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  1. This TP script no longer works. If a scripted can fix here it is. //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ The script begins _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ vector destination = <128,128,3800>; // the destination coordinate string text = "Touch To Teleport"; // optional floating text on the teleporter, input a space if not used vector text_color = <1.0,1.0,1.0>; // the floating text's color integer touch2sit = TRUE; // TRUE - left click to sit; FALSE - left click to touch integer access_mode = 1; // 1 - public; 2 - owner; 3 - group; //================================================= posJump( vector target_position ) {// Trickery discovered by Uchi Desmoulins and Gonta Maltz. More exact value provided by Fake Fitzgerald. llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POSITION, <1.304382E+19, 1.304382E+19, 0.0>, PRIM_POSITION, target_position ]); } //================================================= warpPos( vector destpos ) { //R&D by Keknehv Psaltery, 05/25/2006; unlimited modified by Klug Kuhn 10/01/2008 // Change this safety range depends on your script memory // The larger the range, the quicker (and less "flashes") to get to the destination, however, the more to eat up script memory. float safety_range = 1000.0; integer arrived = FALSE; integer within_range = FALSE; vector inter_pos = ZERO_VECTOR; vector current_pos = llGetPos(); vector checking_pos = destpos; integer jumps = 0; list rules = []; integer count = 0; if (llVecDist(destpos, current_pos) <= safety_range) { jumps = (integer)(llVecDist(destpos, current_pos) / 10.0) + 1; rules = [ PRIM_POSITION, destpos ]; //The start for the rules list count = 1; while ( ( count = count << 1 ) < jumps) rules = (rules=[]) + rules + rules; //should tighten memory use. llSetPrimitiveParams( rules + llList2List( rules, (count - jumps) << 1, count) ); } else { while (!arrived) { current_pos = llGetPos(); checking_pos = destpos; within_range = FALSE; while (!within_range) { if (llVecDist(checking_pos,current_pos) > safety_range) { checking_pos = <(current_pos.x + checking_pos.x) / 2.0,(current_pos.y + checking_pos.y) / 2.0,(current_pos.z + checking_pos.z) / 2.0>; } else { within_range = TRUE; if (llVecDist(destpos, current_pos) <= safety_range) { jumps = (integer)(llVecDist(destpos, current_pos) / 10.0) + 1; rules = [ PRIM_POSITION, destpos ]; //The start for the rules list count = 1; while ( ( count = count << 1 ) < jumps) rules = (rules=[]) + rules + rules; //should tighten memory use. llSetPrimitiveParams( rules + llList2List( rules, (count - jumps) << 1, count) ); arrived = TRUE; } } } if (!arrived) { jumps = (integer)(llVecDist(checking_pos, current_pos) / 10.0) + 1; rules = [ PRIM_POSITION, checking_pos ]; //The start for the rules list count = 1; while ( ( count = count << 1 ) < jumps) rules = (rules=[]) + rules + rules; //should tighten memory use. llSetPrimitiveParams( rules + llList2List( rules, (count - jumps) << 1, count) ); } } } } //================================================= default { state_entry() { llSitTarget(<0.0, 0.0, 0.01>, ZERO_ROTATION); llSetText(text,text_color,1.0); if (touch2sit) llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_SIT); else llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_NONE); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key user = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (llGetAgentSize(user) != ZERO_VECTOR) { integer access_granted = FALSE; if (access_mode == 1) access_granted = TRUE; else if (access_mode == 2) { if (user == llGetOwner()) access_granted = TRUE; else { llUnSit(user); llSay(0," sorry, owner access only."); } } else if (access_mode == 3) { if (llSameGroup(user)) access_granted = TRUE; else { llUnSit(user); llSay(0," sorry, group memeber access only."); } } if (access_granted) { vector init_pos = llGetPos(); // warpPos(destination); // use warPos() function posJump(destination); // use posJump() function llUnSit(user); llSleep(0.2); // warpPos(init_pos); // use warPos() function posJump(init_pos); // use posJump() function } } } } } //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ The script ends _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
  2. Oh man! Thats so not the answer I wanted to hear. So one would have to do it manually, noting names and finding in world and manually sending? How would you do it?
  3. Hey, I really liked your points about inexperience, and ignorance. I am new to this, and I probably do seem ignorant because I have not experienced any negative things in situations like this. So for someone new like me its like, well its a group that supports original content. I dont see past that really. It is interesting to learn about how others feel about it, I can see how someone who doesnt want to be in such a group may feel like their work is going to be seen as not original because its not stamped by a logo but at the end of the day, do buyers even care? I think all of the responses here are from merchants. What do buyers really think? Would be interesting to get their point of view.
  4. If a merchant updates an item on the marketplace, is it possible to redeliver it to every resident who purchased the original item? I mean to redeliver it automatically, and not having to do it manually!
  5. Like ChinRey I will give my final thoughts on this group and what it represents. It's a way to show that you are the original creator of the entire item. Sometimes in the past I have purchased an item and soon after realised it was cheaper to buy the original full perm version which is sold by the original creator. It's not saying as a buyer you shouldnt buy full perm items, its just a place for those who create their own to have a group to promote themselves. I do not see anything pretentious or pat eachother on the back about the group. Every niche in Second Life has a group. And it has stores that are both small and large in regards to reputation and popularity. I'm kinda disappointed with the negative feedback its got in the forums. I dont see the harm it does to have a logo that says you created somehting yourself from scratch. Yes anyone can claim they do when they dont but thats not a reason for those who genuinely create their own not to want to advertise the fact.
  6. Im appauled by some of the comments left here. Someone asks for something and in response gets targetted by angry drama loving residents who dont like the idea of people sharing experiences. Im guessing because they themselves have no experience worth sharing. Shame on you for hating on this thread. Grow up and treat others as you wish to be treated. I only hope you get over your thirst for spreading drama and hate which has plagued second life since its beginning.
  7. can you post the items link so we can check it out ourselves? but i agree thats its disgusting that linden labs refuse to step in and help. if this really is a con then LL should help. shame on them for not doing so.
  8. If you want to make an enemy trust someone else with your money
  9. please do let us know if you get a response with their decision. i was able to speak to a mod there who said they would get back to me after the weekend as they do have a back log of applicants but that was over a week ago.
  10.  We have 3 "New York" style Skyboxes availabelt to rent. Residential only Can be seen through marketplace here. Visit our rental office here. It's opposit the ZADIG store. FEATURES ► 150L$ a week ► 70 prim usage ► Second Life's original and most popular skybox ► Menu control allows you to change the view ► Privacy ► Great customer service ► No Premium Account needed HOW TO RENT ► Right click an available rental box and choose PAY ► You will receive the landmark to your skybox SPECIAL OFFER ► Pay for 10 weeks rent and receive a 10% discount ► 9 weeks for the price of 10 CUSTOMER SUPPORT ☎ In world assistance available if you need additional help • Adamzadig Resident • Zadigmanager Resident • Milla Crystal © Copyright Adamzadig Resident, 2016. All rights reserved.


  11. Thanks for your feedback. I see where youre coming from and your points are really valid. There is a lot to consider. I think the logos look really cool so im still torn as to whether or not to keep using the one i made.
  12. Lots of people with lots of contradicting statements. One minute you're stressing how SAN is not SL and then you're comparing land prices and quoting LL who clearly are targetting SL Avatars to move over to SAN. I guess really nobody knows what the plan is. Personally, from what I've read, LL ARE targetting SL users to get involved in SAN and it does look like they expect SAN to be their main Virtual World. I would imagine that they have a long term goal to move everything over to SAN and close down SL. yes there are other uses for SAN but why wouldnt LL want to move their world on to it too? Thats just based on the comments from LL.
  13. I did see that section but it looks like thats just for actual land sales and rental whereas Im looking to post Property rental. Maybe its the same? UPDATE: I thikn youre spot on there. There are some properties for rent under real estate.
  14. Do you think the HippoRent will be ok? I dont think that uses an exrternal server does it? I literally was just about to set up some skyboxes with them! lol.
  15. If I wanted to rent out skyboxes with the left over prim usage I have on my land, can I list them on the marketplace? I would asume I list a landmark to teh property and make sure I only make (for example) 4 available if theres only 4 skyboxes? Also, does anyone have any advice for renting out skyboxes? I dont need them to make me rich, i just have a lot of prims not being used so really fancy doing this.
  16. Really you should take a screenshot of the convo and send it in along with a ticket via the support portal, but you should also post it here for other designers to see because that way they may recognise theyre stuff and they could report him too.
  17. So i noticed the SLOCCA badges on some brands and decided to apply but after two weeks of no response im assuming theyre busy or dont accept new/small brands like mine. But I really like the idea of having a badge confirming the content was made 100% by me. I guess because I spend hours/days on each little item. I made my own but I would rather be part of an official group. What do people really feel about these logos and groups? Are there any other groups to join? Is it OK just to create your own?
  18. A temp rezzer is a great idea. A lot of merchants use them. They call them a TRIAL version. Most will rez for approx 5 seconds then de-rez however, I always wondered what would happen if you rezzed it on land that did not allow scripts to be run, would that mean it never derezzes? Might be worth looking in to, and maybe adding the idea above or adding a DEMO texture all around the walls inside and out. GOOD LUCK!
  19. thanks for the feedback, really good. One thing i noticed was the clouds! But i turned them off from being rendered but so far no problems at 2000-4000 feet. The first time the clouds came over it was like a fog. looked pretty amazing!
  20. Could it be like YouTube, where basically all reviews help towards the ranking because they count as interaction. I would hope not if the average review is less than 3. That wouldnt make sense. I think a 1-2 star rating is considered negatove, 3 is literally just OK and 4-5 is positive.
  21. The % of people who leave a review must be less than 1% so offering a reward for a review is a good idea in my eyes. My old store used to offer a 50% refund to all who left a review and we honoured it regardless of the rating given. Its quite frustrating when you see an item selling fast and no reviews being left. I Even tried sending out about 100 notecards to people who had bought my FREE item asking for a review and I received about 10 in return.
  22. As a new content creator I would be grateful for any reviews! Good or bad. A bad review obviously sucks but it gives a chance to open a discussion and answer some questions other shoppers may have. But all in all, the only reviews I have so far are on the free item I have on the marketplace. I wish there was a better way to get feedback.
  23. What would be (if at all) the ideal height to rez and build a store on a private sim. It has to be in the air. I was told that between 2000 and 3000 is best but was not told why. What I'm looking to create is one level for the mainstore. A DEMO REZ area which would be higher and out of view Some permament skyboxes rezzed for demo. So there are three heights. I guess the concern is, go scripts run less effectively at certain heights, is there more lag the higher you go? Is it more beneficial to have it on the ground where other parcels are filled with other stores?
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