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  1. 6 hours ago, Luna Bliss said:

    oh no...I was so looking forward to that game (Nostos)...do u know if they will ever open?

    No idea. They had an open alpha for a few weeks, then that shut down. Silence on the web site and Twitter. Early in 2019, they said the release would be in Q3 2019. In August 2019, they said Q4 2019. Now they're not saying anything.

    There's a video of actual play at https://youtu.be/9UW89v84mmM and it does not look as good as the impressive trailer.

    After almost a decade-long lull, people are making SL competitors. So far, they're not very good. So far, they're mostly from underfunded startups. But they're much easier to build than they used to be. It's possible to hook together Unity or UE4 on the front end and Improbable on the back end and get a big persistent world that sort of works.

    If Epic (Fortnite, UE4) decides to enter this market, LL has a big problem. Notes from a talk by the CEO of Epic, Tim Sweeney, at the 2019 Game Developer's Conference:

    The future of [a] shared entertainment medium is to have meaningful experiences that people interact with and become a part of the larger world with open world compatibility and open interfaces. The Marshmello concert in Fortnite is one indicator of where it’s going. The metaverse is going to evolve from individual creators creating experiences that interoperate with other experiences.

    Need virtual worlds to scale beyond a 200 players on a shard. Need 1 shared world w EVERYONE. Needs a programming environment to scale to unlimited sized. Not single thread C++. Large-scale concurrency w safe transactions that are consistent, durable, isolated.

    A viable Metaverse is going to need a successful economy so that creators can make a living, which is absolutely essential. We need a rich set of different economic models. The app store with microtransactions is merely one model. Ad models are dysfunctional.

    Sounds like he's thinking of competing with Second Life. With better technology. The person who wrote that 1) runs the most successful game company in the world, 2) has a game with 7.5 million concurrent users, 3) has a personal net worth of about $7 billion, and 4) is a really good programmer and understands the technology.

    And, of course, Facebook Horizon launches soon. The big guys are coming.


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  2. On 11/24/2019 at 7:50 AM, Luna Bliss said:

    I'm not interested in official definitions. I'm interested in how LL perceives us -- do they see us as a community that they want to work with or cede some power to? Or do they see us in the typical way corporations do -- as 'things' or assets to squeeze as much as they can from for their personal gain?

    It's worth reminding LL management, when they get uppity, that we, the users, are their only valuable asset. Everyone who has tried to start up a virtual world in the last few years has failed to attract users in large numbers. High Fidelity - gave up. Sansar - concurrent user count under 100. Sinespace - user count under 100. Worlds Adrift (a big persistent world MMO) - shut down after a few months. Nostos (a big persistent world MMO from China)  - opened for a short beta, then shut down. Facebook Spaces - closed last month. VRchat - peaked in 2017, but holding steady around 7000 concurrent users. Now starting up, Sominium Space and Decentraland, which are virtual worlds for cryptocurrency speculation. Coming in 2020, Facebook Horizon. Too soon to tell on those.

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  3. Hm. Rez and give, or rez and leave in world, or rez in world as temporary, or what?

    I have a demo motorcycle rezzer which checks that you've driven away the motorcycle before rezzing another one in the same place. Some rezzers botch this; there's one for swan boats which has that problem. When rezzing is slow, people will click it more than once and get a pile of swan boats. Use llCastRay to check for empty space before rezzing. This prevents rezzing if anything is blocking the rez area. Not sure if that's what you want.

    It's not hard to do this, once you figure out exactly what you want to happen.

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  4. Sorry, all this is a false alarm. I got in touch with the parcel group owner about a misplaced object, The group owner used the term "tenant" in an IM to me, sending me to the "tenant". I've now exchanged messages with both parties. As I mentioned above, it's really a parent and their child, not a commercial situation. It's not some big landlord buying up the good ocean front parcels. And they cleaned up the misplaced object, so I'm happy.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Odaks said:

    My understanding is that you CANNOT "deed" the land at all, but you can "set" it to a group. The ownership remains with Governor Linden.

    Renting out is a strict no-no, though.

    LL may have left a loophole allowing this. From the land covenant:  "Land cannot be terraformed, sold, deeded to group, joined, or divided. Land can only be set to group."

    The intent was probably that families could set up a land group so everyone in the family could rez. But that could be construed as permitting rentals. LL did not say "cannot be rented". Anyone else seeing Bellesaria parcels in land groups?

    (It's definitely renting. I wanted to get in touch with the owner, because they've been practicing building and left a big white full-bright square rezzed. The landlord, the land group owner, referred me to the tenant when I asked what the square was about. Per policy, I can't say where this is.)

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  6. 22 hours ago, cafekan said:

     Our Fashion Jewelry trade mark is complete.

    The trademark really has been submitted for registration. Not approved by the USPTO yet, though. From the USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System:

    Word Mark SLIPNFALLS
    Goods and Services IC 014. US 002 027 028 050. G & S: Jewelry
    Serial Number 88694466
    Filing Date November 15, 2019
    Current Basis 1B
    Original Filing Basis 1B
    Owner (APPLICANT)  ███████████ INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES ███████████████████████████████████████
    Type of Mark TRADEMARK
    Register PRINCIPAL
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    Having a trademark is useful if you're going into business in RL. It makes it easier to get a company bank account, for example. It's very useful in domain name disputes. It keeps you from being hassled by companies with similar names.

    It's not hard to register a trademark. Costs about US$400. I have three registered trademarks myself.  

  7. Maybe it will encourage inworld stores. HippoVend, which competed with CasperVend, went out of business a few months ago. Maybe someone could find the owner, buy up the rights to that system, and go on from there. Competition is good.

    In-world stores could be more active places. Mostly they're just static displays. Do better. There are avatar bots that can model clothing. A clothing store should have one or two of those, showing off the various outfits on sale. Customers should be able to ask for an outfit to be modeled so they can have a close look. Store systems should be able to read an avatar and know what will fit it, to help customers. That would give in-world stores an edge over LL's web-based marketplace, with its tiny, cluttered product pictures.

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  8. xmasscene02.thumb.jpg.dc577c72f019b8134d3e2b61a70d93e8.jpg

    Hi, rich lady! Merry Xmas!

    Another one of my mobile NPCs, Michelle, in test at Builder's Brewery. As usual, this is a snapshot of something that happened, not a posed setup.

    I take the NPCs to places like this and turn them loose to see how they perform. They work fine at my own locations, so they need to be tested in tougher situations.

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  9. Something went wrong for me around 10PM SLT last night. I was flying over Bellesaria, and not only did I have a failed region crossing, three nearby sims suddenly showed "Offline" in the world map. Teleports to various nearby locations failed. Teleporting home, to Zindra, took several tries, and for about a minute, nothing rezzed there. Then things recovered.

  10. I just drove around one of my favorite drives, around Circuit de Corse. Notes:

    • Biker Parties Lounge in Toothsome is gone. That was a nice teleport destination for rezzing and riding and hanging out afterward.
    • Lots of real estate for sale. Many new FOR SALE signs. Many new rental boxes, some in the red "Eviction Notice" state.
    • More ad signs on tiny parcels.
    • New trend: security orb, warning sign about security orb, and rental box in the green "Available" state all on the same property. If you approach the rental box the security orb threatens you. Sign says to contact the real estate agent. Saw several of those.

    Not sure if prices are dropping, but there's more unoccupied property.

  11. 7 minutes ago, DilliDallagio said:

    As someone who has experienced that kind of "tugging," it looks as if something has grabbed the OP's collar's leash. If the OP is not using RLV nor wearing some sort of leashing attachment, then I do not know. Some collars or control implants have a "follow" mode which acts like a leash animation except it does not draw chains or leashes. Again, though, if the OP is not wearing anything of that sort I cannot explain the motion.

    Nobody else around, RLV off. Not a leash-type move. Flying. It's like something set the hover height to some huge value.

  12. Just now, KaOrIn92 said:

    after some testing it looks like it's a problem with my avatar.

    but i have no idea what it could be .

    was told it could be something with my scripts.

    Right. I went to see, and it didn't affect me. It didn't affect her in a different avatar. We went to a store landing point where that was happening. That sim has no experiences. Nothing unusual at the arrival point. She turned off RLV, and that didn't help. Somewhere she may have acquired a script that keeps bouncing her into fly mode. At the store, she TPs in, appears at the proper TP arrival point, and zooms up about 150m.

    She has a very graceful flying animation, not a common one, so it might be an AO which is confused about when to fly. Or a griefing object. Anyone recognize this situation?


  13. Keep looking, you'll find the owner check.

    Temp vehicle rezzers are a nice amenity. All Bellesaria houseboat areas with no land connection should have a small boat rezzer, so you can get off the island.

    I like the kind that keeps a simple boat rezzed, and anyone can take it. When there's no boat at the dock for a while, one is rezzed to replace it. When the borrower leaves the boat, it cleans up and disappears. It's not a temporary object in the SL sense, it deletes itself via script. I've seen a swan boat rezzer which works that way.

  14. 6 hours ago, Tech Robonaught said:

     llNavigateTo(llList2Vector(points, i),[FORCE_DIRECT_PATH, TRUE]);

    Oh, you're running the pathfinding system with pathfinding turned off, with FORCE_DIRECT_PATH. I guess it can't screw up in that mode.

    There's a pause because pathfinding tries to slow to a stop before reaching the destination. You can try llPatrolPoints. In open space at slow speed, pathfinding can be useful. Tight spaces or high speed, it gets confused.

  15. On 11/19/2019 at 10:28 AM, AletheiaThrale said:

    I'm not familiar with this way of steering, but would you then, to get to the upstairs of a building, have to  locate the stairs, locomote over to them and then climb them stair by stair, making the correct turn and taking the exact right number of steps?

    Walking in SL does not really use foot placement. Stairs are really ramps with a picture of stairs on top of them, your avatar is really a cylinder with rounded end caps, and leg, arm, and body animations don't really affect the world or even line up with it. And there is no Santa Claus. Sorry.

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  16. On 11/19/2019 at 4:33 AM, Raspberry Crystal said:

    siting in the garden_005.jpg

    Yes! Correct riser and step size.

    Real-world standard (per OSHA):


    Please, follow this, or your steps will look subtly (or not so subtly) wrong.


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  17. 3 hours ago, Tech Robonaught said:

    pathfinding  - list of coordinates in globals - simple character stuff, just seems to be a 1 second pause between 1 coord to the next coord cant seem to get rid of it.

    Using llPatrolPoints? I've never tried that, but it has a "pause at each point" option, which might be on.

    If you're in a sim with no idle time, pathfinding will be jerky. Pathfinding seems to have lower priority than almost everything else that uses server CPU time. At each patrol point, it has to plan the next move, which takes some resources.

    SL pathfinding just doesn't work very well if you have specific destinations. "Wander" works OK, because if it's doing the the wrong thing, you can't tell. Motion to a goal, not so much. That's why I had to write my own system.

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