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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Hey Guys! So I'm an old user, trying to revive my over 6 year old account on the same exact laptop it used to run so amazingly on. I've watched a few youtube videos with tricks and tips, which maybe helped about 1% or maybe that's just my optimism.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So if anyone here knows of ways they found to work with them, pleasee share! I'm dying with all this lag, it's immense and triggering lol. I have a: Late 2011 MacBook Pro 13"/ macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB A year or two ago, I had to wipeout my laptop and change the hard drive because it died. I did this on my own and changed my 1TB to a 2TB, since it fit and I thought things would run faster since this is my only laptop I can use. (it sucks, yes i know, macs are the last thing to use for gaming) 🙄🙃 So please, anything is HIGHLY appreciated 🙏🏼❤️✨
  2. Is there anyway I can log into SL / Firestorm via CMD prompt? I just want to idle in a sim without any background stuff like the game's engine running. Just pure text in a console. Thanx!
  3. After several months away from SL, I logged in last night (after updating my SL and Firestorm viewers to the current release versions). The problem appears to be limited to the SL viewer. Prim hover (floating) text, i.e. created by llSetText(), is not appearing when I'm using the SL viewer (it wasn't appearing when I initially logged into the Firestorm viewer, but restoring old Firestorm settings fixed it for Firestorm). Bizarrely, this type of floating text can be seen on attached HUDs, but the HUD prims can't be seen-yet the HUD seems to function properly. The problem is independent of avatar (I saw it on the two avatars I tried). I tried uninstalling and doing a totally clean install of the SL viewer; the problem still exists. Is there some obscure setting I'm missing? I've looked through pretty much everything I could think of (it's annoying enough to find settings that used to be on the main menus now buried in the Debug Settings menu). SL viewer: Second Life Release (64bit) Firestorm viewer: Firestorm 5.1.7 (55786) Jul 13 2018 22:34:51 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support Windows 7 64 bit First image in SL viewer, second in Firestorm
  4. UPDATED POST! After 5:00 PM PDT on 6/5/2018 we released a new build of Second Life into a Release Candidate cohort we named "Unloop". This is a mandatory update for all Windows 32 bit systems which will help them escape the loop. Even if you had already followed the instructions below, you will be updated to Unfortunately, all Win8.1 or Win10 64 bit systems (not Win7 64bit) with any of the following GPUs: Intel HD, Intel HD 2000, Intel HD 2500, Intel HD 3000 or Intel HD 4000, cannot be forced out of the loop with mandatory updates. Since these GPUs do not have 64 bit driver support they must run the 32 bit version of Second Life. Residents with those hardware profiles will still need to manually uninstall Second Life *and* delete the remaining /downloads folder which is described in detail below. Original Message Greetings Residents! To all our 32 bit Windows users and a select group of 64bit Intel HD graphics users too, we’re sorry. Before noon (PDT) yesterday, 5/31/2018, we released the latest version of Second Life, version At the time of release there was an error defining the location of the 32 bit version of the Second Life viewer download. Because of that error, we delivered the 64 bit version of Second Life to everyone, even if your system was not capable of running it. This morning we saw an increase of bug reports and community blog posts about viewer updates being stuck in a loop and began investigating immediately. Ultimately we discovered the flaw was the lack of a valid download link to the 32 bit version of Second Life in our update system. We corrected this swiftly just before noon today, 6/1/2018. Anyone that did not attempt to log in to Second Life during that 24 hour window will not experience any issues. Anyone capable of running the 64 bit version of Second Life, was not impacted and shouldn’t have noticed anything but a normal Second Life viewer update. Unfortunately, anyone limited to the 32 bit version of Second Life, that did attempt to log in to Second Life during that 24 hour window is now likely stuck in an endless loop of trying to install the 64 bit version of Second Life. There is a way out of this loop. Updated Instructions. Uninstall the the 64 bit version of Second Life Open your file explorer in Windows In the address bar type in %appdata% and press Enter Locate the SecondLife folder and open it Locate the downloads folder and delete it (this is where the incorrect 64 bit version keeps trying to install from) Install the 32 bit version from: http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer_5/Second_Life_5_1_5_515811_i686_Setup.exe Launch Second Life as normal (if this does not resolve your issue please file a bug report at https://jira.secondlife.com) Thank you for your patience and understanding, we stumbled and we’ll make corrections to our processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
  5. I normally use Firestorm or Singularity now days since Ctrl Alt Studio is no longer being developed. I prefer the way Singularity renders the graphics in that viewer because I have found it just runs smoother and faster on any pc I have ever gamed on. I prefer Firestorms options though such as shows friends only, the appearance section that pulls up all the items in the My Outfits folder and using viewer AO instead of needing a hud and I generally use that viewer more, but it has always been an extreme resource hog. Ctrl Alt Studio was like my happy medium for me between the two viewers for me. Does anyone know of another viewer out there that has those features and the old school style interface as these viewers have by chance? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well this is embarrassing! I got a note back from support just now about the corrupted inventory files (another post). It said I needed to log in with the Linden Viewer, clear cache. Log out and in again in Debug1 or 2 (I am in 2 ^^) and stay there for 20 minutes. Maybe some magic will happen BUT I went into preferences and cleared my viewer cache. I didn't see any way in there to clear my inventory cache like in Firestorm. The support note didn't explain HOW or which cache to clear since of course I am OLD and should "know how". And I do, just not in the official viewer. Searching Google and knowledge base gives me no answers for the Linden viewer, only for Firestorm even when I type in Linden Viewer LOL. So do I need to manually go in and clear my cache through the Windows Explorer like you would do with a clean install in FS? Imma thinking maybe yes. Meanwhile I will go do some real life stuff. Thanks of Linden Viewer folks
  7. everytime i try to open the viewer after it shut down on me with no warning i get this message second life has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. please close the program. and the only option is to close that popup. any suggestions on how i can fix this or why it might be happening?
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