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  1. New price L$3,950 or nearest offer - no further reductions in price will be posted.
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinah/96/151/57 Moderate flat grass parcel for sale 1024m2, 351 prims. No convenant. In a pleasant, developing, mixed use area of rolling hills looking out onto road and coastline. The parcel itself is on a slight elevation but is almost flat. Price will be gradually decreased until sold ('Dutch auction') starting at L$9,500.
  3. Thanks for responding - I have found someone and I want to give this person the opportunity. Cheers, Craig
  4. Hola! I am learning some Spanish, using the Duolingo app. Are you a native Spanish speaker and also fluent in English? Lets IM in Spanish (L$500/30 minute session). If it goes well, we can Skype (my voice on SL is not working, and I don't seem to be able to fix it) and I will pay L$2,500 per 30 minute session. Contact me inworld - IM Kincraig75 Resident Gracias! Craig
  5. Same here - old age I mean. Well, lets hope the staffing crisis in the club will be solved. Have a great day, Fionalein! Craig
  6. You lost me, completely. What is inferior about not being a native English speaker? And, Fionalein, how did you obtain the wisdom to grade others like that?
  7. Excuse me, why is this forum getting clogged by people who need to show how superior they are? Show some respect, is my advice...
  8. Here is the proper SLURL if you want to come and have a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dinah/96/151/57 So, to summarise - free shared space plus in excess of 200 free prims for someone with a good idea...
  9. Hi, I own a 1024m2 moderate parcel, that I use for a SmartBots affiliate store. I am looking for s business partner - to share the building on the parcel (Dinah 96/151/57). It would come for free, including 200 free prims. In return I am hoping for some traffic. Suitable ideas would be in business to business, such as recruitment or similar agency. Drop me a message here, or send a notecard in world.
  10. Hi Astra, I will send you a nc later today.
  11. To create stylish office building on 1024m2 parcel and basic landscaping. Send a notecard to Kincraig75, with landmark to previous work. L$100/hour. Need to be able to communicate in English.
  12. Thank you, Alyona; that answered my question.
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