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  1. I was able to contact Alberto Forero (the former Alberto Linden) through his account on Flickr, and he verified that he is the author of that map in particular, and all the maps in that similar style that were distributed by the Lab during that period. Cool tidbit about Eric's role versus Ryan's in the creation of the telehubs. I wonder about the version that Daniel encountered at SL10B, though-- in his picture, the map is clearly visible on the OUTSIDE of the hub, not hidden inside. So that one was different in some fashion, or whomever placed it found the map inside and moved it out...
  2. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit my previous post, so just wanted to add: Marianne McCann (on SLU forum) wrote: Just because a prim was made by someone does not mean that the textures on the prim were created by the same person. Else I'm sure many can send you some TOS Violating LOLcubes "made" by Philip Linden... She's right, of course. Given the context of what we're describing, the distribution of a map that everyone seems to be able to agree was official, I'm sure she means the griefer angle as anecdotal. But Alberto Forero/ Alberto Linden was cited in that discussion as one lik
  3. ChinRey wrote: Juliana Lethdetter wrote: Anyone remember first-hand where these came from or specifically who made them? The one you could find at Yadni's was on a prim created by Ryan Linden so it's definitely an authentic, official LL map. It's likely Ryan made the texture too but hard to say for sure. Interesting! I've never seen or heard of any copies created by Ryan Linden; the specific one I cited was made by me from the Oz Spade textures, and the other ones in the collection that come from the Junkyard were created by YadNi Monde himself. That's a pretty good confirmation of
  4. Thought I'd crowd-source this one out to our Residents of a Certain Age: Below is an example of a VERY early map of Second Life, dating from June 2003 (though not the earliest):  There are a handful of others like it, all dating to around the same period. Because they are some of the first maps ever made of SL geography at the regional level, and because they bear the Lab logo and font, I have always assumed that they were made by the Lab, and authored by a Linden. But it has been called to my attention recently that this IS an assumption; I don't actually know for sure. I acquired the ma
  5. I do have SSR turned on, Coby-- I activated it intentionally at some point in the past, because I liked the effect it gave during photo shoots, then never turned it off again because there didn't seem to be a need to. Now that I know it's what creates the issue, I'll be turning it off for sure. I might have discovered all this sooner, except that outside of those photo shoots, I normally wander around with ALM on, Shadows off and CalWL windlight, conditions under which I don't see many Material reflections. (In fact, I started experimenting with specular maps in the first place because I h
  6. Drongle: I thought that some degree of specular reflections on the sides of the cube and the bottom of the sphere were to be expected when things were working correctly, provided that the environmental light was coming from any direction except straight down. I don't know where it's coming from, if that's not the case; I'm sure there were no light sources in the environment except the sun. I also didn't notice that the alignment of the "correct" and bright highlights were significantly misaligned-- but then, it's hard for me to determine what's normal or expected, as I've never tried worki
  7. You're absolutely correct, Arton. I'm not using the official viewer; I'm using Firestorm x64, and it never occured to me that it could be a Firestorm-specific bug. I checked their Jira, and it's been reported by other users, in association with a feature called Screen Space Reflections. It's unresolvable, and will be "fixed" by the elimination of that feature in a future release. http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-13180 Thank you for the help!
  8. I'm trying to understand the nuances of specular maps, and was curious: are there occasions where unavoidably, the SL sun overrides the level of reflectivity dictated by the maps? Take a look the objects shown below. All of them have a flat black diffuse texture, a blank normal map, and a checkerboard specular map consisting of alternating black and white squares. All have Glossiness set to 51, and Environment to 0. The lighting is region default SL lighting, approximating Midday, with Advanced Lighting Model and all shadows on. There are no local light sources. The reflections seem to
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