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  1. Don't just jump into creating clothing, work on learning the ins and out of Blender first. There is a lot that you need to be able to do and understand before even trying to start on clothing. There are going to be a lot of headaches in the process, so take your time with it.
  2. Ignore my feet sticking into the ground
  3. Pancakes with a little bit of butter and syrup is nice, but I find waffles more appealing. Especially the chocolate ones.
  4. I am a straight male, but honestly, I like using female avatars for their vast clothing options. I like bright and colorful clothing, but male clothing on here is usually so dull looking. 😄
  5. Used all natural dye for my brand new hat 😉
  6. When people put their products in boxes that are in boxes, that are in boxes.
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