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  1. It has been over 5 months since I received the excellent advise to break off all contact with my stalker. I have not spoken to him since then. He left me alone for a couple of months, but now he is back again. I have been filing abuse reports. My stalker (one of his many alts actually) just interrupted me having sex with a man I had just met in sl, at a location I had never been to before. How do you explin him being able to do that? What else can I do to make him leave me alone?
  2. Thanks to all of you who responded to my first posting. Your replies were helpful in clarifying my own thoughts and feelings on this topic. Lesson 1: Never write a post when you are still angry and upset about your stalker literally moving you out of your own bed while having sex in your own home. Lesson 2. Always draft in a Word document first and check your spelling and grammar before posting. Imnotgoing Sideways: I am happy that you have had such positive experiences with the abuse reporting system. My friends and I have not had similar positive experiences when it comes to stalking and other forms of systematic targeted harassment. You were correct in writing that I should have received email acknowledgements of my abuse reports. What I should have written is that I never received a follow-on email asking for more information, providing a summary of actions taken, or informing me that Linden Labs, as a matter of policy, does not get involved in personal disputes. If that is true, then when a resident reports stalking or systematic targeted harassment, Linden Labs should respond with an email stating that policy and offering to the resident some useful suggestions for how to resolve the dispute, as some of the forumites have done for me in this forum. Not only will such information be useful, but it will cut down on useless abuse reports about personal disputes. LL should also post this information for abused residents on their web site. Madelaine McMasters: You are correct. I lost track of time and wrote down the wrong year. This systemic harassment has continued for 35 months, not 23, since September 2013. Either way, it has been a very long time. You are also correct about me rewarding his misbehavior. When Linden Labs took no action, and he scoffed at my attempt to get the TOS enforced, and his harassment at public sims and at my home continued, I did reward him. I got angry at him in IM, I tried to reason with him, I tried to negotiate with him, I did other things to placate him that I now regret and am not proud of doing. Desperate people do desperate things to preserve their lifestyle, a fact seemingly lost by some of the more dismissive forumites. All that stopped after July 18, when he boasted to me about forcing me from my home, which he had; my partner and I no longer felt safe in it and we used the house mostly as a landing point. I have been ignoring him ever since July 18. With the help of my landlord, I moved to another region that day. No new pick, no new group. Only four people knew about the new land: my partner and I, the landlord, and her chief landscaper. My stalker found my new home on July 26. You and others wrote that my claims are not technically feasible. Three years ago, I would have agreed with you, but somehow, my stalker has an uncanny ability to locate me and track my movements. I cannot explain how, but he does. Alwin Alcott: Thank you for your suggestions. I have blocked, derendered, and/or banned over 50 alternates. My stalker creates new ones almost as fast. I have aoviided my favorite sims and found new ones; he tracks me to them, and then I find new sims, in a horrible game of hide and seek. I have avoided making new picks and I have hidden groups until he finds them anyway. I have all the proper land settings; he hovers on the periphery at a height of 50+ meters, just beyond my land borders, and takes control of door, radio, and furniture menus to harass me. I have countered by changing menu options to Group only. You and others will tell me this is technically infeasible, but he somehow can change the menu settings on some of the items back to All. Alternatively, they spontaneously or in reaction to some other trigger, reset themselves to All. Perhaps they reset when I moved, but when I went through my house last night, about half my furniture was no longer set on Group. I can’t explain it, I am only stating facts. Public sims are another matter. Owners don’t want to be bothered banning my stalker when another alt appears five minutes later. Their furniture generally has to stay set for All, unless the sim is restricted to group members. Perhaps you expect me to stop visiting public sims in order to avoid the stalker, but I will not surrender my freedom to go wherever I want in SL. That would make me a victim, not a fighter. Freya: I don’t consider myself a victim in the sense you are using the term. Sure, I am on the receiving end of harassment, and legally we use the term victim to describe such recipients, but only rarely do I feel victimized psychologically, usually after a major tactical loss in the continuing struggle against my stalker. I consider myself a fighter who has won more battles than I have lost. I have successfully countered all his moves at home, but public sims are still problematic. I take personal responsibility for rewarding him long after I should have stopped. And I am very encouraged by all the help I have received, not only from forumites, but also from technical experts who continue to teach me new countermeasures I will not reveal in a public forum. Perrie Juran: You are right. Looking back, I should have ignored him from the start. But at the time, I did not realize what a despicable creature my stalker is. I had also seen his good side, and I thought we could work things out. I was so wrong, but it took me some time to realize it. I know, I know, battered wife syndrome. I should have known better. Once again, thanks to all of you who contributed to this journey of self-discovery. i welcome any other thoughts you might have on the subject.
  3. Has any resident reading this post actually benefited from filing an abuse report? My experience, and the experience of every resident I have chatted with, has been extremely negative. In September 2014 an ex bf began harassing me. I filed 23 abuse reports, heard nothing, and saw no change in his behavior, so I stopped sending reports. I tried to raise the issue in live chat support, but the tech shut me down and told me abuse reports had to be filed in-world using the standard form. The systematic harassment continues for 23 months now. My stalker has a small army of alts who track my movement and interrupt the furntiture menus when I have sex, either stopping the menu or moving us into the grossest poses available. He does this not only on public sims, but in my own home. He or one of his alts lands on a neighbor's land or in the common tier area, watches me like a peeping tom in my own home, listens to local chat or interrupts conversations, and then somehow interrupts furniure menus reserved for group memebers only,despite fact he is not and has never been a group member. I dont know what back door he uses. I dont know what tracking devices he uses. My partner and I started finding new sims to enjoy until he found them, and then we would find more new sims. Then my stalker boasted to me about forceing me out of my home. So a month ago my landlord found me new land and I moved. My stalker found me in six days. I have no idea how he did it. And the harassment continues The terms of service prohibit and provide sanctions for systematic harassment of a targeted resident, but the terms of service are a sick joke if there is no credible enforcement mechanism. Residents hould be safe from harassment anywhere in Second Life, but especially in the privacy of their own homes. There are several changes Linden labs should consider. First, they should change the way abuse is reported. When residents file an abuse report in-wold, they should receive an in-world or email acknowledgement, the way they receive purchase acknowledgements in the Marketplace. Second, somebody should actually do something and then send an in-world or email reply stating what action was taken. If it is a case of he siad.she said, the reporter should be able to provide names of thrid parties to assist in the investigation. Third, cases of systematic violations of the tems of service should result in permanent banishment from Second Life, by IP adress, not resident name. Fourth, there should be a limit on unpaid alternate avatars at the same IP address. My stalker uses a small army of 50-100 avatars. He creates them as fast as i block, derender, and ban them. There is no legitmate reason for having that many. Fifth, there should be a victim protection program. Upon payment of an appropriate fee, or upon confirmation of extreme systematic harassment, a resident should be given a new identity and Linden Labs should transfer the resident's inventory to the new identity. People ask me why I just don't create a new avatar. I tell them that I should not have to give up my 8-year identity, my favorite sims, and the non-trasferrable portion of my 67,000-item inventory, when I did nothing wrong. We all know that Second Life is a virutal and choatic Wild West when it comes to governance. That is part of its appeal. But Linden Labs must enforce its own terms of service to keep Second Life safe for its residents, especially in their own homes. Linden labs has not kept me safe, or provided adequate tools for me to keep myself safe, for the past 23 months.
  4. Will the newest version of Firestorm work with integrated Intel HD 520 graphics?
  5. Not all trackers are harmless voyeurs. My tracker also took control of bed menus when I was sharing them with a third party, changed radio station at my sl home, locked the doors of my sl house, bloce from use of my bed and intan machine, rearranged my furniture (all from adjacent public and and without permissions) and created pubic scenes at clubs when I was dancing with other avatars. Sim owners ejected and blocked him, but he created alternate avatars faster than my friends could block him. On two occasions he was able to harass me at a sim where he had already been blocked. I filed 22 abuse repors in 14 days and LL did nothig to stop the harassment.
  6. When I log in, my inventory does not load. My avatar loads without skin, shape, or eyee. What to do? This has been going on for two days now =and I am tired of waiting for the probelm to be resolved.
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