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  1. 2 hours ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    @animatsConsidered using alpha masking? it shouldn't affect the full version of the wheel, but then on the lowest lod you'd be able to use just two planes back to back.

    I don't have the Blender models for those motorcycle wheels, so I can't just fix this.

    Wheels are a specialized business in SL. There are people with whole stores full of wheels. Most of them don't look very good at lowest LOD. Or they have too high an LI. I don't want to be in the wheel biz. I just want to buy some better wheels, under the usual "full perm but don't sell them individually" terms for SL auto parts.

  2. I've been trying to convince wheel builders to make wheels that don't disappear at distance. Glad you're doing it.

    This is the problem.


    Nice truck, bad wheels. This is with normal Firestorm viewer settings. The wheels disappear long before the body does.

    These are wheels purchased by the truck builder, not created by them. A few people in SL make most of the wheels.


    Some wheels. From left to right, two motorcycle wheels, 1 LI, truck wheel LOD demo, 3 LI, complex wheel, 6 LI.


    Same wheels at lowest LOD.

    The motorcycle wheels have terrible lowest LODs. The wheels at the right are a proof of concept demo of mine. They have a lowest LOD which is a flat picture of the wheel pasted onto a cylinder. So they look OK at distance. I didn't have the Blender meshes for the wheels to integrate this properly into the wheel, so this is just a demo with an extra prim linked on for the lowest LOD.

    This is basic impostoring. I encourage wheel builders to do that. If someone would like to replace those motorcycle wheels with something properly impostered, please contact me. Thanks.


  3. I saw a security orb bug in the opposite direction yesterday.


    Every two seconds, another threatening dialog pops up. Couldn't find the offending object, which is sending these to passers-by off the property for a stretch of about 100m of Linden road.. It can't eject me from a Linden road; it's just making empty threats. Filed an AR.

    Security orb people, there's an LSL call, llGetParcelDetails, to check the ownership of land. Please check that you're authorized to make threats before doing so. Buyers of security orbs, there are good ones, and ones that are junk, like this one. Don't buy and deploy the junk ones. You're giving too much power to something that can't be trusted with it. Thank you.

    Owner of object censored to avoid naming and shaming.


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  4. 54 minutes ago, NiranV Dean said:

    I'm not 100% sure but i think the specularity changes (which are actually lighting changes) did uncap the lighting making it possibly brighter again. At least that's what it felt like.

    Technically you could say that building something with different default settings (say altered glow settings) could make creations render as intended on one Viewer while it doesn't look as good on another.

    The diffuse lighting problem is that the initial default environment for EEP has too dim a diffuse value. The default has been fixed, but nothing propagates it to all of mainland automatically. So we're stuck on dim. As a workaround, users are setting their personal environment to "Midday", which overrides most of the parcel and region EEP settings. So by the time this is fixed, EEP may be irrelevant. I was talking to a sim owner whose mall is nearly pitch black at night in an EEP viewer on Ultra. He had no idea that was the case, because he's always on "Midday". He's been struggling to get tenants.

    Excessive glow is a problem. A good start would be for the viewer to not enable glow for an object face until its texture is loaded. That would avoid "giant glowing blobs" during texture loading. Visit Oxymoron for a particularly severe case of this problem. That's a sci-fi sim with a bit of glow in the roads. During loading, the entire road surface lights up in painfully glowing white until the textures come in. After loading, only a few small areas of glow remain, and it looks fine.

  5. 27 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    a reason why LDPW often build walls on these diagonal parcel roads and on bends (which also diagonals) is because the walls help to keep vehicles on the road

    Every once in a while there's a driveway-sized opening. There's one about 20m to the left of that picture. But it leads to a different parcel, as the land is currently divided. If you have a parcel without an opening, you can't get to the road. Control the openings, and you control the land behind the wall.

  6. unusableland.thumb.jpg.6f8d5bd1a5292039aa22d1885ab577be.jpg

    Abandoned land, Corsica.

    Here's a perfectly good piece of land, in a nice area, abandoned because the high roadside walls have no gap for access nearby.

    Like the original poster's parcel, this is on a road in Corsica. Corsica has large amounts of abandoned land far from roads. A few more roads though the hilly hinterland would help. Where there are roads, this access problem is common.



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  7. It seems to be a policy decision that scripts cannot listen to SL's instant messages.

    llGetAgentInfo can be used to tell when an avatar is typing. Test for the AGENT_TYPING bit. But you can't tell whether they're sending an IM or typing in chat.

    (I wish you could tell. Then you could have a cell phone attachment which comes out only when the user is sending an IM, to show their attention is elsewhere. Like RL.)

  8. There have been some recent issues with weapons that do a lot of rezzing, especially when the gun sends messages to the projectile. There is no guarantee that a recently rezzed projectile will be ready to listen when the launcher talks to it. But until recently, that usually worked. Now you have to do a full handshake with the projectile talking to the launcher and getting a reply. This complicates weapons.

    Lucia Nightfire has been looking at this.

    You're probably going to have to go back to the weapon maker and get them to update it.

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  9. Try Corsica. Much of Corsica is abandoned. There are abandoned roadside parcels.

    Land with no water or road access isn't worth much in SL. There's lots of that available, but you have to TP in and out.

  10. This is an error indicating that Google Chrome/Chromium can't reach the Internet. SL's user interface for ordinary web-like stuff is a copy of Google's Chromium browser built into the SL viewer. Windows Defender, in very locked down configurations, can cause this.

    See: https://www.techbout.com/err-network-access-denied-error-in-chrome-39594/

    The browser program used by SL is called "Dullihan", if you have to allow some named process or something. Further answers need to come from a Windows 10 expert. I use Linux.

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  11. I'm encouraged. I look forward to seeing how well that works on the main grid. It looks pretty good on the AWS part of Aditi.

    The biggest remaining bug is region corners. Region crossing needs to be interlocked so that when a vehicle with passengers changes region, the vehicle cannot start a second region crossing until all the avatars have caught up.

    Mainland becomes more useful if you can travel it.

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  12. Constantly rezzing junky stuff onto Linden roads is generally considered griefing. AR.

    It seems that the smaller the landowner, the bigger the signs. The people with FOR SALE towers tall enough to require aircraft warning beacons are usually holders of only a few parcels. The biggest landowners use something like a manhole-sized disc with their logo set in the ground. They don't want to run down the value of their other nearby properties.



  13. 56 minutes ago, Nick0678 said:

    I believe if they did now Second Life would be considered an obsolete application due to those corporations having different strategies on how to create profit.

    Right. That's what happens when Google acquires companies with minor products. If the product can't be grown to "Google scale", it's killed off.

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