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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. yea, I love to explore and go on adventures. I always go to PG land never adult ever so I stay away from a lot of that, but even PG places aren't safe now. I don't like playing an adult so that option isn't really there for me. I have an adult avatar *I tried to make her very pg and covered up which is hard in SL sometimes* for taking pictures of my creations in SL which means I rarely play her. Even so, She gets hit on by others and I hate it. It makes me very uncomfortable so I can't see myself having an adult main. Being a kid should make that less of a proble
  2. I wasn't being serious. I figured they didn't speak english as their main language. Didn't you see *I had to* after i wrote that? I said it because it's the same way they spoke to me, meaning I was trying to show them how rude it is.
  3. Who cares? No. So what? I'm not harming anyone and you aren't the boss of me. I play SL my way so long as I obey the ToS. I cannot create one. I'm on very limited income and the food shortages here are skyrocketing food prices. God the people on SL are really not very compassionate.
  4. Hi! Yes, I joined the tinies because I'm always a furry and I fit right in. They were really the last community I made friends with before I quit last. 😆 I have a dinkie too but my main avie is a NAM. I get what you mean about kids on this platform, but I thought it was wonderful to explore all the amazing sims. Most of which were PG rated. I rarely ventured on adult sims, and even then mostly for combat and the only other times were to visit friends who lived on them. I felt honestly safe back then for the most part. Also I am asexual myself. So tinies fit perfectly for me. Thanks for kin
  5. I have played second life for years and years. I have always played as a kid since i was only really interested in building and exploring and I have always been a child at heart. Years ago, there was a thriving and kind kid presence on the game. A lot of them were playing that way for similar reasons as I was. There were hundreds of sims surrounding the kid community, even whole sims. There were endless activities to do, like bowling, picnics, swimming, fishing, renting houses with in game family, camping, school, summer camps, scouts, ALL kinds of activities and I joined in on as many as I co
  6. You know that annoying sound that SL makes when you can't fly in an area, or when you try to do something you can't do? For a long long time, when I right click, It spams that noise and it really hurts my ears and is annoying. How do I stop it from occuring? Yes, I have muted the *buttons* option already, but I like hearing those sounds, just not the annoying one.
  7. G rated. My bad. And one of the guys was being sexual indeed. The other two i didn't give the chance since I was already scared. And it wasn't just the skimpy clothes and makeup. Their profiles had sexy photos *literally a picture of a child wearing barely anything not to mention their groups were kinky. >.< Meh. ima delete this post because nobody cares.
  8. They re breaking ToS. Not only that, but having relations with child avatars is morally wrong. I don't know how people can think this is ok.
  9. You know what? Ignore this post. Nobody cares anyway.
  10. I have the NAM chibi Bunbun avatar and most of the time when I teleport it becomes distorted. Not always, just a good enough number of times to get annoying. Editing each piece fixest it most of the time. Certain parts I have to take off and put back on like the tail. The tail won't fix by editing when it distorts but most other pieces will. I'm really tired of having to go through this routine when I teleport, is there a way I can fix it? Its just the body, here are the exact parts the do it: Body Paws Tail the head and ears never distort. Any help would be awesome. Here's a picture of the da
  11. From about 6am SLT to around 12pm SLT. Those times can waver. I'm 2 hours ahead of SLT in Central time. :3
  12. A sim that has interactive quests, sights to see, interactive/stuff to click, maybe beautiful place to take pictures, Scenes from movies, Entire villages or cities that are kid avi friendly. Also places where there are people most of the time. I find most of SL can be empty at certain hours of the day and I have no idea where to go to chat. All previously menitoned places must be G rated or at least Kid Friendly. Thank you.
  13. I like to draw cartoony furries, anime, and animals a lot. Just wondering if there is a place my art might be appreciated. ^_^ All my art is G rated and mostly contain children and family oriented drawings. My avi is a kid so I really like to draw it and draw my friends too.
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