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  1. 1 hour ago, Annahperv said:

    Regardless if this is a new problem,SL is being victim of the obsession for BEAUTY.Places are more fancy and most of us wanna be entirely Bento...Mesh...It means more attachments and scripts.Many years ago I already noticed who was flying or sailing well at BlackSea was wearing simple system avatars, almost no meshes attached.My own experience,using a system AVI with system cloth layers : it was "almost"OK to cross Sims(you know the normal lag behavior).When I started to use FULL BENTO body,I noticed our"parts"have to re-attach each crossing...and I had many crashes,so I gave up to go to BlackSea with BENTO AVI.... SL in fact is not the most appropriate game to drive vehicles crossing Sims. Actually SL can do everything,but it doens't do everything well.The old geek question is more than ever relevant : Performance or Quality ? Do you want to be the most beautiful or to drive in the fast lane?

    Yes, at a region crossing, vehicle, avatars, and attachments all cross separately and are reassembled. The problem is that reassembly is unreliable, not that it's slow.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

    I get can into parcel, though I would vote against it; but why cannot sit? Not sure how that is supposed to work.

    You can get into a building with a locked door in SL by camming into the room and sitting on something. This will move your avatar through the locked door.

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  3. Please go to Server User Group on Tuesday at noon SLT and make your unhappiness known. I and others have been complaining about region crossings for a year now. More people complaining may up the priority. SL has gotten some new technical people in from the Sansar side, and  this is a good time to push on getting this fixed. Really, it's embarrassing how long region crossings have been broken.

  4. 1 hour ago, Oz Linden said:

    LSL does do automatic redirection for GET (and HEAD) requests, but not for other HTTP methods.

    That's what I figured. This is a  POST operation. The "user agent" is supposed to handle that redirection. Whether the LSL code or the underlying SL code is the "user agent" here is an interesting question. I'd argue that the underlying system should handle this, on the grounds that we can't afford to encapsulate HTTP requests in a library in LSL. Not in 64KB.

  5. On 11/4/2019 at 10:14 PM, NeoBokrug Elytis said:

    What about llGetUsedMemory() or llScriptProfiler() ?

    I'm already using llGetFreeMemory(). See above.

    Here's what I'd like to have added in LSL. These would help prevent stack-heap collisions caused by big data coming in from outside the script. A few LSL events have no incoming size limit. They should.

    Proposed changes. (Not that I expect them to be implemented, but it's worth documenting.)

    New LSL call: llMessageLinkedFilter(list nums, integer maxstr, integer maxid)

    Call this with a list of integers for "nums", and then messages for llMessageLinked are only queued if their "num" parameter is on the list. This allows filtering incoming messages by message type before they go onto the queue. Right now, if you have 10 scripts, and you send a message with llMessageLinked, all 10 scripts are awakened, get the message, and most of them discard it immediately. This creates O(n^2) overhead on the number of scripts, which is a bad thing. Also, it's possible for a script to be crashed by a message that's too big for it, even though the script would discard that message immediately. The script can't discard it before it blows the memory limit.

    The "maxstr" parameter is the maximum length of the "str" parameter of an incoming message. Longer messages are truncated. Length means the same thing as the value from  llStringLength. If you want a limit of 100 characters, set this to 101, and check the string length. If it's 101, it's oversize and an error.

    The "maxstr" parameter is the maximum length of the "id" parameter of an incoming message.  Works the same way as "maxstr".


    llGetStaticPath, new param constant GSP_WAYPOINT_LIMIT.

    Usage is to add [GSP_WAYPOINT_LIMIT, nnn] to the params to llGetStaticPath. No more than nnn waypoints will be returned. This does not change the error status returned. If you use this, the length of the list returned must be checked to see if the limit was hit. Currently, there is no limit on the number of waypoints returned, so this call can crash a script with a stack-heap collision.


    Are there any other events or calls which can return an object of unbounded size? Those are the only two I know of. HTTP replies and listens, the other two main sources of big data, have a size limit.



  6. I have a script that makes HTTP requests to a server of mine. My demo and review bikes log region crossings. This has been working for over a year, but recently started failing. It makes them as HTTP requests, but the site now redirects them to the HTTPS port with a 301 Moved Permanently status. This is because Dreamhost made everything go through HTTPS, and is now redirecting all HTTP requests to the corresponding HTTPS URL.

    So, my scripts print the error:

     Smooth Rider - V2.6.3 (DEMO): Logging request to http://███████████████████████████████████ failed. Status 301

    The LSL HTTP interface doesn't automatically redirect in that situation. Most HTTP libraries handle this automatically, but LSL's does not.

    So, if you're still using HTTP, not HTTPS, from LSL, you need to prepare for any "upgrades" from your hosting service.

  7. michellevscafetable.thumb.jpg.708eaac330b3ce6947f781efaf5e7642.jpg

    I'm not too small, this table is too big.

    Trying out a new animesh character, Michelle, from uno.blokke. Set her up on my NPC system, and she's visiting my cafe.

    As usual, not posed, just taking snapshots as the NPCs do their thing.

    (Even for a cafe table, that table is too high.)

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  8. 4 hours ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

    Could an applier system for animesh be feasible? Would it be secure enough that some who aren't keen on releasing textures straight out be alright with it? This would require setting up a separate face on the animesh model for each bit though, which would be a significant downside if you need to put them in different styles of clothing.

    Vir Linden says that Bakes on Mesh, Round 2 might have support for animesh. Right now you have to layer clothing textures on top of skin textures in Photoshop or something similar and upload, just to change clothes. An applier can't combine textures into a new texture for animesh.  If we get animesh BOM, it will be possible to layer textures onto animesh. But not yet.

    I'm focusing on making NPCs that move around well, and that's mostly working. Now I need more characters to make move. What I'd like is a collection of low-LI animatable characters like this.


    Street people, from Hoodlum sim. They have a nice collection of static background models.

    They're all low-LI models, used to make the sim look populated. If they were animesh, I could make them move. But they're not.

    There are animesh models on Marketplace, but many have, er, "intellectual property problems". Very few are normal humans with models as good as the above static models.

    If you've got an animesh human that looks good and has low LI, please get in touch. I'll make them move well.


  9. On 11/14/2019 at 10:35 PM, Pussycat Catnap said:

    Like your typical modern MMO... give me an account and then the ability to make 'characters' with it, and have my 'assets' tied to the account, NOT the characters.

    The other side of that would be useful, too - the ability for one character to have multiple "bank accounts" and "land ownership accounts". Landlords and major merchants currently need to use different characters to manage their assets.

  10. 1 hour ago, iamyourneighbour said:

     If anyone tell you they are 'SL lawyer' tell them to go home.

    There was at one time a Second Life Bar Association of real lawyers. They had a Legal Village in world, "Justitia", owned by their own LLC, with law offices and an outdoor courtroom. They had a service through which you could check the RL credentials of an SL lawyer. This dates from the days when major companies had a presence in Second Life. At one time people thought that Second Life/OpenSimulator law was going to become as big a deal as World Wide Web law.

    Their last activity was on May 12, 2018, when they dissolved their LLC and abandoned Justitia.

    I went there once, before it was abandoned. It was cute, but no one was there.

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  11. As a male in SL, I haven't seen this as a problem.

    I've tried the sex sims. It's like clubbing, on easy mode. No problem finding women. Got boring after a while. Met some good people, though.

    The way to get somewhere in SL is to DO something. I built motorcycles, people liked those, and I met people that way. I've spent a lot of time driving around SL. Over 2000km of driving. I've built escalators, moving sidewalks, and animesh non-player characters, and met people interested in those things. I have a workshop in-world and a store on Marketplace. It doesn't make a lot of money, but I don't have to buy Lindens.

    If you create stuff in SL, over time you meet other creators, and they're usually interesting people. I like having an elaborate, populated 3D world to create in. I just want it to be better. If your idea of a good time involves making things, SL is quite welcoming. I used to build elaborate steampunk props in RL, back when steampunk and the maker movement were big. Now I'm mostly doing things in SL.

    I'm still using a free avatar, although one of the better ones. I usually wear jeans and a leather jacket in SL, which is what I often wear in RL. Yes, the clothing options for men are fewer. That's true in RL, too. Go to any American mall.

    Not seeing a big problem.

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  12. 6 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    So? Everything Tazzie said still applies. If the creator had wanted you to have the texture, they would have done so.

    There's no way to make a texture available from a full perm classic clothing item, other than shipping it separately. Those items are not objects; they have no inventory. You'd have to distribute them boxed, which would complicate delivery, especially for users with no land.

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  13. 12 hours ago, Tazzie Tuque said:

      The fact that it is not there means no that shirt texture is not full perm..

    I'm talking about system clothing. That's just a texture with info that tells the system it's a shirt, so you get the shirt icon and the clothing system knows where to apply  it. Not a mesh model with some textures.

    6 hours ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

    Talk to the creator, if they're still in SL.

    That's usually the problem. I'm trying to recycle freebies from the early days of SL, and the creators are often long gone.

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  14. We should have sales events where everyone is encouraged to set their LOD to zero.

    I sometimes do this at sales events, and half the walls disappear.


    Here's some of my stuff forced to lowest LOD at too close a distance. The escalators and the animesh still look like escalators and characters. The building in the background is mostly prim, so that just works. It's OK if the lowest LOD model is blocky. You don't see that at distance. It's not OK if it disappears.

    The signs next to the escalators are an example of how to do it wrong. The big flat area of the sign blanks out, and parts of the frame remain. That's just wrong. For the little stuff, we need a mesh uploader that isn't brain-dead. There are better algorithms that maintain the area of coverage while reducing the number of triangles. In free code with a compatible license, even.



    Normal Firestorm settings, for comparison.


  15. 28 minutes ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

    Basically, the two things that jump out at me is the disappearance of (most of) the channel that connect Sansara to Jeogeot via Belliseria, and how close the southern tip of Bellisseria will be to the northern tip of Jeogeot.

    I want a  big bridge to Jeoghot, if and when Bellesaria gets there.

    And a bridge to Sansara in the north. I want to drive all the way from Jeoghot to Sansara. Connect The Continents!

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  16. The root object of a link set must have a physical model. It can't be set to "Physics: None". All the other objects in the linkset can be set to "None" if desired.

    Any object set to "Physics: None" is not solid in-world, and if your stairs are set to "Physics: None", you fall through them.

    The root object of a link set does not have to be a prim. It can be a mesh. 100% mesh linksets work fine.


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  17. I've seen tiny parcels used for parking spaces. Each parcel has its own parking meter, which works like a land rental box. It's not that useful, since the parking spaces have to line up on 4m boundaries.

    I've seen a place which had many small horse corrals, each a separate parcel. This confused the pathfinding system.

    The non-ad use cases for tiny parcels seem pretty limited.

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  18. 17 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    If http would be acceptable in place of a dataserver event, there's a Map API cap to be called with region name that returns a JSON-esque string with region location (global coords / 256),
    a la "https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/d661249b-2b5a-4436-966a-3d3b8d7a574f?var=coords&sim_name=Vallone" returns "var coords = {'x' : 1807, 'y' : 1199 };"
    and "https://cap.secondlife.com/cap/0/d661249b-2b5a-4436-966a-3d3b8d7a574f?var=coords&sim_name=bogussimname" returns "var coords = {'error' : true };"


    That JSON-esque string is valid Javascript. This probably dates from the era when using "eval" on foreign data was considered a reasonable way to pass data around in Javascript land. Created huge security holes, since the "data" had full program privileges. Hence JSON. Probably easier to do this in LSL than deal with parsing that stuff in LSL.

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  19. On 9/28/2019 at 8:17 PM, animats said:

    On the southwest side, the traditional road system and the trailer area path network both dead end into SSPE281.



    That connection has now been made.



    SSPE281 road connection, at last.

    Not gracefully, though, unlike most of the Bellesaria mole work. Irana Pei noticed this, and writes, in her blog:

    "Similarly, while the Traditional house regions and the Trailer and Camper regions do more directly abut one another, the roads of the Traditional house regions and the tracks of the Camper and Trailer regions never actually come together; rather they each end abruptly with a stretch of grass between them, it would be nice to a a more natural joining, asphalt gradually giving way to a narrower, rutted track, for example. Or at least have a fence and (open) gate between them, rather than curbstones, footpath and pristine-looking grass."

    SL has always had trouble with road joins of different types of road, like curb cuts. They sometimes require a custom object, which someone has to model. Curb cuts are very rare in SL. There's one real curb cut in Bay City. Anyone know of others? The one above could be handled by simply not putting in a road end section, then adding a dirt road object on top. Dirt roads which come off the side of a Linden road need a curb cut piece. Two standard parts could probably handle most of these transitions.

    Incidentally, there's a sign for that.


    "Pavement Ends", the graphic.


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