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  1. We have opened a Cyber Dystopia themed sim and we are open to designers looking to have a mainstore or even small stores. The sim will also have a weekly event called Hi-Tech weekend where it will generate traffic for everyone. Please check the info here: http://www.kartelsl.com/popori/
  2. Hi looking for 30k Prims Full sim that is not so overpriced. I'm looking at 17,500/week or below if there are still anything available. Thank you
  3. isaacii

    Mesh nails?

    There are some on the marketplace site with a simple "bento nails" search and permission search refining on the left side. Also, most bodies have a texture creator kit you can get for free, you may get them, however, its just a texture kit to make an applier for their mesh nail and not the mesh nail itself.
  4. They have a bento hands kit included and you should include joint positions on export (just try it but most of the time it will work without this checked). One more thing is, I found that if you're exporting in beta grid, it may show that the rings are not fitted well (especially for Signature bodies) but they fit well in normal grid.
  5. A simple URL loader script will do the job
  6. Hi, I'm not comfortable discussing details of a project in a forum. If you are interested, please do let me know in world. The post is already an idea what I need done. Thanks
  7. I'm looking to hire a texture artist to make hair textures for mesh alpha hairs. Please contact me inworld, and lets talk about it and your fee. Thank you isaacii resident
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a mesh rigger that can rig my clothes to mesh bodies. I already have the models I created and I just need someone to rig it for me and can accept commission sales for now. We can talk about how much you will get. I don't need many bodies rigged, I can provide kits as well (under some professional and legal terms) although it would be awesome if you already have them: Men: Signature Gianni/Geralt Belleza Jake Women: Maitreya Since the store I will have is just starting, it would be awesome if you can rig models for me in a commission based payment. However, once we established the store (in a short period of time), we can talk about just paying you a one time fee per project or per file. Please send a notecard or IM me inworld: Isaacii Resident (better if you can provide samples of previous works/projects) Thank you ♥
  9. Interested here. I'll send you a notecard Inworld. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am looking for a part time personal assistant for a one time event. Qualifications: ** 1. Can communicate and can submit a progress report per week. 2. Preferably MALE with Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh Body. 3. Not affiliated with Adult clubs and no adult content on the profile. Base pay: L$1500 per week Job Duration: 4 weeks to 6 weeks Contact: Isaacii Resident Inworld
  11. Hi @clairebear2134, I see that you are commenting on posts more than a month ago or years ago these past few days. Please refrain from doing so as the threads you comment on are showing up on top of the other new threads. This is confusing everyone. Please check the thread dates first or check the newest job threads here. INWORLD EMPLOYMENT NEW THREADS Thank you
  12. DAGO FESTIVAL is looking for MALE and FEMALE Models for Runway and Print! If you are passionate about styling yourself and making you look good then WE NEED YOU! DAGO FESTIVAL is a monthly sales event and Fashion Show. We will be opening our doors next year and we are building our exclusive Modeling Management. Here are some benefits for joining our team! * Free professional Runway and Print Ads training * Certificate of Completion * Will be hired to our agency for fashion shows and print ads. *You will be invited to our agency once you passed the training and the final exam. This is a paid position* * Free Clothes from exclusive designers Requirements * Full Mesh Avatar (Head & Body/Skin/No freebies) * Willing to Shift shape * Willing to undergo extensive trainings * With good Computer/Laptop to use for modeling * Can speak and understand basic English If you think you have what it takes to be the new face of Dago Festival, Apply now! Send a notecard to Isaacii Resident Inworld following this format: *Name (Not display name): *SL Age: *Availability: *Modeling Related Experience/s: *Photo/s: (head shot or full body):
  13. I am very much interested but the work pay is just too low for so many job responsibilities, IMO. Is it negotiable? I am experienced Store and Event manager for almost a year now. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am Isaacii Resident. I am looking for work inworld. Any job that would fit my schedule is appreciated. I am available Mondays to Fridays from 10am slt to 1pm slt and Weekends 6am slt onwards. My Qualifications: 1. Hosting (No scripts, No gestures, Knows how to RP) 2. Male Dancer (Updated Appearance, No Freebies, All meshes - Catwa Daniel, Slink Physique, Straydog/Letre Skin) 3. Teacher (Photography and Modeling Basic to Advanced) 4. Photographer (Advanced knowledge with Photoshop) 5. Custom Mesh (Furnitures and other non rigged stuff) 6. Administration (Store Manager, Event Promoter) 7. Customer Service Representative Please help me out by sending me a notecard or IMing me. I don't usually look this corner of the forum. Thank you so much. ISAACII RESIDENT
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