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  1. Hello, on linux 64 bits Ubuntu 14.04, I downloaded and configured the viewer, but it crashes after some setup with the details below. 32 bits libraries are installed, although the exact list provided by Linden is no more to be found. ./secondlife 64-bit Linux detected. Multi-arch support detected. Running from /home/xx/Tmp/Soft/SecondLife/Second_Life_3_8_6_305981_i686 - Installing menu entries in /home/xx/.local/share/applications 2016-06-19T15:43:26Z INFO: LLLiveFile::check: detected file change '/home/xx/Tmp/Soft/SecondLife/Second_Life_3_8_6_305981_i686/app_settings//logcontrol.xml' 2016-06
  2. I'm trying to run on Ubuntu 14, 64 bits, but got a nice crash at start. 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: ll_try_gtk_init: GTK Initialized. 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: ll_try_gtk_init: - Compiled against GTK version 2.4.14 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: ll_try_gtk_init: - Running against GTK version 2.24.23 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: ll_try_gtk_init: - GTK version is good. 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: createContext: createContext, fullscreen=0 size=1024x738 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: createContext: Compiled against SDL 1.2.15 2015-11-21T11:19:41Z INFO: createContext: Running against SDL 1.2.15 2015-
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