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  1. Hey there everyone! So I've been looking around for RP places / groups, but it seems I have a very very specific interest. Don't really want to be too chaotic, but neither too restrictive, greeting with a wall of text on how you should behave and such... So I thought, why not form my own group, maybe there are some like minded people who search for the same experience, and see where we can go from there. I guess my favourite RPG podcasts describe my taste: Critical Role and Nebula Jazz, just to name a couple. What I was hoping further down the line is establishing a place for such communi
  2. Hello everyone! I'm just trying myself in the creation of mesh models for SL in 3ds max. I downloaded the avatar skeletons as reference, imported it and turns out it's really small, so I have to ask, is it in the right size for that purpose?
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