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  1. Absolutely. Stalkers are absolutely out there. I'd much rather make it appear that I'm in no groups as opposed to them being able to see the groups I'm in. If you're going to go through the effort to find me in a group, I'm going to make it as difficult for you to find me as possible. You wanna find me? Fine, BUT, you're going to work for it.
  2. Just... No... lol But now I've got a really disturbing image of one of the worst possible ice creams that may actually exist, stuck in my head. O_O
  3. Just answering this based off the topic title alone, I prefer my humor and comedy to have as much religion in it as I would like ketchup in my ice cream. I don't want, nor would I like ketchup in my ice cream, at all.
  4. Generally, clubs. I try to stay away from shopping, though, since I have a habit of wasting my L$.
  5. Even the dark side of the moon has a casual side.
  6. When I first got it, a couple months ago, there was hardly anything. But, Blueberry, Bezleb... something or other, Renegade, and others now have stuff. Good luck! You'll find it, but bring your L$ lol
  7. SSD will always be significantly faster than HDD. HDDs have moving parts, so, naturally, they're going to be slower. SSDs have (at least from my understanding) no moving parts, and, as a direct consequence, are significantly faster. When in doubt, go for SSDs for the speed/OS/etc... stuff, and HDDS for things like, pictures and storage.
  8. That's only the "Service Face" steps. You still have to tend to the following behind the scenes: 1. Make sure the next set is covered. 2. Send out notices. 3. Make sure you're keeping an eye on unruly patrons/possible trolls/griefers, just in case they need to get the boot. 4. Send out group tags when requested. Good luck to all future hosts. Hopefully you'll have better experiences than I did in my time as a host.
  9. I don't enjoy people on my parcels. I understand that sometimes it happens, but, you're not going to camp out at my home. I have a security orb, and it's not very nice to unwanted intruders. My home is my sanctuary. I won't have it invaded. If you come to my home, uninvited, expect to find yourself sent back home, or to some random parcel if you don't have a set home. Especially if you live on the mainland. I don't need some random (usually in a state of undress) avatar perusing around my personal sanctuary like he/she owns it. Not happening. You want to admire my home? That's fine. Do it from afar.
  10. I do enjoy fishnet, skirts, and gloves. Most of all, when they're black.
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