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  1. You look like the love child of Chloe and Max from Life is Strange.
  2. People won't keep their distance from me at the grocery store. Almost had a panic attack over it today.
  3. Hi Syrup. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong somewhere. I hope you find your tribe.
  4. I have ASD. Sensory dysregulation and stimming affects the way I appear in the real world. Last year in sl I started experimenting with wearing headphones and sunglasses on occasion. Just like rl. It's been so much fun finding animations (stims) to occupy my bento hands too. Though in previous years all I wanted was to pass for normal in sl. There was a big struggle between how I wished to appear, and who I really am. Now I'm direct about being a weirdo. Progress. :3 Thank you for the topic.
  5. Time can reveal a lot. Are they reliable and consistent? Do their words and actions align?
  6. Banlines are tacky. It's nice of you to care about them. A security orb would solve your problem. You can whitelist your people. There's no need to engage intruders since the orb gives an automated message. I personally add neighbors that are connected to my parcels as well. Just in case they accidentally step over the property line or even want to look around. Ymmv.
  7. 700-800 for a 2-3 room skybox. More if landscaping is needed.
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