents will continually get tired of "that new car smell" and move on to the next shiny thing that catches their eye. Or they'll decide that the open social atmosphere of Belli isn't their cup of tea. Eventually, everyone feeling frustrated today will be a Belli resident
  2. Bah, your Sanctuary (and the coffee stand), are just fine, Jessyca. Patch's comments and examples in the pinned post at the top of this forum are really hard to misconstrue. The only longer-standing point of debate for a while revolved around tip jars, but that's been put to rest too (no tip jars anywhere in Belli--not even on the Fairgrounds at special events).
  3. Hmm, 7 posts and already jumping at shadows? Most of the Bellesserians--and certainly the ones who are always around doing proactive things for the community--like JessycaJayne (the Bellisserian Hamster)--are very aware of the non-commerical nature of the covenant. The various "neighborhood establishments" you'll see around Belli are essentially role-play. They're locations for community to congregate around. Nothing to see here; move along. 😉
  4. No. Patch was abundantly clear this morning that tip jars are not allowed anywhere in Bellisseria. Not even at organized Fairgrounds events in the future. The Pirate DJs of Bellisseria took this stance proactively, back when the question about tip jars was still a debated point. It’s no longer a debatable point. 🙂
  5. Hey everyone, back on the topic of the OP post about the Pirate DJ Treaty, it seems that we're not able to continually re-edit a post after 24 hours. Because the actual members of The Pirate DJs of Bellisseria will grow (and fluctuate) over time, we have created a website where you can learn about each of the Pirate DJs, our running event calendar, our treaty, and how to join us! https://www.piratedjsofbellisseria.com And with that, I let this thread be.
  6. The "tip jars at Fairgrounds?" discussion was always secondary to the main OP of the thread, lol. But I'm very glad we now have a definitive, unambiguous policy about tip jars across Bellisseria. The question had been lingering across a few threads for the past couple months and left up to diverse interpretation. Thank you, Patch, for clarifying!
  7. Hoping we can stop worrying about what happened in the past, but just focus on clarity and consensus moving forward into the future.
  8. A stinger/jingle introducing yourself isn't asking for an exchange of money for service. Hell, I have an entire song introducing myself, lol.
  9. Indeed. The covenant is identical on every parcel and region in Bellisseria. Even the full water regions. Even the fairgrounds--go look! Therefore..... I mean really, do we need to split hairs and do rules-lawyering and call for a Linden to come in yet again and interpret what is a pretty clear set of guidelines already? Belli, in its entirety, is "Linden Covenant Land". We've heard Patch say this in the past. The non-commercial spirit of the covenant is clear and unambiguous. Asking for tips is clearly a commercial activity; it's literally asking for a profit in return for a service, which is clearly and unambiguously "of a commercial nature". The covenant is clearly and unambiguously against commercial activity of any sort. The convent is on every single region in Belli--even the "protected" regions. Therefore....
  10. Again, the answer lies within the pinned thread I quoted above. The following quote is also from that post by @Patch Linden. Bold emphasis mine. Key word is "neighborhood". _______ We think in spirit, the desire to maintain the community feel of the neighborhood and homes, that this small adjustment to the covenant will help to make things clear that these are homes, not stores or shops. We have other plans in place to satisfy requests for something like a yard sale, where you could feature Linden Homes add-ons in a communal area already in place, to come soon™. -------------
  11. Regarding tip jars, it's pretty simple. From this post: Putting out a tip jar is literally asking for money in exchange for a service. This is the core definition of "commercial" and is certainly "for profit".
  12. I'll point out that the two early DJs who are part of the treaty in the OP above did not put out tip jars. I had to leave after Scottish Sarah's set, so I have no idea what happened after that. Being a very long day, it's entirely possible that key organizers who understand the DJ situation in Belli simply weren't there when this happened to prevent this. This whole situation with tips, plus a couple other (very tiny) frictions I've seen over the past two months, is EXACTLY what prompted the treaty. There are no private clubs in Bellisseria, and therefore no private club owners who can make and enforce any decisions about scheduling, tips, conduct, etc. Everyone in Second Life is used to 15 years of club culture on mainland and estates, and might still be uncertain whether guest DJs from outside Belli must obey covenant rules or not. So I'd counsel cutting everyone involved some slack and not brigading them. Let's use this as an example to move forward in positive community spirit with all of us having a better understanding of DJ behavior that agrees with covenant guidelines (and with the "community spirit" that has burgeoned in Bellisseria). The treaty above is an example of community self-organization, so that we resident DJs can stay out in front of issues like this and be one less headache that the Lindens have to worry about. The treaty is designed to prevent a "tragedy of the commons" situation here in Belli. Of course, even resident DJs are free to NOT join the "Pirate DJs" guild, and to instead go it alone and make their own decisions. And to NOT try to work with other resident DJs to avoid schedule overlaps that needlessly cause Belli residents to choose favorites. The more the broad Bellisseria community supports this treaty, the fewer frictions and factions (and violations of covenant) will arise. But the advantage of being in the "Pirate DJ" guild is a multiplier effect of supporting each other, spreading word of each other, and being a community together. As someone who is part of a producer cooperative in RL, I've seen how beneficial this type of mutual coordination and support can be. A cooperative has a larger footprint and reach than a lone individual.
  13. So far all known DJs in Bellisseria are signed on to this treaty, and we're all happy to welcome new DJs and moar music to our beautiful Bellisseria. Woot! ================================================================== First, the current list of Pirate DJs and their regular and on-going weekly timeslots! These event times are also in the Events Calendar at bellisseriahappenings.com and also in The Bellisserian newspaper. Check these locations and also watch for group notices in the Bellisseria Events group to learn where, exactly their show takes place each time. Many of us pop around to different parcels or public locations each week! ---------- Doc Rast - Sundays from 10am-2pm SLT Sophia Day - Thursdays from noon-1:30 SLT FAR Dharma - Thursdays from 1:30pm-3pm SLT Scottish Sarah - Saturdays from 10am-noon SLT Baphy - Saturdays from noon-2pm SLT ----- DJ Usagi - Random days and times North Crannock - Random days and times Claw D'Arcy Streeter - Random days and times Keland - Random days and times ElissaStar - Random days and times ---------- If you're a new Bellisseria resident and you want to be a Pirate DJ, reach out to Baphy (fushchou.mfume) or Kaos (kitten.kaos) and we'll help you get added to the event calendar! =================================================================== Next, the treaty itself! Ahoy ye Bellisseria community residents who also be DJs! Here be a loose "treaty" and honor code that has arisen to help stave off the bloodthirsty duels and fierce broadside fusilades that can occur in a club-free land of freedom and party-hungry residents such as our fair Bellisseria! We pirate DJs are a free-spirited lot, but we are not without honor, and we abide the spirit of voluntary cooperation that permates all of Bellisseria! We be hoping that all Pirate DJs will abide a few simple points of honor for sharing the love and attention of our fellow Bellisserians! And also for abiding the strange covenant of the land, so that the Royal Navy does not decide we are pests that must be removed from these fair seas and shores. ======================== "The Pirate DJ Treaty of Bellisseria" ======================== Be it known that Bellisseria is a land apart from the rest of SL. The community spirit is strong, and there are no commercial clubs or commercial endeavors allowed by the Linden Covenant. The incentive to DJ in Bellisseria is akin to throwing a block party for one's neighborhood. Some people bring food dishes. Some people bring drinks. Some people set up the picnic tables and the barbeque pits. And there's always that one person in the neighborhood who brings the speakers and the turntables and provides the music. For FREE. Just to entertain friends and neighbors and help the community spirit thrive. The "Pirate DJs of Bellisseria" are a cooperative "guild" of resident DJs who operate in this community spirit. We don't ask for tips nor put out tip jars. Not even on our own private parcels. We play only to bring joy and to liven up a party or event--or to create a spontaneous party out of thin air! We play because we are citizens of Bellisseria and want to help make Bellisseria a fun and friendly place for everyone. When throwing a party or casually spinning on your own parcel or playing at a large vent, guild members also work to promote awareness of the Guild and of the other DJs in the guild. We do so by mentioning the guild's name and the names of all the member DJs at least once during a show. We also mention our commitment to "no tips; just love" at least once per show. And when approached by event organizers, we mention that other great DJs in the guild are potentially available too, and would the event like for several of us to provide music over a longer total duration? We recognize that Bellisseria is an ever-growing land, with new residents appearing every week. Among these new residents will constantly appear NEW DJs who want to join in the local community-oriented DJ scene. Who will want the existing DJs to fairly share both specific community areas such as the Pickle beaches and Fairgrounds, and also to fairly share the more desirable time slots. Because we are driven by a spirit of sharing and cooperation, we do not believe in an "I was here first, so this is MY spot" mindset. Instead, we believe in a fair and equitable sharing of the more desirable time slots for local DJ parties and events around Bellisseria. Such sharing is managed in an extremely simple way as follows: 1. A publicly-posted schedule of regular, on-going timeslots and locations is available in several places: A) The Bellisseria discord server, in a pinned post in the #pirate-djs-of-bellisseria channel. B) In a static page of the bellisserahappenings.com site. C) In every single issue of The Daily Bellisserian newspaper, in the Events section. And D) In a running forum post in the Land section of the Second Life forums. All four of these locations will be managed by Baphy and Kaos and the schedule is identical in all four places. 2. The posted schedule comprises ONLY the regular, ongoing timeslots for each active Pirate DJ in the guild. 3. If any guild member wants to throw a spontaneous last-minute party or spin session OUTSIDE of these scheduled timeslots, they may do so with no notice to the rest of the guild members. 4. Every guild member must maintain awareness of the currently posted schedule and must NOT schedule a party, unilaterally agree to perform at a special event, or throw a spontaneous last-minute party during ANY other member's regular, ongoing timeslot. In the case of requests to DJ for a special event (by some Bellisseria event promoter for a special event such as Julyfest, Pride, etc.), you MUST first check with the guild member whose regular, ongoing timeslot would be impacted, and either negotiate to somehow share the special event DJ performance, or else work with the event promoter to find a different timeslot that will not adversely impact the other guild member's regular, ongoing timeslot. 5. Should a NEW DJ appear and want to become known as a community-oriented member of the guild, they can choose to join the guild and observe its honor code in good faith. Doing so enables the newcomer to negotiate with the existing guild members for the newcomer's desired regular, ongoing time slot (and typical locations). If the time slot they desire overlaps with an already-occupied time slot, then the guild meets to agree upon a simple method for SHARING the overlap, and the updated schedule is posted to all the outlets listed in point #1 above. The two possible ways to SHARE the overlap are simple: Option One - SPLIT - The current DJ(s) and the new DJ can slice up the timeslot and treat it as a duo (or trio) act. For example, instead of the "DJ Baphy show" from noon to 2pm SLT every Saturday, it can become the "DJ Baphy and DJ Krew show" from noon to 2pm SLT every Saturday, with Baphy taking one of those hours and Krew taking the other hour. (or noon to 3pm, with each taking a 1.5 hour slot, etc.) The two DJs can arrange between themselves how to trade off a parcel stream or just use Doc's technology to swap from Baphy's parcel stream to Krew's URL stream, etc. Option Two - ALTERNATE - The current DJ(s) and the new DJ can agree to alternate who plays in the timeslot every week. For example, one week it's Baphy's slot, and the next week it's Krew's slot, and they keep alternating like this. 6. A similar type of negotiation occurs when any of the EXISTING DJs desire to change their preferred timeslot, for any reason.
  14. Agree sooooooo much with the Mole appreciation. Belli is magical.
  15. Yeah, Kitten makes a good point. We chose the Bellisseria plots where we might occasionally DJ a party on this basis. (By "chose", I mean playing the abandon and re-roll the dice game until we landed on plots we liked.) For example, at my main beach house in Graff, where I spin a live mix once a week and host a beach party, there are literally only 5 plots. The rest is ocean. And we chose the time for when I host my weekly DJ party based on when the other four houses aren't usually occupied. And the "Rubyfruit Jungle" LGBTQ+ community center was chosen in a similar way, by being right on a region border next to the region where one of Squishy Pickles are. If for some reason our region gets too many AVs because of some rare party event, we can move the overflow over to the next-door region on the Pickle's beach.
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