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  1. It would be best to go with a dedicated graphics card. Currently you can get a Nvidia GTX 1050 anywhere from $99.99 to $129.99 It'd work with a stock 300 watt power supply too. The integrated HD 520 graphics would work fairly poorly if at all. "I Relish Simplicity"
  2. If it were me I'd perform a clean install of the SL viewer, which means not only removing it from the "uninstall programs" list, but going to your Drive C (hard drive) and type "secondlife" in the upper right text search box removing/deleting ALL secondlife files & then re-boot your pc. In addition, I'd re-download the viewer off SL's site for your re-install just in case you got what is called a "corrupted" initial download from SL. "I Relish Simplicity"
  3. Old thread, BUT still a commonly asked question. I wish AMD GPUs performed better in SL. FYI currently AMD GPUs for first time in years are outselling Intel-Nvidia offerings. If I were on a very tight budget and was looking for a graphics card solely for SL on a Windows based pc I'd be looking for a deal on a Nvidia GTX 750, GTX 750ti,GTX 950 or a GTX 1050 card. "I Relish Simplicity"
  4. Still a valid question about a current Ubuntu distro, so if you having issues using the SL-Linux viewer, Firestorm, Singularity Linux viewers, etc. just see my posted answer to the Forum thread, "community support" where is it? There I answer this question, plus many more. "I Relish Simplicity"
  5. An older thread, BUT about a current Ubuntu distro. Anyone needing this answer should check out the Forum thread: "Community Support" where is it? There I have gone in-depth on my posted answer to this very question. "I Relish Simplicity"
  6. I have just taken up Forum "Gurus" patterns. Luckily there was a man born by the name of Steve Jobs who made it possible for many of you to own a Winduxe PC. The only one I feel "indebted" to is the late Mr. Jobs whose organization Apple brought enough competition to Microsux, so as to keep boxed pcs, etc within affordable price ranges. ALL of us in this Forum combined would NOT of made a freckle on Mr. Jobs' left buttock. Phil if you read the link I gave you Microsux played no part in the initial development of "Unix" AKA Linux. Now please excuse it has been entertaining, but I am going to s
  7. I have my own opinion on this topic. It is like being aboard the Titanic & as it is sinking you are being told "all is well." Recently I have seen sims closing including some that had be on SL for years. Sure "they come & go" but I've seen many more as of late going than coming. In addition, look at all the sims that are the equivalent of ghost towns with no one in them. Your hardcore SL fanclub will say I do not know what I am talking about, but closing-empty sims tell the story. I have encountered "griefers" although I do not condone their conduct I do understand their actions. "I
  8. Hi Amy, you have options. I assume this is solely for SL use. If you build your own desktop you can save money. There are videos on YouTube walk you through the process. On the other hand you can buy a Dell, HP, etc & here is what you need to look for: minimum quadcore processor at least 10 GB RAM minimum Nvidia GTX 750 graphics card 64 bit operating system quality power supply like EVGA, Antec, or Thermaltake You can use a great online power supply calculator called: outer vision tells you how manys watts your pc will use & amps needed on the power supply's +12v rail too. I j
  9. Since you did not state you are using Windoze I am going to assume you are. Let's begin with performing a clean install of your current viewer. This means after removing it from the "uninstall programs" list you need to go to your Drive C: (hardrive) & remove the viewer file, ex. firestorm, singularity,etc & the additional secondlife file too. Re-boot your pc & re-install your viewer of choice again. You may wish to try another viewer to see if the issue still exists. If this does not solve your problem run a full virus scan to see whether you have a malicious program issue. When
  10. Now on top of it all you are re-writing history to match your opinions too. I had a Forum "resident" tell me I had offended Forum Gurus. I have yet to see any really. What does infuriate many of you is the fact you have not a clue how to use, nor even setup Linux, so instead name call it & ridicule me for using it. "If it was not for Windozze M$ there be no Linux." Have you got a crystal ball that allows you gaze into the past, present & even the future?? I have been called a multitude of names in this Forum. Here is a shocker. I could really care less. Some post opinions here (guesses
  11. I am just an "old geezer", but I have recently been performing mass amounts of "research" True Ebbe Linden is stepping down as CEO?? "I Relish Simplicity"
  12. You can teach a chimp to type posts; however nothing special about that. LOL I keep seeing posts on how special I am not, but the only ones using that adjective are some of you "special" Forum ppl. I am just an "old geezer" who has recently been doing some extensive "research" Actually we have the late great Steve Jobs to thank for the cheapo M$ pcs on the current market & not Bill Gates & company. Apparently you need a factual history lesson on Linux too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Linux Indeed it was some of the "special" answers I sifted through in the very Forum that
  13. Hopefully you are using W/7 x64 with at least bare min of 8GB RAM. There is a reason why Firestorm & Singularity are the two most popular viewers. I'd try even the latest SL viewer too see which one gives your pc the best overall performance.
  14. Hello Phil wow many ppl here build their own pc? LOL & FYI Micro$$oft has nothing to do with my ability to use Linux. Got Canonical? :matte-motes-big-grin: "I Love Simplicity"
  15. Now that is something I too agree with; since I used to use an AMD HD 7850 256 bit 2GB DDR5 CPU until TWO things happened. One: Ubuntu 16.04-Linux by default stopped providing a "tested" AMD GPU driver, which loaded mesh well along with superb system stability...Two: After trying the first available AMD-Linux driver off AMD's site I had nothing but issues rezzing mesh & even Ubuntu 16.04 x64 boot up problems. Nothing like the BSOD (black screen of death. If you look at the Forum pic of my current build I am using an EVGA Nvidia GTX 950 SSC GPU, BUT IF AMD had a decent Linux driver out that
  16. Older thread, but current question many AMD owners ask: IF it were me ( and it is) The new AMD Ryzen processors are due out by approx. 3/3/2017 (according to AMD) & if the AMD hype is accurate that is what I'd buy (I am); instead of the current AMD FX series CPUs. The new Ryzen CPUs will use DDR4 RAM & support PCI-E 3.0 finally! In order to use a Ryzen CPU you'll need a new motherboard (AM3/AM3+ will NOT work), & DRR4 RAM. According to AMD you can re-use your current after market, or OEM AMD CPU fan/heatsink or current CPU liquid cooling system. I would wait to see some 3rd party
  17. Thanks for trying to help Derek, but now you are speaking for a Linden too? I am really confused IF I have done soo much wrong then I should be banned??? I'd rather read it posted straight from Linden Support Team than a biased resident. It would appear ALL the personal attacks have gotten the Support Team's attention. Name calling, personal attacks on deceased parent, off topic nonstop replies etc. are not really the source I desire to get my answer from. I am sure the Support Team has seen who started attacking who first. I like the report option. We ALL should drop this & act in a civi
  18. I could not agree more. If I am wrong please correct me. I thought the purpose of this Forum is to help those SL residents in need of accurate-factual answers/advice to resolve their issues & not post in-Forum personal grievances/vandettas against other residents? I am far from perfect; however I think my posts speak for themselves. Have a great day Kristin Linden! "I Love SImplicity"
  19. Greetings Phil how goes it? I mean no offense to you, nor any other W/10 Home x64 user, but I build my own desktops starting with an empty case. When you get the chance Phil you might consider checking out my reply on the Forum post : Linux vs Windows Have a great day Phil !! "I Love Simplicity"
  20. Updated 2/4/17- Here we goooo: W/10 Home x64 vs. current Debian Linux x64 distros (Linux Mint 18, Ubuntu 14.04 & 16.04.) With the releases of the latest Firestorm & Singularity Windows & Linux viewers I chose to remove my old post, so as to re-test. I will compare RAM usages, hard drive space used, processor advantages, etc. : Hard drive usage: W/10 Home x64 OEM (not an upgrade) Build 1607= Approx. 23GB includes decent 3rd party antivirus/firewall software, 2012, 2013, 2015 Micro$oft C++ packs. SL viewer software, current Nvidia GPU driver, Windows data mining of your personal i
  21. W/10 working on something!?...LOL yes it will yet I wonder too: "Why Micro$oft..whyyyy!?" "I Love Simplicity"
  22. Older post, BUT many own an Intel i3...I do not advise a lower end card like the Nvidia GT 730...solely for SL use I'd try this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-xlr8-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-2gb-gddr5-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card-black/5711723.p?skuId=5711723 For SL & pc games: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-xlr8-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-4gb-gddr5-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card-black/5711724.p?skuId=5711724 Either one would work well with an Intel i3, decent 400+ watt power supply and approx. 8-12GB RAM (more is better now) "I Love Simplicity"
  23. Yes the old AMD vs Intel fanboys/girls on both sides abound. I know older post, BUT still some are using are AMD FX-4100 processor in SL too (am I the only one lol) You got options: A- You do know you can overclock an AMD FX-4100 to an easy 4.0GHz/core 24/7 stable on air? In your motherboard BIOS assuming your board had oc options change FSB to 206...CPU multiplier to x19.5...diasble C1E...Cool n Quiet...& AMD CPU Turbo....& Speed Spectrum ....Enable Core Calibration to "auto"...Save your Configuration...pc will auto shutdown & auto reboot. I had mine up to 5.0GHz on liquid coolin
  24. I agree both helpers are correct. Great job ladies! Yes an older post but still current issue (besides the Intel HD graphics = weak perfromance) "I Love Simplicity"
  25. I will try to help you, but without your pc specs what I am going to share may, or may not work. I have read where many when *upgrading* to W/10 either do not know their previous graphics card driver may not work, OR they forget to remove the old driver along with any graphics files off their Drive C (ex. file named Nvidia or AMD) & or forget to re-boot Windows afterwards & before installing the W/10 graphics driver, or forgetting to re-boot pc after installing W/10 driver. Also, some forget to turn off their antivirus protection right before *installing the W/10 driver too, which in s
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