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  1. Try this store: Namuri They make highly defined Japanese structures & decor. I pretty much have everything they sell...and not disappointing, plus they're mod too. 😃
  2. Just because someone's language is something you cannot understand or comprehend, it does not necessarily make it gibberish. Possibly it could be a certain regional dialect, every city, country, state, body of land seems to follow such ways. It might require someone who may be able to research it more thoroughly, if it's important to you.
  3. Yeah there is a fix for that...two right clicks & poooof. Never see them again. (that would be referring to, Derendering & Blacklisting. Just sayin.
  4. I just noticed that the webpage unlisted isn't matching the in world MP unlisted...like by about 10 items. I sent another support ticket, the " The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again. " is still there too....just in time for Christmas holidays, ugh. I don't think I'm going to list anything...at least until they hopefully fix it rapidly, cos I hate losing money.
  5. Well it looks as if they fixed the "So sorry" message and you can do your listings from the unlisted page now & not get that message anymore...yay \o/ Although it still shows the folder not showing/listing, but I did everything they asked & it does it with newly listed items as well, so idk, hopefully in time they'll get it sorted.
  6. They didn't give me much info, & what was said I see as kinda vague, but that's my opinion of it. Anyways they suggested that I pull the folders from the UI Marketplace listings, drag them back into my inventory, & then re-add them back to the Marketplace listings UI via SL. I tried that several times, nothing changed, even new listings state that same thing. However I have been able to upload items newly placed & it goes back to the All Listings page, so I don't have to go back to the main MP page, then to my store/listings/unlisted products. However it only works with newly plac
  7. Yeah I sent a support ticket, and they said I should do these things...They (LL) sent me the exact same thing, about moving folders, which does nothing, even recreated a few folder names & this happens to them as well as all new folders as well. The folder does update, but it's more of a nuisance to get your way back to the specified listings page, but not impossible. Although you cannot update it with just using the "click on the Green check-mark" approach it never updates that way, you must go the edit page route & then find your way back to listings as it does not auto-send you back
  8. So I'm just about to put this item into my store & I see this: The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again. Right next to SL Folder Name: Now I've "lost" a few items over the last few weeks, I've not noticed this before, So I am reluctant to finish editing the product page for making it be ready for selling in my store, because I don't want to get the " item is not available , & then I have to pull it out & cannot ever open it, because it never can be rezzed for whatever reason that is.It does show 1 on hand in my unlisted view in the Manage Listings page..
  9. Over the last few months I've had this issue now & again with putting up my gacha outfits (usually a set of items from 1 creator) and it seems to load up fine, but then a day later it says it cannot save the uploaded item, as it does not contain items. Now I know I loaded it with items, & I only do 1 box at a time, & this doesn't happen all the time but when I go to open the box I can't even do that, because it will not rezz, at all, so there is no way to see what the problem is/was in the first place. I check & re-check these items in the boxes Before I put them up, I've bough
  10. I came looking for information about uni-code & hypertext information about MP listings, & decided to poke around a bit in the forums I've never used in 11 yrs of SL.
  11. BJoyful, there is a way to see it, just put your own name in the people search & you can see your front page of your profile from there, just don't click to open it like you look at others, because then you'll see your unicode/hypertext in edited mode rather than displayed.
  12. It's not just fonts but also certain language packs that affects those special characters.
  13. Yeah I'm seeing it as well, all broken & randomly date listed, it was fine yesterday, looks like a bad case of mix-em-all-up jumbulya. For a minute I thought my eyes were messing with me, I'm gonna hold off doing anything MP related until I see a fix/resolution.
  14. You may want to look at grid status updates, seems they are doing a night time RC region roll. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
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