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  1. As a male in SL, I haven't seen this as a problem.

    I've tried the sex sims. It's like clubbing, on easy mode. No problem finding women. Got boring after a while. Met some good people, though.

    The way to get somewhere in SL is to DO something. I built motorcycles, people liked those, and I met people that way. I've spent a lot of time driving around SL. Over 2000km of driving. I've built escalators, moving sidewalks, and animesh non-player characters, and met people interested in those things. I have a workshop in-world and a store on Marketplace. It doesn't make a lot of money, but I don't have to buy Lindens.

    If you create stuff in SL, over time you meet other creators, and they're usually interesting people. I like having an elaborate, populated 3D world to create in. I just want it to be better. If your idea of a good time involves making things, SL is quite welcoming. I used to build elaborate steampunk props in RL, back when steampunk and the maker movement were big. Now I'm mostly doing things in SL.

    I'm still using a free avatar, although one of the better ones. I usually wear jeans and a leather jacket in SL, which is what I often wear in RL. Yes, the clothing options for men are fewer. That's true in RL, too. Go to any American mall.

    Not seeing a big problem.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    So? Everything Tazzie said still applies. If the creator had wanted you to have the texture, they would have done so.

    There's no way to make a texture available from a full perm classic clothing item, other than shipping it separately. Those items are not objects; they have no inventory. You'd have to distribute them boxed, which would complicate delivery, especially for users with no land.

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  3. 12 hours ago, Tazzie Tuque said:

      The fact that it is not there means no that shirt texture is not full perm..

    I'm talking about system clothing. That's just a texture with info that tells the system it's a shirt, so you get the shirt icon and the clothing system knows where to apply  it. Not a mesh model with some textures.

    6 hours ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

    Talk to the creator, if they're still in SL.

    That's usually the problem. I'm trying to recycle freebies from the early days of SL, and the creators are often long gone.

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  4. We should have sales events where everyone is encouraged to set their LOD to zero.

    I sometimes do this at sales events, and half the walls disappear.


    Here's some of my stuff forced to lowest LOD at too close a distance. The escalators and the animesh still look like escalators and characters. The building in the background is mostly prim, so that just works. It's OK if the lowest LOD model is blocky. You don't see that at distance. It's not OK if it disappears.

    The signs next to the escalators are an example of how to do it wrong. The big flat area of the sign blanks out, and parts of the frame remain. That's just wrong. For the little stuff, we need a mesh uploader that isn't brain-dead. There are better algorithms that maintain the area of coverage while reducing the number of triangles. In free code with a compatible license, even.



    Normal Firestorm settings, for comparison.


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  5. 28 minutes ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

    Basically, the two things that jump out at me is the disappearance of (most of) the channel that connect Sansara to Jeogeot via Belliseria, and how close the southern tip of Bellisseria will be to the northern tip of Jeogeot.

    I want a  big bridge to Jeoghot, if and when Bellesaria gets there.

    And a bridge to Sansara in the north. I want to drive all the way from Jeoghot to Sansara. Connect The Continents!

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  6. The root object of a link set must have a physical model. It can't be set to "Physics: None". All the other objects in the linkset can be set to "None" if desired.

    Any object set to "Physics: None" is not solid in-world, and if your stairs are set to "Physics: None", you fall through them.

    The root object of a link set does not have to be a prim. It can be a mesh. 100% mesh linksets work fine.


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  7. I've seen tiny parcels used for parking spaces. Each parcel has its own parking meter, which works like a land rental box. It's not that useful, since the parking spaces have to line up on 4m boundaries.

    I've seen a place which had many small horse corrals, each a separate parcel. This confused the pathfinding system.

    The non-ad use cases for tiny parcels seem pretty limited.

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  8. 17 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    If http would be acceptable in place of a dataserver event, there's a Map API cap to be called with region name that returns a JSON-esque string with region location (global coords / 256),
    a la "https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/d661249b-2b5a-4436-966a-3d3b8d7a574f?var=coords&sim_name=Vallone" returns "var coords = {'x' : 1807, 'y' : 1199 };"
    and "https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/d661249b-2b5a-4436-966a-3d3b8d7a574f?var=coords&sim_name=bogussimname" returns "var coords = {'error' : true };"


    That JSON-esque string is valid Javascript. This probably dates from the era when using "eval" on foreign data was considered a reasonable way to pass data around in Javascript land. Created huge security holes, since the "data" had full program privileges. Hence JSON. Probably easier to do this in LSL than deal with parsing that stuff in LSL.

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  9. On 9/28/2019 at 8:17 PM, animats said:

    On the southwest side, the traditional road system and the trailer area path network both dead end into SSPE281.



    That connection has now been made.



    SSPE281 road connection, at last.

    Not gracefully, though, unlike most of the Bellesaria mole work. Irana Pei noticed this, and writes, in her blog:

    "Similarly, while the Traditional house regions and the Trailer and Camper regions do more directly abut one another, the roads of the Traditional house regions and the tracks of the Camper and Trailer regions never actually come together; rather they each end abruptly with a stretch of grass between them, it would be nice to a a more natural joining, asphalt gradually giving way to a narrower, rutted track, for example. Or at least have a fence and (open) gate between them, rather than curbstones, footpath and pristine-looking grass."

    SL has always had trouble with road joins of different types of road, like curb cuts. They sometimes require a custom object, which someone has to model. Curb cuts are very rare in SL. There's one real curb cut in Bay City. Anyone know of others? The one above could be handled by simply not putting in a road end section, then adding a dirt road object on top. Dirt roads which come off the side of a Linden road need a curb cut piece. Two standard parts could probably handle most of these transitions.

    Incidentally, there's a sign for that.


    "Pavement Ends", the graphic.


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  10. Excel can load a CSV file and put into columns. If that's not happening, with a file that consists of fields separated by commas, you have some kind of problem in Excel. An Excel forum might be more helpful. There are more Excel users than the population of major countries, so expertise there is not hard to find.

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  11. Well, Sansar management has announced their new direction - live entertainment in-world. When Fortnite got 10.7 million people to watch a DJ in-world, that got attention in the VR and virtual world communities. As a business model, this works for Fortnite, which runs around 7 million concurrent players when not having a special event. They have somewhere around 250 milion people who've installed their client. For everybody else, not so much. Several of the other virtual worlds have tried to jump on the special event bandwagon. You can watch NBA basketball in VR, for example.  Hulu and NextVR have partnered with Live Nation to try that.

    The entertainment promoter and the talent, not the VR service, gets most of the revenue. That's the problem with special events. LL is in a very weak position negotiating with Live Nation, which controls most of the better live entertainer in the US. It's like televising sports - the networks pay the league, not the other way around. It only works if you sell ads in a big way.

    Facebook Horizons, their new VR system launching next year, will probably try to pull this off. They're big enough to play with the big boys in entertainment, and have a big ad business. We'll see. Facebook Spaces was a flop. LL just isn't big enough to play in that league. Having the technology doesn't help; at least half a dozen other companies have systems for watching other people do stuff in VR.


    Sansar usage goes up during special events. Then it goes back down to below 20.

    (Yes, I know there are non-Steam users of Sansar. These stats are valuable because the vendor doesn't control them. It's like reading financial statements - you always look at the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) accounting at the bottom first, not the "earnings before all the bad stuff" (EBITDA) numbers the company puts at the top.)

    Okay, a bit too much business analysis for SL. I'm in Silicon Valley.


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  12. If I call llRequestSimulatorData("Vallone",DATA_SIM_POS), I get a dataserver event with "<462592,306944,0>" as a string, which is the correct global location of that region. Fine.

    If I call llRequestSimulatorData("bogussimname",DATA_SIM_POS), for an unknown sim name, I get no dataserver event at all. Which is lame.

    If I call llRequestSimulatorData("bogussimname",DATA_SIM_STATUS), I get a dataserver event with "unknown". That tells me not to ask for the position. If I get "up", it's OK to make a second dataserver request for the position.

    Question: If I call llRequestSimulatorData("simname",DATA_SIM_STATUS), and get a dataserver event of "down", "stopped", "crashed", etc, should I ask for the position?

    (All this is to read a config notecard with sim names and positions within the sim. That seems like a common operation, and it takes way too much code.)

    (By the way, case matters in this lookup.)


  13. Movement in world consists of moving and rotating the "root" point of the avatar around. Everything else is an animation. To the system which runs Second Life, an avatar is a "capsule", a cylinder with rounded end caps.

    How do teleports work? Each region of SL is run by a program in a computer in a data center in Arizona. There are thousands of computers there doing this, for the tens of thousands of regions. When you're moving within a region, the program for that region handles the avatar, and sends messages over the Internet to the viewer such as "Avatar, move to <124,354,45>". The viewer then does the graphics work to make that appear on screen. In the other direction, your arrow keys and mouse clicks are sent to the server so it knows what you're asking.

    When you do a teleport, the program for the region you are in sends all the info about your avatar to another computer in the data center, the one handling the region you are going to. The sending region computer tells your viewer to start talking to the server for the new region. The viewer makes that connection, and then you see your avatar in the new region. It's sort of like going to a new web page, although not really that similar.

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  14. Triangles. Lots and lots of triangles.


    Triangles. This is what an avatar looks like underneath the textures.

    Underneath that, there's a "skeleton", with a set of "bones" and joints. The vertices, which are the points where the edges of the triangles meet, are connected to the skeleton so that they follow the movements of the bones. The bones move as the joints rotate. The joints rotate to follow animation files, which contain lists of times and positions to move the skeleton through "walk", "run", "sit", etc.

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  15. On 2/14/2017 at 4:45 PM, ChinRey said:

    I'm not sure how clear this picture is:

    but it shows the physics shape of the ground in a sim with updated navmesh and a thin red prim between the physics and the actual ground at that spot. 0.7 m difference, is that normal?

    I just rediscovered that problem. I'd expect it in mountainous terrain, but it showed up in a flat part of a cow pasture in Newt.     

    Ground level tester 0.1 whispers:  Hit #0: <193.00000, 126.60840, 58.60645> Ground (Walkable)
    Ground level tester 0.1 whispers: Closest point on navmesh: <193.003600, 126.555200, 58.091970>
    Ground level tester 0.1 whispers: Z error: 0.514477

    It's a headache for llGetStaticPath, because that will insist it can't find the navmesh if the starting point is more than about 0.3m away from the navmesh. So you run llGetStaticPath from a ground level point and it won't work.

    Probably have to use llGetClosestNavPoint when llGetStaticPath returns a PU_FAILURE_INVALID_START status.

    Yet another obscure thing you need to know if implementing NPCs.

  16. 6 hours ago, cafekan said:


    I hope to make the SL GO; tablet a better one. A house hold anyone can make it using the the above link. 

    The biggest challenge may be using up to date technology that has no SL viewer to follow along with.

    The SL GO approach is reasonable, but not free to use. A Second Life viewer is running on a server somewhere, and the video output is streamed to the user. The tablet is just showing a video stream and passing keyboard and touch events to the server.

    Somebody has to pay for that server. Each client needs a server with a good GPU. So this gets expensive. There are commercial services which offer game streaming. They're not free. Such services have been offered for SL in the past, but they had a substantial cost per hour. However, server instances with GPUs are getting cheaper, so it may be worth looking at this again.

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  17. morningruninnewt.thumb.jpg.2bc9502c7149b02dd75df87578a097f9.jpg

    Dawn run in Magdeburg Neustadt

    One of my animesh NPCs, running in a park at dawn. Magdeburg Neustadt has a large park winding through the town. I gave Cindi here a few waypoints, far apart, and she runs between them, avoiding obstacles. Fast. As usual, this isn't posed; it's a snapshot during testing.


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