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  1. Raw, cropped. Captured while testing new poses i get from FaMESHed Anniversary i think) Place - Blue Galaxy sandbox (my fav sandbox i use all the time to work with objects/builds) no background, it's a wall of concrete boxes placed there. Windlight: Gwen's light (firestorm one)
  2. *sings* Hey pretty smiling people!We're alright together, we're alright together...mhmmm) looks like now only SL safest place x)
  3. Hello. Sure, there is a lot of school uniforms on marketplace. Toksik made good ones, fitted for most popular bodies with demo. Edelweiss has many various if school/university uniform. It's standart sizing but they have demo to try.
  4. My two fav) amazing quality SU! BLUSH
  5. i recomend to look at Hive , they make very good home furnishings. Here ceiling fan and good one chandelier
  6. Ghost)) and it's a one of Nameless Ghouls
  7. for alliance! *giggles* amazing cosplay on WOW love love ^^
  8. BerryRoll


    Aw i see now. Yes there is not much on mp, like just a system layer. C'est la vie has a lot of packs with system layer included.
  9. Yes, flexi skirts perfect for motion. This one old, but still very airy and beautiful by Sharodie's design. I use it a lot to create my own gowns, mix with different tops or rompers as a base.
  10. BerryRoll


    Hello Adeindra, what body do u use? I make a search by "Socks applier", and there is a lot of various on mp, depends from type of body ofc. And mesh socks, i'm in love in VALEKOER, they make rly awesome set, in their inworld store, u can get a pack as a group gift.
  11. If gap between body and neck small, u can try Neck blender. Or simple cord bow suits for many various of outfits, like this Beep Bop Boop
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