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  1. random friend requests which leading to them asking for sex, or flirting up to sex -.-. like hi I barely know you and you want what??? lol
  2. I have one saved in my files, that's very close to the irl me, however, my first Sl husband, only got to see it, and plan to keep it that way. how I look, is purely out of creativity
  3. Maitreya and depending on the skin color, I recommend MOMOCHUU skins as well for like a nice pale skin.
  4. Always Recommend Vista animations (personal opinon) and alittle pricy 😄
  5. Sometimes what seems to be an awesome upgrade from youre orginal, isn't as good as you thought lol, (way I see it haha) I went from classic, to SLink, to Maitreya, and almost Legacy, and now im in love with Slink again, and more than likely keeping it haha.
  6. Can you keep me posted if it opens again?, I have manager experience for a club
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