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  1. 4 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Works fine for me.

    Won't play embedded for me, but will play directly on YouTube.

    Interesting video. It's an hour in Sansar, with no cuts.

    Sansar's main advantage over SL seems to be lighting and shadows. Although some of those may be baked.


    Note that the light bulb and the weight do not cast shadows.


    Two minute teleports!


    Areas in Sansar must have a disco.

    disco4.thumb.jpg.fba5f84264c15ef1bb229d7db8ebd532.jpgEven if a disco makes no sense.


    For small houses, a DJ room in the basement meets the disco requirement.


    1977 called. It wants its disco floor back.


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  2. 2 hours ago, ChinRey said:

    Oh no. All serious mesh makers I know of do it. It doesn't have to be that difficult or time consuming either. It can be if you really, really want to optimise but it's no big deal if you just want LoD models that is better than the ones the uploader generates and are familiar with Blender or Maya.

    I wish. Spend some time in SL with the LOD factor at zero. It's awful.

    Worst problem is buildings. So many buildings go see-through at lowest LOD. Fly around at LOD factor 0. Go to the demo sims of the major building makers. It's not pretty. This is why cities in SL don't look very good. The builders are getting low LI by zeroing out the lowest LOD, badly.

    This is why I'm big on impostors. Many buildings could be reduced to a cube with pictures pasted on it for the lowest LOD. No more big triangles hanging in space. That's what needs to be automated.

  3. I can live with Blender. It's been around for over 15 years, and it used to have the user interface from hell. By 2.79, it had achieved the user interface from heck. Haven't tried 2.8 yet, but that's supposed to be better.

    My main complaint about SL content creation in Blender is the LOD system. The whole LOD thing needs to be automated, to the degree that it is in Sansar and for prims.

    Almost nobody really makes hand-built low-LOD models. Yes. Chin Rey does it. I've done it, and it's too much work.

    Open Firestorm. Open the lower right Firestorm menu for Quick Preferences. Set LOD factor to 0. Now you see the lowest LOD model of everything. Go to some shopping area. Look around.

    badboats.thumb.jpg.11dfa40dd87dbae8f77325fbbde5765c.jpgThese are good boats with bad LODs. Low-detail, OK. See-through, not OK. Come on, at least give us a textured box for the hull.

    See through buildings reduced down to a few random triangles. Concrete ground missing. Aargh. Again, a textured box would be OK.


    Same scene,  normal LOD settings.

    I don't blame creators for this. I blame LL's tool builders. Fix the tools once, and everybody gets it right. Beats beating on creators.

    If you could just create in Blender, and what you did there went in-world with no fuss, creators would have a much easier time.

    In the years that SL has had a really crappy LOD system, everybody else in gaming has made progress. There are solutions for this. And LL knows it, because they bought one of them for Sansar.


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  4. 1 hour ago, Seba Serpente said:

     If there were main roads/avenues around bellisseria, just like bay city has one, it would be more fitting.

    There's not enough traffic for "main roads". I'd like to see a few through routes on existing roads marked, maybe with a solid yellow line, so you could drive or bicycle without reaching at dead ends. Some of those might become tram lines.

    By the way, is the ferry to the fairgrounds island only running during events, or what? I went there and waited at the ferry sign, but nothing showed up.

  5. 1 hour ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    I don't know who you think you are talking to but you obviously don't.
    I've been in SL since 2004 and I do keep up with Philip and HiFi.
    I'm not an idiot or an imbecile. Do NOT treat me like one.

    Huh? There's not much question about what happened to High Fidelity. They shut down their public worlds back in April. Here's Rosedale's blog post on the "pivoting" and layoffs at High Fidelity.  VentureBeat and Variety have coverage. What's left of High Fidelity gave up most of their San Francisco HQ office space. Their staff now meet in High Fidelity itself, says VentureBeat.

    I had a High Fidelity account at one point. It's nice graphically, but it was never used much. It's not a big shared world like SL; it's a lot of little private worlds you can teleport between, like Sansar.

    Incidentally, Worlds Adrift, the first big-world MMO built on the Improbable SpatialOS engine, is shutting down on July 26th. There will be an End of the World party. (If you follow the technology behind big virtual worlds, this is important. Otherwise not.)

    Second Life remains the winner in this business, by a big margin.


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  6. 7 hours ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Philip doesn't want Linden LAB (no S) back. It's not his 'baby' any more. HiFi is.

    I think he misses it.  He was in London City in SL recently, asking what people wanted in SL.

    HiFi flopped. Very few users. They "pivoted to enterprise": "Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity and a virtual world pioneer, confirmed that his company has laid off about 25% of its staff, or 20 people, and pivoted to social communications for workers using 3D audio. High Fidelity now wants to enable virtual meetings and social online communications, such as people would do in online meetings."

    (You can do that in SL. In 2008, meeting planners had event services for SL. It never caught on, much, as a business tool. Works, though. I know someone who does hold small business meetings for RL activity in SL. His people like that they can hold side conversations and go off to talk in small groups.)virtualboardroom.thumb.jpg.8d96c6f0d3964b6a4b95ac27fd67bb04.jpgConference center, Boardroom sim. Hold your next meeting here!

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  7. "Packet loss", as reported by viewers, is not really network packet loss. It includes packets not processed because the viewer was too busy to process them. If you have "ping" on your system, ping "secondlife.com" for  a while, or run some speed test program. If that's not losing packets, the network path to the SL data center in Phoenix AZ is fine.

    Expect to see some packet loss if the viewer frame rate is very low. When the frame rate starts to drop, it's usually because the main thread is using all the CPU time one CPU can provide, or because your machine is swapping to disk due to lack of free memory. That's when the main thread starts losing packets. The network bandwidth limitation is more to keep from choking the viewer's main thread more than to prevent choking the network.

    LOD factor of 9 is insane. LOD factor of 1.5 to 2 is normal. If you set it to 9 and you're flying, your viewer is forced to render the high-resolution model of everything on the ground within draw distance, which takes time.

    Oh, and make sure your machine isn't swapping. Is there a web browser in the background with lots of tabs open, using up memory? Try running Firestorm and nothing else, or as little else as Windows 10 will let you run.

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  8. Prototyped a marine railway for Bellesaria beach houses.






    Track extends smoothly into the ocean so the boat can be moved over Linden beach, then retracts.

    The track extension is a prim trick. The track is shortened by setting the "slice" parameter while moving the prim.

    (This is a proof of concept in prims. It needs a proper mesh carriage to carry the boat. If some marine accessory creator wants to do this, let me know. I'd rather buy one from someone in the boat business than build this as a product. People would want it resizable, they'd want carriages custom-fit to their boats, they'd want custom paint jobs, and it would take too much customer service.)

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  9. 17 hours ago, Mollymews said:

    with only 4m to cover then I would look at making a boat guide rail cradle system.  Like on the parcel the boat sits in it cradle. When you want to use it, touch the cradle and the rails extend out to the water. Sit the boat and drive it down the rails to the sea. When the boat is on the water have the rails auto retract

    That's called a "marine railway".


    This would do the job. Almost exactly what I need, and here's a RL prototype to model. 

    For SL, will have to retract the track when not in use, to get it off Linden land. Probably store it under the fixed track section. Or cheat, and wind it out of a box like a roll-up garage door. That would allow up to 64m of track, in case you need it.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

    express train to a mainland station.

    Now there's an idea. Except that neither Sansara nor Jeoghot has much of a rail system. So there's nothing to connect to. Only Heterocera has much SLRR.

    A road connection, though...


    While you can sail from Bellesaria to Sansara, there's almost no place to go when you get there, as sailors have discovered. Going either east or west along the south coast of Sansara, you quickly run out of navigable water.

    As Bellesaria expands (and there's clearly demand for that), one possible expansion area is above. That's conveniently near the end of the Linden road system in Sansara, marked by the big red dot above.


    End of the road. Linden-owned land all the way to the coast, down a steep hill.

    This would be an excellent starting point for a big bridge to the potential Bellesaria expansion area.

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  11. Here's another possible look.



    This cute little place was the setting for The Prisoner, a 1960s TV show. It was built in the 1920s in roughly the style of an Italian village, but in Wales. It's a summer resort, with whimsical architecture. Useful for building ideas. About the right density for SL. See it in Google Street View for more detail.

    Be seeing you!

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  12. 6 hours ago, Coby Foden said:

    Rez the boat on land on your parcel. Hop on, start the engine, throttle up... ----> woosshh... 😃

    That's what I'm doing now, and since I have only to cross about 4m of Linden sandy beach, it doesn't look that awful. But there have been snickers.

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  13. For waterfront homes like that, has anyone come up with a good way to get a boat from your own property across the narrow strip of Linden land, and into the water? I've considered a truck and boat trailer setup, but my place has a sandy beach. A rocky shore like this would be tougher.  Anyone have something good?


    Might work.

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  14. Right now, 3000-5000 scripts doing nothing can use up most of a region's script time. That's really a bug. At Server User Group, we're told that efforts are underway to reduce the overhead of idle scripts substantially. I hope LL succeeds at this.

    This problem wasn't fully realized until recently. Then some people found sims with no avis and nothing much going on in sim overload. Some others discovered that you can put an empty sandbox into script overload with a few thousand scripts that are sitting there doing nothing. This is getting attention from LL because it's a huge server load that costs them and benefits nobody. Discussed previously in another topic.

    So I'd suggest not putting massive efforts into removing idle scripts at this time.

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  15. 57 minutes ago, CoffeeDujour said:

    they are trying to do too much with too few devs

    That's certainly the feeling I get from Server User Group. It's not like the few Lindens there are reporting the progress of large teams we never see. It's more like the few Lindens there are desperately working to keep it all going and improve it a little. I get the feeling that two or three of the Lindens do all the heavy lifting.

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  16. 33 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    The other popular way to indicate which options are current is to display only the active ones, toggling them when they become inactive.  So 

    llList2String(["Deactivate","Activate"], (iButtonState = !iButtonState) )  toggles both iButtonState and the displayed option at the same time.  Then you use the new binary state of iButtonState to go ahead and make the actual changes.  Users are never confused about whether the feature is activated or not because they only see what's possible at the moment.

    I tend to think that's more confusing, as in "Where did the button go?" If it's already on, a marker is more appropriate. If you can't do it, say because you don't have permission, greyed out would be ideal, but we don't have that option. There, removal is a legit option.


    Pick a color. Any color. Deleting the current color here would be confusing.

    There are other Unicode tricks, such as "C̵a̵n̵n̵o̵t̵ ̵b̵e̵ ̵p̵u̵s̵h̵e̵d̵", well known to the people with excessively clever display names. Try not to overdo.

  17. 9 hours ago, Dyna Mole said:

    That is correct.  You create a list by using the Add Name function.  You remove a name by using the Remove Name function.  You see what names are currently on the list with the View List  function, which is only available if there are actually names on the list.  All of those functions simply manage the list. 

    Once you have created a list, your Access menu gives you the option of using it or ignoring it. (After all, there are times when you might want to allow Anyone to enter your home but not allow people on the whitelist to mess with your control panel, so you would want to be able to turn list access off.)  If you click List from the Access menu, it allows anyone on the list to enter and be able to use the Redecorate/Window/Door functions  It also sends you a chat message to remind you of who is on the list, just in case you forgot.

    Ah. Now I get it.

    (Someone coded a multiple choice  "radio button" in a dialog box, but didn't do it very well. Useful Unicode symbols for dialog buttons:

    ☐ Ballot box

    ☑ Ballot box with check

    ☒ Ballot box with X

    • Bullet

    ⬤ Big bullet

    ○ Empty bullet

    You can use those in dialog button names to indicate the current state before the user clicks the button. If it's an on-off toggle, after the button name, use the empty ballot box for "off" and one of the other two options for "on". For a multiple choice, use "Big bullet" for the currently active option, and nothing or "empty bullet" for inactive. Since this is how dialog buttons work in just about everything else except Second Life, users will get this without explanation.)


    Like this. Any questions about how that works?

  18. 7 hours ago, Zoya McDonnagh said:

    After adding them, did you hit the List button on the panel? (Not View List, the one that says List. )

    Tried both buttons. (Why is there both a List and a View List button, anyway?) Same list.

    I tried adding a bogus name, and it won't let you do that - it checks that the name is a valid user name. So it's not a typo.

    I'll have to try again, now that we've both been offline.

  19. How does the Linden Home door access list work? I added someone, just using their name (that is, "username", not "username Resident"). The box accepted the name, it shows on the list of allowed users, but they still could not open doors. They don't have a separate display name; new user.

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