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  1. eek!!! 'talk like a normal person ' and you've been ignored in various places .... means they're not normal waaaaa
  2. i'm having same problem with my pic since a week ago
  3. im' same as you that why to me you sound like you're trolling ppl who have same problem..i thought i was the only one
  4. i had a dream that LL replied to my sugestion saying they made a replica of that place .... even if theres new placs to explore i will always want go to that place the sky retreat was amazing too......
  5. pauli you can be what ever you want anywhere, its your life and there will always be haters
  6. maybe those 'kids' are not kids, maybe they are small adults, ask them 1st what they supposed to be instead of branding them, what you should do is avoid thosre places and derender them if you dont like them.. everyone has the right to dress like they want to, its their sl, not yours, you live your own sl
  7. your parents need to create a baby in order for you to have bro or sis....
  8. this man is degrating a resident who spends his time helping new residents, blocking the newcomer message 
  9. i love this new thing LL has made, i also love LL homes, i feel safer and in peace
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