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  1. Uh hi. Not really sure how to do this or exactly what I should write, so forgive me if this rambles some. IRL my therapist suggested this game to help me learn to deal with acute social anxiety. We'll I've been joined for a 2 weeks and I'm absolutely terrified or going to main hubs. It might sound silly to some, but games to me are just as intimidating as real life, perhaps more so because every little idiotic thing you do is logged. Yesterday my therapist made me promise to "put myself out there" and hope for the best, so I guess this is a good way to start. I'm not looking for rp partners (haven't rp'd since I was 11 or so), I'm just looking for casual friends to get to know and hopefully "crack my shell" - my doctor's words, not my own. Right now I am in a newb avatar because from what I understand I have to go to a sandbox to change, and I'm a little nervous about that, but when I do work up the courage I plan on probably being an animal (maybe a fox?) as they just come off less intimidating and daunting to me. I probably sound like a total nutcase, and I hope I didn't put everyone off too much. So message me if you want, I guess? IRL stats: 25 y.o., female, USA
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