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  1. It has been over 5 months since I received the excellent advise to break off all contact with my stalker. I have not spoken to him since then. He left me alone for a couple of months, but now he is back again. I have been filing abuse reports. My stalker (one of his many alts actually) just interrupted me having sex with a man I had just met in sl, at a location I had never been to before. How do you explin him being able to do that? What else can I do to make him leave me alone?
  2. Thanks to all of you who responded to my first posting. Your replies were helpful in clarifying my own thoughts and feelings on this topic. Lesson 1: Never write a post when you are still angry and upset about your stalker literally moving you out of your own bed while having sex in your own home. Lesson 2. Always draft in a Word document first and check your spelling and grammar before posting. Imnotgoing Sideways: I am happy that you have had such positive experiences with the abuse reporting system. My friends and I have not had similar positive experiences when it comes to stalking and ot
  3. Has any resident reading this post actually benefited from filing an abuse report? My experience, and the experience of every resident I have chatted with, has been extremely negative. In September 2014 an ex bf began harassing me. I filed 23 abuse reports, heard nothing, and saw no change in his behavior, so I stopped sending reports. I tried to raise the issue in live chat support, but the tech shut me down and told me abuse reports had to be filed in-world using the standard form. The systematic harassment continues for 23 months now. My stalker has a small army of alts who track my movemen
  4. Will the newest version of Firestorm work with integrated Intel HD 520 graphics?
  5. Not all trackers are harmless voyeurs. My tracker also took control of bed menus when I was sharing them with a third party, changed radio station at my sl home, locked the doors of my sl house, bloce from use of my bed and intan machine, rearranged my furniture (all from adjacent public and and without permissions) and created pubic scenes at clubs when I was dancing with other avatars. Sim owners ejected and blocked him, but he created alternate avatars faster than my friends could block him. On two occasions he was able to harass me at a sim where he had already been blocked. I filed 22 ab
  6. When I log in, my inventory does not load. My avatar loads without skin, shape, or eyee. What to do? This has been going on for two days now =and I am tired of waiting for the probelm to be resolved.
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