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  1. Honestly, I don't have anything against people who start with "hi how are you", I am shy person it's hard for me to make friends and I understand those who are that way too, so I think all people who pretend to make friends in sl but have the line "say hi and I will ignore you" on their profiles, then they will visit so maaany sims without getting any im nor friends. For me what really counts is the second line, what you say after you say hello, it's the key to catch the attention of someone or discover what's in common with him/her. I will say I've read and known about so many people c
  2. I'll agree with that. I had the same problem as well. Happens that beyond language difference, you find cultural difference (not about "manners" or education, but about traditions and ways of socializing), ways of thinking, etc.
  3. Perhaps I lost something, but how could someone from a simulator force you to do anything in real life?
  4. I've always found it curious how is that thing of family rp, sounds funny and sweet but I mean what do you do, just add a pick with a snap of you and your new sister? Do you do any other activity with them?
  5. This guy and I have been friends for some time, we talk a lot. During all this time, I've realized we understand each other very good. I've been close to share rl info with him, after many conversations, I have the feeling we live in the same country. But I wanted to date online first. About using sl as date service, to be honest, that was not the reason for what I joint, just like many people (most of them girls I guess). But just like irl, things happen... you meet people, and one never knows, you can find that person you was waiting for... without knowing it lol. And I don't have any p
  6. Well here I am again (sound and safe) lol. Seriously, I didn't expect what happened. I talked with my RL friend, he didn't take it in a good way. He said that is not correct, that I was practically cheating etc. And I answered it was not cheating it was dating only (with no intimacy of any kind with any of them). Honestly we were just starting to date. We argued, we answered back each other, including a looong conference about second life stuff. He left, no farewell. Now we don't talk anymore. A shame, I like him but I realised (in time) he was really possessive person. One day
  7. So many points of view... I have this weekend to make a choice. I am meeting up with both so I think I will tell them. If everything goes okay (and I am still alive) I will post again.
  8. I like a guy in rl, been dating, I feel encouragd to start a relationship. But... it's also happening in sl with another guy! I think this won't be good at all (for me) , so How many people have one sl partner and a different one at rl? Is this hard to deal with? Do you keep in secret?
  9. Well I've got a 950ti which kinda deals with SL graphics with acceptable quality I guess. Okay here it is a cap. This is from a demo I got a few days ago, from a shape called Esode Olivia, . It had the shape icon. You can notice those classic edges from old avis. Then I took Ceka Cianci suggestion, I just tipped "mesh body" at mp browser, and bought the first free demo from the list. After unbxing it was not a shape properly, but an addon (that yellow box icon). Finally this is exactly what I was waiting to get So it was my mistake, those new bodies don't have the same s
  10. Thank you very much for your answers. To be honest I find really complicated this stuff about new bodies. Above all seems that I won't be able to wear my clothes of my classic avi... and I got tons of nice clothing!!! D: Bunch of info to investigate then. But I got the idea I guess, DEMO FIRST lol. By the way, I got some demos of maitreya bodies and I am still getting those "polygonal" shapes from classic avatars, instead of those soft, curvy, harmonic... lines from new bodies. Is this normal? Do maitreya/catwa/etc demos look like classic avis? Thanks for your help.
  11. Well I am here again ^^ Some time ago I opened a thread about mesh bodies vs classic avatars and all that. I ask it now because couldn't find an answer anywhere else. Oh I am checking out for a mesh body, I got a classic one. Taking a short 3 hours look at the marketplace (lol I am a girl so what ), I found a shape with this description: "Avatar Shape to wear with the Maitreya Mesh Body" So, isn't BODY and SHAPE the same think? I mean I can tell apart shape and skin, because they're different objects in our inventory. These are avatar components, or I thought. can anyone
  12. aww bad treat. So how could I know my real wattage? Can I trust in it being around 600 W?
  13. I was checking my purchase order, it says 600W PSU but I disassembled my case and the label on the PSU says: Micronics jp atx 350w/950w I don't understand so what's the real power 350, 950 or 600W?
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