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  1. After i rebuild my alt, from very colorful furry avatar, my human become all white. Wearing only white color can be tricky and easy at the same time. Prefer elegant and casual style. More simple - best. Must be high quality of textures and materials. Most of weardrobe from ISON Coco Pixicat Blueberry Addams TETRA others from anywhere, where my imagination and white color takes me
  2. Sometimes, something interesting starts from one thing) from socks for example.. In motion In motion 2
  3. Looks like Gentleman by Doux, try demo to check sideview, parting is similar
  4. Usually i'ts " couple outfit" U can try couple hoodie (like this one) couple sweater, etc. Most of them rig for all popular bodies
  5. Hello there Slay, well its looks like topicks like this appears more and more often now days. First, could u please add ur avatar photo, tell us what exactly u like and dislike in it. Second, put some references, what style do u like and trying to reach. I'm sure, ppl get full picture and can advise u everything u need.
  6. Mood: lazy bum ♫..mhhmm ♫
  7. Oh, no ur not alone. Technologies always goes ahead and pretty fast, if u don't interest much in it to dig in there, always will be that period when u lagging behind. Such world like sl, wich created by community itselfs always will have huge pack of tools to improve, every day someone brings something new on it. I'm usually just follow blogs and video reviews to be aware of developments. So it's up to u) u can find all info u need if u interested. About maitreya, novata upload good review on it.
  8. On creators blog mentioned that this hairstyle from Yumyum, cant find this one on marketplace, maybe u need to check inworld store.
  9. Yes, hoshi horns by momo chuu. Can't find original creator, but maybe u will find it following name and this gacha
  10. I'm a big fan of natural proportionate, athletic female body. No huge hips or breasts, nice fit anatomy. Best for my preferences is classic slink physique mesh body. It well balanced and work good for athletic fit shape. "+" Awesome hud, layers. Best support and comunity. Not much curvy Nice shoulders and collarbones Normal waist, pretty slim belly Beautiful feets and hands Beautiful breasts, a drop shape "+-" Hips Its nice, but u have to dance with a tambourine to make a right shape "-" Crouch area, flat with straight bridge between legs, even well drawed skin cant fix it Chicken legs, almost no calves, not good shape and its looks bad from side view, u have to keep leg leight minimal to balance shape. Compair with others, it's best by now for my type. Maitreya lara very similar, but shoulders is awfull, round, arms looks chubby) cant live with it and dont use lara anymore. Belleza have great leg shape, but it's better for natural lush shape with smooth curves
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