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  1. !! WANTED !! MAINSTORE - I'm looking for a location to have my mainstore. I do not want a plot of land but rather a store on an already built sim along with other stores. My brand is ZADIG MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/183288 FB: https://www.facebook.com/thisiszadig/ Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
  2. So I'm very new to Mesh fashion. Do you have to make clothes specific to certain mesh bodies and if so, which bodies are the most popular and what happens when new bodies are released? Are the fashion items no longer able to fit on the new bodies?
  3. Also.... HippoSecure? Does this still work...?
  4. I've got the HippoRent 5.53 Rental System. Will it still work if I use it in world now? The Prim Counter and the rental systems I assume don't use 3rd party backed support so I would think its still ok to use now?
  5. Hahahaha! Thank you for the answer! Sooooo helpful and the typos make it perfect!
  6. I've also tried changing the "float openingAngle=90.0; // in degrees" to... "float openingAngle=-90.0; // in degrees" on the second door but it still opens in the wrong direction (although initially rotates the desired direction it fininshed up the wrong way!
  7. I have the free open source smooth rotating door script. It works great. But how can I make it so when touching one door it opens two? Ive had this script in the past but seem to have lost it. So basically it creates double doors that both open when when is touched. Also, I've added a transparent textured mesh 'plane' as the hinge of one door, but when I flip it and use on the other the door opens but then flips upside down!! Anyone else experienced this?
  8. It's just that you said the above which implies people may not buy the item because of the slocca badges
  9. Do you really think people won't buy an item because of the SLOCCA logos? Are there any groups like this that a creator can join? I just think it's cool to have some sort of membership logo on marketplace adverts.
  10. I'm looking for a flat green roadside parcel. 2048m2
  11. Yeah I think I had this discussion on a other thread. Slocca seems to be dead now. No website anymore. I thought it was legit as aitui was a member. Shocked at some of the negative response it gets. I still think the idea is good though. A tag to show you make everything from scratch.
  12. Such a shame to see negative responses. The poster is just asking for help. I hope you find someone. I think you will.
  13. I also find it strange how I get presented with a lot of womens clothing and accessories when I am a male. So it's clearly not aimed at a targeted audience. Which would be amazing!
  14. Final result: didn't have an impact on sales. Loads of impressions, but very few clicks.
  15. I'm in need of a photographer again. This time I need one who specializes more in buildings. I need shots of some buildings done for promotion purposes. Needs to be VERY high quality. If you can help or point me in the direction of someone who can please do let me know.
  16. Amazing! Under "My store" and "Reports" is "Listing Enhancements Sows click through and impressions! Excellent!
  17. Two questions today: 1) Is it worth paying to have products on the Marketplace Homepage 2) Is it possible to track how many clicks the advert gets? I've just purchased one week for 899L$ and so far I have no idea how its doing as I cant tell if its being clicked on!!
  18. And how do I edit my typo in the topic heading? LOL
  19. Why cant we update the SLUR on all items at the same time?! You have to do it one item at a time? I only have 12 items... what if you had 100's and moved store?!?! Linden Labs.....? Why is this not a thing? Im frustrated but im still 100% in love with Linden Labs and SL and smiling!
  20. For my old store I used to offer a 50% refund if the buyer left an honest review!!
  21. What tips do people have for getting more marketplace reviews? apart from the obvious like Make Good Items, Sell at Good Prices... this I know. But it seems rare that anyone actually leaves a review.
  22. Would be great if demos had their own category and if search options allowed you to exclude key words like DEMO Freebies are cool but you literally have to scroll through so many pages because the same results show so many demos
  23. Why do some items on the marketplace say FREE but are listed at 1L$...?
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