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  1. So its been a month since I set up my store on the marketplace and in-world (my in world store sucks right now) ;) REY! lol But I am seeing a consistant stream of Lindens coming in. Its easily covering my rent and Im wondering what options there are for investing? What methods would people recomend and could you give your experiences and tips? Here is a quick list of some possible topics I would love to hear about. - a second store on a busy sim - sponsoring blogs - in world groups (eg. Homestuff (?)) - sponsoring events (eg. MISS SL 2016) <- may not be even possible but just an example. - joining a hunts group If you have amy more ideas, suggestions I would love to hear about it.
  2. Give us the link to the store. Nosey people can see who it is and if its really that bad, we can all help falg it.
  3. Lindal Kidd I had no idea that stuff was happening in world. Do Linden return the lindens if you catch the scammer before they process the credits?
  4. We had a really good chat about this in world so for anyone else reading this, the concern I had was that Linden Lab accoring to Dakota's response appears to not get involved with marketplace dealings meaning that people could scam and cheat on the marketplace and linden lab wont do anything about it. Thats the impression i got from Dakota's response which was initlaly really shocking to me. But as we discussed, second life is built by the users and we all have a responsibility to know what we're selling and buying. Check everything, in world store, reviews, demo's, groups, blogs. If a merchant doesnt have any of those, there is a risk youre not going to get what you expect.
  5. You could have a link to show any examples of your work. might be a good idea to attract more interest.
  6. Hey guys, As a way of getting our new brand out there we are looking to sponsor events/blogs/locations in second life. If you are loolking for sponsors in exchange for advertising please contact myself in world. IM's are sometimes capped so please send IM anda NOTECARD. Equally, if you could recomend any worthy events/blogs/places to advertise/sponsor please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  7. can you add a link to your work profile ? just so we can see what you have done already ?
  8. We ONLY have 2 "New York" style Skyboxes availabelt to rent. Residential only Can be seen through marketplace here. Visit our rental office here. It's opposit the ZADIG store. FEATURES ► 150L$ a week ► 70 prim usage ► Second Life's original and most popular skybox ► Menu control allows you to change the view ► Privacy ► Great customer service ► No Premium Account needed HOW TO RENT ► Right click an available rental box and choose PAY ► You will receive the landmark to your skybox SPECIAL OFFER ► Pay for 10 weeks rent and receive a 10% discount ► 9 weeks for the price of 10 CUSTOMER SUPPORT ☎ In world assistance available if you need additional help • Adamzadig Resident • Zadigmanager Resident • Milla Crystal © Copyright Adamzadig Resident, 2016. All rights reserved.


  9. From what you're saying, I could sell an item creatd by another designer and Linden Lab wouldnt take it down? you just facilitate the ability to sell, so you wouldnt mind if I sell an item by ABISS, and I call it "THIS IS AN ABISS ITEM" and i sell it for half the price of ABISS. And i use a logo by ABISS which is not copyrighted. Thats all ok?
  10. Price increases are normal no? I always end up saying (Im new so i know no difference) but with everything in life, Inflation will kick in at some point. So as LL increase their prices, as merchants we need to accept that as a part of life. We can increase our prices in world along with the LL inflation or we can take the hit and make sure our customers know we're not increasing prices along wth LL's inflation. Lets also not forget the amazing improvement LL have made to SL. When you compare SL to other virtual worlds there is no comparison. And to be the best, quite often you have to pay the highest price. Think positive!
  11. Do you want it built with MESH or STANDARD PRIMS? What size do you want it to be? What Land Impact usage do you want to use? Just some questions most builders would probably want to know as standard.
  12. and now im lost again. Fruit and visibility and somethign to do with SKUID.
  13. So why do you charge 1,000,000L$ for a pose? Im so curious about this.
  14. I thoguht best selling was based on number of unites sold in the past 30 days? I created a free product, and if you search "CDJ" im pretty sure it still comes out on top. But its only been on the marketplace for about 4 weeks.
  15. Just googled it and despite only looking at the first page of results, im convinced youre right, Whoops! THat was meant for the Linden Labs thread. Im going to look at other items now to see what else I can find. So im not crazy, the 1,000,000L$ asking price is rediculous right? Im just curious to know if the pose ball does somethign Im not aware of to make it worth that much.
  16. haha, oh I just cant wait for all this frustration, disapointment and generally being let down by Linden Labs! So far its all been pretty good through.
  17. So someone spent $108000 on a pose ball? That must have been some kind of error with Linden Labs. I must have miussed something here. Why would anyone spend so much money? You can buy a house in RL for that. I remember once I withdrew my Lindens (379USD) and they (LL) gave it to me 11 times! 10 times extra by mistake!
  18. How much are you charging for standard membership? Considering Facebook is free and http://www.avmatch.com/ i htink is free also. Is a membership fee wise?
  19. I'm glad you said that cause I had no idea what she meant!
  20. 27 people bought a pose ball for 1,000,000L$...? I dont believe that! Have I missed something because to me its basically an animated pose ball. Im pretty sure 1,000,0000L$ for a pose ball isnt going to be bought by anyone let alone 27!
  21. Having an item cheaper in world carries the benefit of driving traffic to your land and means the shopper is more likely to see your other items so I think its fair to have it cheaper in-world than on the marketplace. And in this case teh merchant even clearly wrote that its cheaper in-world. I think thats fair. As for Linden Labs allowing fraudulant transactions and taking a cut, shame on them. They should be reported to local authorities for this. Theyre the ones facilitating the sale. Shame on them.
  22. I can honestly say that if I see a plot that has auto return off I will be very tempted to place an advert there.
  23. 3600L$ for asmall plot that holds 14prims? Im in the wrong business!!
  24. I totally agree with you here. I tried to create my avatar completely free using free and group gifts. But its impossible! Its true when they say you get what you pay for. There are some great freebies in Second Life, but as I searched through free and cheap listings even I could see that some stores are just not worth the little lindens they sell for. Another exmpale is a TP script I purchased yesterday for 9L$. Turns out the creator modified it in such a way it doesnt acutally work. Even though it was just 9L$ i was so annoyed, and even more so when i realised the creator didnt have a store in world and gave ZERO support. But i was annoyed at myself for breaking the golden rule. I usually always find on marketplace, and then check the store in world and check the merchants profile. if it doesnt seem legit, I dont buy. But this time i did. My mistake.
  25. Sounds complicated but I will look in to that. Thinking about it now I'm surprised the marketpalce doesnt give this option. But then I guess there is the risk of merchants spamming people with too many updates.
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