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  1. 20 hours ago, Penny Patton said:

    Wrong again. Animesh is appearing more and more around the grid, and people are learning that you can make low LI animesh that looks great.

    Yes. You can get a human character down to about 30LI and still look good. 10,000 triangles, used well, look OK.

    Now we need more low-LI mesh clothing. Animesh can wear avatar mesh clothing, if it's mod and rigged, but much mesh clothing has insane numbers of triangles. You just don't get penalized for that when it's on an avi, except in viewer frame rate.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Orwar said:

       Well, I think I may have to look into that viewer mod, because it doesn't seem to matter much which vehicle I'm on - everything goes into space when I cross a sim border, regardless of whether it's a high-script vehicle or a low-script vehicle.

    LL is putting something to accomplish the same goal into their viewer. Not clear how that will work yet.

    That's all I can say on this issue, to comply with the LL advertising policy rules.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Fionalein said:

    As far as I understand it should blink in different patterns - so they might need to occasionally chat - but even then doing the sync with unix time might be a good idea.

    Probably do the approach lights as a texture animation.

    "Sequenced flashing lights flash in sequence toward the threshold at a rate of twice per second." - FAA

    If you make an approach light object in Blender, you can make the lights a separate material, set up the UV mapping in order, and use a texture animation to sweep a full-bright area over all the light materials. No script overhead when it's running.

    Anything else you have to change is slow - on/off, taxiway selection, etc. So scripts and messages can handle that.

    Quick reference to the FAA standards for runway markings. Good diagrams.



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  4. For what it's worth, animesh do not play well with the clothing permission system.

    To put system clothing on animesh, you need the texture of the clothing item as a file outside SL. You need the texture of the skin as a file outside SL. If both are aligned to standard UV, you composite those, upload the result for L$10, and put it on the animesh.

    Finding all those files is hard. Currently, I have all the files to make T-shirts, one dress, one set of jeans, and one set of socks and sneakers. Just enough for proof of concept work. Someday, Bakes on Mesh may allow reuse of system clothing on animesh, but that's apparently a long way off.

    Rigged mesh clothing will work on animesh. It needs mod permission, because it's worn by linking it to the animesh. Mod mesh clothing is hard to find. Mod mesh clothing with reasonable triangle counts is even harder to find. Currently, I have two sets of hair, a ball cap, and a skirt that qualify.

    It's all possible, but it's all uphill. Dressing animesh today means negotiating with creators for files.

  5. 10 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    I detest Animesh figures even more than those clunky old static mesh -- even sculpty -- representations of human figures. (They're extra revolting when stuck in a dance loop.) To me, it's as if somebody discovered the "uncanny valley" and then started digging

    I know. My own animesh figures are now up to the "n00b avatar" level, I think. It seems to help if they move around and look busy, not just run an animation loop. You don't get to examine them as closely when they're in motion, and if the movement looks purposeful, you accept them as background characters.


    Every year, at least one exhibit lures me to try sailing or surfing in SL. Every year, despite having several waterfront locations myself, I lose interest after one teleport. I'm sure this is entirely my fault.

    There have been a few decent surfing spots in SL, with surfable waves. Those are fun; you can steer into the curl. One I liked shut down. You have to pay tier for a lot of water to make it work. A public surf zone off Bellesaria would be nice.

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  6. Rentable picnic areas are a possibility. You pay, say, $5L for 4 hours of rental, and then you can rez up to some number of prims. There are parking meters in SL which let you rent a parking space by the hour. It's just like a rental box, but for short periods. Same concept would work for picnic areas.

    I've suggested a LSL call to extend autoreturn time. I was thinking of this for parking lot management - your vehicle stays around as long as your avi is nearby. "Free parking while shopping at ..." A backup long time limit, hours, would prevent moving in with a camper.

    The Builder's Brewery sandbox works something like that. Every hour, on the hour, they return any object whose owner is not present. Once a day, they do that even if the owner is present.

    So there are practical ways to have shared public areas that allow rezzing.

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  7. 2 hours ago, PrudenceAnton said:

    Imagine if the next new continent was done in a style of the older traditional homes through Italy and France? Villas dotted along slopped hillsides by a coastline. Tranquil little valleys of vineyard like villas and shops? 

    villa 2.jpg

    Now that's a very good idea. It would lead to good-looking areas, ones different from the ones we have now. Are there any sims in SL themed like that now?

    (Steampunk? I think that's over, and I say that as one who had elaborate exhibits at over ten steampunk conventions.)

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  8. 1 hour ago, Imagin Illyar said:

    4. This is the really big one – paint on terrain – a tool that works like a brush to paint a texture directly onto the terrain. The brush would have faded edges so that textures would naturally blend.

    An in-world paint or draw system would be very useful. Not just for land, but for textures in general. Something about like Pinta, which is a very basic open source paint program.

    One nice thing about an in-world paint program is that you could allow painting on mod textures that you can't download. So you could put lettering on a shirt, for example, without the creator of the shirt giving up creatorship of the texture.

  9. Yes, it's surprisingly easy to do that with keyframe animation.


    My moving sidewalk. The belt is moved forward slowly with keyframe animation, then returned to its original position instantaneously. KFM_LOOP mode does that if the end and start positions are different. Friction moves the avatar. If the movement distance and the texture repeat match, the illusion of continuous motion is created. You can't turn an avatar with friction, though. Put an avatar on a rotating platform, and it will move in a circle, but not change direction. There's a single point of contact friction between a capsule and a flat surface in the Havok physics engine, so no torques are applied.

    No pushing, no poseballs, no attachments needed. Works for any number of riders. You can even try to walk in the wrong direction and mostly get nowhere.

    This would be useful for large events, to keep people moving through the exhibits and stores. You can get on and off anywhere, so it's fine for a row of shops. There's a pair of these in the Oiling Festival Hall in New Babbage.


    Escalators at SYZM Tower, Northbridge. Same basic principle. The escalator is more complicated. There are some fussy issues with getting the avatar smoothly off the steps at the top. Resizing the escalator has to be done in Blender. The moving sidewalk can be resized in-world.

    This is also how those discs which move people off teleport landing points work. I've also seen some conveyors in SL which appear to work this way.

    I sell all this stuff on Marketplace.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Morena Tully said:

    With mesh, my RL person has to leave SL, make things with a program, and it just ruins it for me. There's no fix.

    Yes. I was discussing this at Creator User Group, and commented that the typical creator probably has Blender, Photoshop, and Firestorm all open at once. Maybe two copies of Firestorm, one on the beta grid. Someone in the meeting sent me an IM: "That's my working environment". That's not the normal user experience. The social aspect of SL is completely lost.

    (I was commenting on this in connection with clothing for animesh characters. A clothing change requires baking a clothing texture file on a skin texture file in Photoshop to create a clothing-on-skin texture. Then you upload an image (L$10), and put the texture on the animesh character. There's talk of Bakes on Mesh eventually helping with this, but it is apparently a ways off.)

    Ideally, SL would have in-world mesh editing. Like Sinespace now does, at least for buildings. Something like viewer-embedded SketchUp would be useful.

    Meanwhile, we really need to get LOD generation under control. The current alternatives are 1) terrible low LODs, and 2) way too much time in Blender making manual LOD models.

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  11. SL16B's arrival point has a teleport map which attaches a temporary attachment to your avatar, an attachment with a particle emitter and sound.

    Bad idea. I used the teleport map to get to Ebbe's talk, and in the overloaded sim, the particle emitter wouldn't finish and detach. So I was stuck there in a purple cloud for over a minute. Got nasty messages in chat. I finally had to log out.

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  12. 6 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

    If fees in SL kick up to anything like a 30% tax on creators

    That won't fly. Apple is in trouble in the EU over their attempt to collect 30%. In fact, only little guys pay 30%. Most of the big players have special deals. Spotify has a deal. When Zynga was big on Facebook, they forced Facebook to cut them a deal on payments.

    While most vendors in LL accept only Linden Dollars, they could potentially accept other forms of payment. Venmo, Zelle, and Facebook's new Libra coin are possibilities. It's not worth it for little transactions, but some big SL landlords already accept credit cards.


  13. 5 hours ago, Wildefire Walcott said:

    people following stale landmarks

    Maybe more than half the "see item in world" links on Marketplace are stale. I've ended up in people's houses, in midair, underwater, and on abandoned land.

    Marketplace needs a background task that periodically checks for changes in land ownership on all Marketplace TP links. If land ownership changes, the store owner should get a message telling them that they need to reconfirm the link, and if they don't do so in a week or so, the link goes away.

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  14. I hadn't noticed that. But I made my bikes so robust that they shrug off minor road problems.

    I rezzed one of the free GTFO vehicles, the "Benzz K7 GTFO Offer", and it cannot cross onto a "LH - Traditional Road - Curve 2/4 Section" which is a convex hulled object that includes both curbs, sidewalks, and road. The physics model is at curb height across the road, and that vehicle gets totally stuck. Setting that to "convex hull" mode was wrong, because it's concave, and it matters for that object.

    I would expect a bump, but the vehicle should not get totally stuck.


    Front end of the test vehicle. I've made the "sled" prim the vehicle rides on visible. (All SL ground vehicles really slide; they don't roll. Rolling is an illusion builders work to create.) This is a much steeper front end than I use on my bikes; they have a flattened convex mesh ellipsoid supporting them, and that will slide across almost anything. But this should work. It will, in fact, go over curbs the same height as the trouble spot.


    On the left, a prim cube, resized. On the right, a mesh cube, resized. Same dimensions.

    This vehicle can drive over the prim cube, with a bump, but gets stuck trying to drive over the mesh cube. Doesn't matter whether the mesh cube is set to "prim" or "object" mode. That's unexpected. Not clear why yet.




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  15. 5 minutes ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    I think they go on the guideline that since SL is 100% user generated, there is literally zero guarantee that the content will abid to... well anything.

    Twitch allows Minecraft, which is 100% user generated. And yes, there is Minecraft porno.

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  16. 1 hour ago, CarterTom said:


    Unfortunately, it still is.

    That's something that LL management should be taking up with Twitch management. It's embarrassing that SL is in the doghouse on Twitch. This hurts new user acquisition. It's embarrassing to SL users who'd like to show SL to their friends.

    Twitch's detailed policy reads "Games featuring nudity, pornography, sex, or sexual violence as a core focus or feature, and gameplay modified to feature these elements are entirely prohibited. Occurrences of in-game nudity are permitted, so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your content and only spend as much time as needed in the area to make progress." SL could meet that standard outside of Adult areas.

  17. On 6/21/2019 at 1:55 AM, Mollymews said:

    when a sign is over 8 meters tall then contravenes the mainland ad farm policy.  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:About_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers

    some newer people who get into making mainland ad networks don't know about this policy as the mainland parcel About Land \ Covenant says No Covenant. With newer accounts, maybe before AR then a IM to them with a link to the policy

    Yes. Visit the south end of Corsica and head west on the coast road, and you'll see a few large signs on tiny parcels. File ARs. Oversize, encroaches on Linden land, glows - all reasons to AR. Amusingly, the biggest ones are ads for ad space. They don't have actual customers or revenue. They seem to have bought up some of those little "Taxi" ad stands and put huge signs on them. So much uglyness with no benefit to anyone.

    (Corsica really needs some more roads through the under-utilized abandoned land in the interior. Once you get 100m from road or sea, it's mostly bleak abandoned land. LL might plant forests on abandoned land. If they used good trees, SL could have leaf tourism.)

  18. On 6/22/2019 at 9:48 AM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    There used to be a place in SL - at least up until sometime in 2017 - that gave a year by year history like that.  It isn't there any more, or at least not at the last LM that I had for it.

    There's an SL history museum near the Ivory Tower, but it's not year by year.

  19. On 6/20/2019 at 7:25 PM, Caerolle Llewellyn said:

    I just visited the Tapestry of Time section. Extremely depressing. All the places I loved are gone, all the people I loved are gone. The only thing that lasts in SL is lag, and wow, I am experiencing perhaps the worst lag I have ever had in SL. The one thing I would love to see go, and way back in the day I stupidly thought one day LL would actually fix it.

    2017-2019 is rather depressing. 2017: "Linden Lab gives premium members the ability to view 90 days of their transaction history."

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