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  1. Welcome to Second Life, I would like to get to know you. Still figuring SL out but got majority of it down.
  2. Totally Understand you, I love sales and clubbing plus discovering new places IM Famous32
  3. Hello Welcome to SL. Hope you are enjoying SL so far. I used to play imvu and I roleplay also feel free to hit me up anytime inworld Famous32
  4. Hello, Welcome to Second Life. Feel free to IM. I'm mostly hopping around sims and shopping while also interacting with my SL family and few friends.
  5. Hi Im interested in getting to know you. You can contact me inworld or discord or facebook anyone you prefer, Im online everyday
  6. Oh Here I am... Im Black and Apart of the LBGTQ... Shoot me a IM if you want Im always down for making new friends
  7. Thank you so much for this. I had fun and enjoy it a lot although i wasn't there for long😊
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