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  1. Decided to test blonde for a little bit, with the Queen.
  2. Depends on the rating of the sim, to be honest. G sims - I'm covered from basically head to toe, sometimes even wearing gloves. M sims - Generally a long dress or something. A sims - Generally, no. At home, never.
  3. "What happened to the Danny Zuko I met, at the beach?"
  4. You can get a mesh body, for L$1 (the Legacy "gift" edition, which is the Legacy mesh body, without the creative items and editor) and a head (Catwa's Freya) for L$0. After that, it's a matter of finding the right shape, skins ([PF] and one other that I can't remember being recommended), after that, you can go to Scandalize and get a group tag and several outfits (as gifts), and then go to like... Little Bones hair, and for L$300, have that tag, and several hairs.
  5. Orwar - True enough. Best of luck to you.
  6. No. Just... No, on ALL possible levels. Please don't ever ask either a stud lesbian or a transgender man if they're the same thing. I'm almost certain they'd both be at least a bit offended, and rightfully so. A stud lesbian is a woman that likes women but likes to assume what's traditionally the 'male role' in the encounter/relationship. A transgender man is a man. Rather or not he likes men, women, both, neither, or whatever, he does not want to be seen as or even classified as a woman, because he is NOT a woman.
  7. Quality. Sure, free things are fun, and nice, but more often than not, I've found that the free thing is of a lower quality than say.. something I paid L$600 for. Case in point, sure, I could go find a free item for Legacy, and then go to a store like say.. Blueberry, or Addams, and find something for much better quality, that also has way more features.
  8. I mean, honestly.. if you're going to get the Legacy, stick with the basic (or the gift version) one. Perky is a waste.
  9. Absolutely. Stalkers are absolutely out there. I'd much rather make it appear that I'm in no groups as opposed to them being able to see the groups I'm in. If you're going to go through the effort to find me in a group, I'm going to make it as difficult for you to find me as possible. You wanna find me? Fine, BUT, you're going to work for it.
  10. Just... No... lol But now I've got a really disturbing image of one of the worst possible ice creams that may actually exist, stuck in my head. O_O
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