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  1. Everybody, thanks for replies! I checked my mobo cpu support list and.... it does not suport fx cpu's T_T... like at all. So my plan to upgrade just cpu from 4 cores to 6 fx cores failed miserably. I think....*sigh* I will wait for that new "zen" cpu looks like it will be released quite "soon". Maybe will get used fx + used mobo cheaper. I'm quite poor person to be honest. Anyway... I still can enjoys sl just will need to wait more to get better experience.
  2. but most times its not loaded over 20-30% in second life ... according to gpu-z... when its outputting like 8 fps in sl =( looks like amd card are not good for sl at all =(
  3. Thanks for reply I have amd 7950 and it looks like its not fully loaded all the time... I thought better processor will make game run faster. Well honestly that benchmarks looks quite disapointing T_T
  4. I'm thinking about upgrade. From phenom II to fx 6300. Will it make any difference in second life performance ?
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