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  1. As the post says, there will be commission on top of the base pay. Basically 25% of participation fees, which is 100L a week per designer submitting. With the current designers signed up it could be a minimum of 725L a week extra on top of the 500L, if all of them submit. Part of te job will be to keep them active and gain more designers, so the potential in commission is up to you.
  2. Sales promotion group in need of a marketing manager. The right person should have great people skills, the ability to look and act professional, and have experience with Flickr and other social media platforms, as well as an eye for quality. Pay is $500L a week, plus the potential for commission above that. Duties would be: * Monitor Flickr feed and accept designers as well as manage posts. * Work to grow the member base of both designers and consumers * Manage any and all marketing of the group inworld and out to help it flourish. To apply send the below information inworld via notecard to RetailTherapyAdmin Resident: Legacy Name (not display name): Link to your Flickr: What social media platforms are you proficient in?: What marketing sources for sl are you familiar with?: Sl work experience: Explain what experience/knowledge you have of the sl merchant world: References: Any other information you feel we should know about you:
  3. Earn a possible $10,000L plus a month managing events. Must be very detail oriented, great people person, serious and committed to contributing a few hours a day to this position. This position will create a lifestyle as much as a job in secondlife. Knowledge of bloggers, promotion outlets, notice groups, etc to advertive a huge plus. Must be organized and able to find, and work with vendors to fill event space. Willingness to use inworld and Skype voice is a must. Please send a notecard as follows to ALL THREE: Sage Pexie, Kira Paderborn and Jolene Carami to ensure it is recieved. Serious applicants only please. Titled: Event Manager Postion - Your Name Body: Name (default not display): SL age: Hours per day online: List any experience you may have that you feel applies to this position:
  4. I cant believe I am reading posts from people who are saying basically "so what about the kids. Who cares if they stumble into a extreme adult sim and run into some crazy guy who will expose them to life altering sexual contents and situations so long as I dont have to bother typing in my SS# or drivers license number to be able to create an account". Are you kidding me! When i created my account 4 years so it was as simple at that. Took me a few sec to type one of those two things in to verify myself. As it is now, if a kid is smart enough to figure what year you had to be born in to be over 18 they can access any and eveything they shouldnt be able to. I am a parent of 3 boys and I am tech savy and I monotered them closely. But you so was my mom but i still managed to get around her when i wanted to. Kids will, thats the bottom line, good parent, bad parent, absent parent etc. Unless they stand over their shoulder at all times they are online and lock the computer away in a vault when they cant, kids will get into things they dont know about. I dont see the harm in putting back the requirement of entering a SS or Drivers license # to age verify. Should never have been removed. And i have no failed to notice that about the time they took that requirement off is when they removed the teen grid and opened the main grid to teens. SHAME ON YOU LINDEN LABS!
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