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  1. Hello,I had to switch to Ubuntu from Windows recently,and I am new to Linux.I have tried several online tutorials on how to install on UBUNTU,but they were for older versions and no longer work with 14.04.I have tried following several technical how to guides and I still cannot install or get secondlife to work.I have spent days and hours on this and nothing I do is making it happen.Can someone please point me in a direction for something that will work? I installed the secondlife for Linux viewer and went through the steps to unpack and install and it will not install or run,I have a 64 bit
  2. Hi I rented an apartment and cannot get the media viewer screen to work I have latest sl viewer.I followed the steps in the instruction note about prefferances and flash player update,apple quicktime ect.and ect.Nothing I do gets it to work,wont play tv or movies either.Just shows a white box with a blue puzzle peice in the center.What should i DO? Update: Cannot figure out how to reply to posts directly,its a private skybox apartment and the landlord gave me a note that has instructions on how to work the media player,so me renting isnt the issue.I just cant figure out why it wont work.I di
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