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  1. Could use help setting up a maitreya m4 avatar as I have no idea how set up this avatar in world as it was gifted to me today by a friend on sl
  2. Thanks yea it always nice be doing good and feeling better on inside after relationship besides now I’m free of being what feel on secondlife plus I been happier cause of it
  3. And yea I’m not worried bout this guy no more I’m let em sweat me and I’m enjoy trying make friends doe I yet have success with it not gonna give up
  4. I don’t use alts on secondlife only use one id and it one on these forums so other girl in world is someone else he met without me knowledge but like said I moved on so let him do wat he want do
  5. Well I done ended it not gonna even bother time I just enjoy wat have on secondlife
  6. And true I’m willing confront him but I need wait for him login and ask why is he treating me like he is also ty for help and advice
  7. I’m sure that not case I replied way did cause frustrated and I’m sorry if u took it wrong heart but I appreciate u trying help just I might tell him off as is if he not trying talk wat point in staying in relationship with him ask me he wanted break up but I’m sure my luck is fine my end
  8. I know I have messaged him multiple times and he never replies now or has time talk seems now see what I mean
  9. Nobody asked u what u thought specifically I’m just trying figure out what he thinking if he cared he would talk to me
  10. Recently started dating on secondlife this guy named Leonardo da Vinci in world sadly he seems bit distant of late like he seeing others plus our convos seem shorter then when started relationship am I wrong for asking him how he feels about us as I do not want come off wrong foot
  11. I figured it out on firestorm ty for help
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