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  1. Hii ! we can be friendss I've been on sl a lot recently IM me whenever πŸ˜›
  2. SL is super boring without friends , all I do is shop and edit my avi because it's so hard to find friends that will stick with you on this "game"
  3. If you are interested IM me and you can pick your own room and once furniture is all in we will talk about how many prims you get to decorate your space β™₯️
  4. Ahh SL is so lonely when you have nobody to hang out with Or shop with or rent a house with or even go clubbing together , like if you feel the same way i do right now lets be friends and go on adventures togetherrrrrrrrr SL - iMaryJaane
  5. I literally am on sl almost everyday and all i do is shop ... i need something to actually do on here , meet new people , work make money etc.
  6. feel like i have the looks to be a model
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