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  1. 39 minutes ago, Hydra Acer said:

    There is already a company (see official TPV list to find it) that is working on mobile viewers for IOS/Android and WEB that are light years ahead of Linden Lab. It's not a foolish move to focus the company's efforts in another direction.

    yeah but a lot of people don't want to actually register to use that viewer................................

  2. 9 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    If you can't get it straightened out by tomorrow morning, contact Billing:

      Billing support phone numbers
        Toll-Free (US/Canada): 800.294.1067
        Long-Distance: 703.286.6277  
    Our Billing team is available from 9am to 5pm EST(6am to 2pm PST), Monday through Friday.

    If you're not in the USA get Skype and you can call the free number and it connects you for free. 

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  3. Maybe that website is just getting a facelift...........


    SL isn't going anywhere after that major investment of time money and resources for the cloud uplift.........


    Ll hiring is a good thing, companies don't tend to hire when they are looking to cut..............


    Don't know anything about the new bosses but it's common to do a thorough study before making changes.........

    Ll have said at several meetings that priority was the uplift and now they're throwing massive resources to fixing problems like lag, map tiles etc.  Do you really want them to mess that up and cause bigger problems? 🧐


  4. 7 hours ago, Zanna Zadark said:

    Hi Feral,

    Firstly, i just would like to say im very sorry for the nuisance you are currently experiencing. I agree when people say its mainland and people have a right to put in their parcel what they choose, however, there is a level of respect and obligation to respect your fellow residents this common sense rule applies with living in Secondlife as well as living in RL.

    In my opinion  your neighbour's wall is very offensive and rude, the intruding wall has basically shut out any feeling of wanting to confront your neighbour in a civil manner to even discuss, hense his response to you is just as blocking and obnoxious in his attitude as well as his ridiculous wall.

    Unfortunately i am experiencing the exact same treatment. Prior to my experience i have never come across such vindictive treatment from a person. I moved into my dream area to build a small marina on a open sailing sim. i was editing my home on the terrain trying to blend in the scenery and the landowner behind me decided to drop a 62 meter high Rock house directly behind me.

    this Rock house has blocked out all my views and sky views. I asked her politely to lower the home she said she would but she decided to raise the home even higher. After no attempt was made to lower the home i wrote her a note card explaining to her in a polite manner that her rock house is taking away the enjoyment from my land hoping she would please lower it.

    when i came online the next day she had now erected two extra large water rock water falls on either side of the rock house and completely blocked off my parcel. I couldn't believe it. Not only had she done that she then proceeded to return any landscaping items i.e palm trees that i rezzed to try and soften the monstrosity as the leaves were slightly hanging onto her land also terrain i placed that was under the ground she destroyed that too by returning it to me. 

    she banned me from her land and also she is now banning my renters from her land and they have absolutely nothing to do with this!. 

    i decided enough was enough i banned her, muted her and derendered her objects and rezzed a 62m mega prim with a bright glowing orange colour on her side and translucent on my side, ( please note this will only affect her as she owns most of the sim behind me). i have sent endless support tickets to LL and they did not even respond to me!!, its absolutely disgraceful. I wont take down the colour prim until she plays fair, which will probably be never.

    I asked around about her and i was told she has done this countless times to others that live and have lived in the area, she has about 50 people banned from her land. Its just wrong that LL don't do anything to help when ultimately they are the only ones who can fix this, its very frustrating indeed.

    Goodluck Feral, i hope your neighbour will soon see some reason.






    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you DO realise that when Governance see that monstrosity you rezzed, and they return it, you'll more than likely be minus sl for a few days for putting it there?

  5. On 2/18/2021 at 4:55 PM, sierrarose Blackheart said:

    Hello my name is Sierrarose Blackheart and I want to say Welcome to Secondlife for all of the New people starting out and for the ones who Left and came back Home Welcome Home 

    Well I am a Queen of My Own Bloodlines Horde and I am Married in Both Worlds so if you think i will leave what i have for you please go to some one who dose that this Lady dose not do that 

    I am a Sl Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother, all here on sl and If you are looking for Help i been in a game as long as you can see 12 to 13 years wow any ways if you see me around please say Hello to me i do like making new Friends only good luck in your Secondlife and in both worlds God bless you or Belssed be but please call me Sierra

    Well if I can call you Betty, you can call me Al

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  6. Just now, DoctorKatherine1 said:

    Yes I do but some people have a persona and treat second life as..well..literal second life. Which isn't my place to judge to them on.

    That "persona" 😁 can change in an instant.  Reality check: there's a high probability that your "fam" members run about in other circles with ALTs living other lifestyles too, viewing this as just another standard run if the mill "RP fam"

    Don't get so needlessly attached to a pretend family, just enjoy the lighter side of it.


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  7. 14 hours ago, DoctorKatherine1 said:

    I see lot of people making family names but don't show any values in them and treat their members like nothing. 

    Imma say second life family are consider something special and unique. They are like Houses with a name, sigil, and code they go by.

    So why is it that most people make families but neglect those who expect love and care from them? 

    What's the purpose of having a last name if you not gonna expand it or use it properly? 

    What's the purpose of caring for someone but then ignore them while walking out of their life by disappearing?

    I'm saying base on experience where mostly <Redacted> members adopt little ones and people where they been neglected, ignored, or just straight up removed for no reason. Does anyone have clue why people do that? It kinda sicken me how anyone would abandon another when they expected love and common interest.



    You DO realise it's "make believe", don't you? 🤔



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