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  1. again, thats not what im asking. im only asking about a cube. square box.
  2. i think you not understand my question. i want to make a box which shows the complete panoramic view, 360 everywhere, sky and ground. but i have never done it before.
  3. thats not what im after. im looking for a real life city landscape panormic view that i can make a box with to put a skybox inside
  4. I make several skyboxes. i would really like to know how to make a complete textured box with a full panoramic city view around the skybox. any tutorials or guidance? an example is the box this skybox sits in: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skyline-Skybox/2445697
  5. i never considered that. thanks for your reply.
  6. The events run for a few months then restart so you can join when they restart a new theme. I got in to the last 6 Republic event and made a good amount from it
  7. Dakota will LL ever make marketplace featured items targetted advertising? My buying history and avatar sex (male who buys mostly buildings, textures and men's clothing) would surely mean I should see more creation items and men's fashion there instead of women and clothing and female makeup kits. Seems like those designers are wasting their money advertising to me
  8. Truth is I wasn't checking because I rented a store on a town style sim. But now the problem is that I want to display my buildings on a large plot of land instead of demo rezzers. So I'm back to square one. The real problem is that I'm the most indesisive person in the world!!
  9. HERES ANOTHER CHALLENGE|: the tc has an animation script and a color script...... is is possible to put both codes in to the same script instead of having two? script 1) default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim( ANIM_ON | LOOP, 5, 5, 18, 0.0, 90.0, 15.0 ); } } script 2) integer iON; default { touch_start(integer num) { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( LINK_THIS, [ PRIM_COLOR, 5, llList2Vector( [ <0,0,0>, <1,1,1> ], (iON = !iON)), 1.0 ]); } }
  10. thanks for this. im getting name not defined errors. the object is 1 prim and the face is 5. how would i write that properly? thanks for this. im getting name not defined errors. the object is 1 prim and the face is 5. how would i write that properly?
  11. is there a script i can use to change a specifir prim face to black color on touch, and then to whte on second touch. i have an animated gif on a tv i made, and changing the face color to black on touch makes it look like an off switch. but need to be able to change the color to white on the next touch to turn it back on.
  12. PRIVATE ESTATES SO I CAN SET THE LAND GROUP to my own. ive considered stacking platforms but i would prefer a large flat green to have display models all together
  13. if my budget was approx 1000L$ a week, whats the maximum land area I could get. not too concerned with the amount of prims, but i need a large area to display low prime buildings.
  14. A,azing. thanks rolig. im learning slowly but getting there. now i have a closet with 2 doors and 3 draws and each has its own script to work individually,
  15. I love you!! thank you so much!! is there any way to change the axis the movement goes?
  16. its on the root and the doors are called DOOR
  17. 100% not working. can you try it in world and let me know? ive done exactly as it asks.
  18. i did try this one but it didnt work, the whole object moved. also i have an object with several linked prims and they move on different axis. so would need one script for one set of directions and another for another direction
  19. these are not ale to work within a linked object
  20. i have a sliding door script but it cannot be linked to other prims, does anyone have or can send me a link to where i can get a sliding door script that can be linked to other objects?
  21. Is it ok to list a free item on the marketplace but to have it give a landmark to the free item in world?
  22. yeah im in the 6 republic event and asked the owner there for help - see what comes back
  23. !! WANTED !! MAINSTORE - I'm looking for a location to have my mainstore. I do not want a plot of land but rather a store on an already built sim along with other stores. My brand is ZADIG MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/183288 FB: https://www.facebook.com/thisiszadig/ Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
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