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  1. Thread Necro! So, I've updated Rainy Alley slowly over time, and I would like people to see it. I moved to Bay City - Sconset (G) so I got double prims! Please come check it out! (I think it looks the best in midnight setting!) Any critiques or suggestions welcome! Also, I have a small request. I want to update my photo for Rainy Alley, but my laptop can't take pretty snapshots! Can anyone take a photo of the land and post here so that I could use it as the land profile pic? Click here to visit!
  2. This is Robbie the Rabbit (from Silent Hill game series). I randomly found it in my inventory and having a blast walking around in it. :robotvery-happy: Pretty creepy don't you think? Do you have any scary/creepy avatars you want to share? Post here!
  3. This was exactly what I was looking for. Just a simple click to go teleporter. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, but the first link is not ready to use script. I have no knowledge of editting scripts. I have checked the LSL library already and couldn't find what I was looking for. Still looking.
  5. For my land, I've been looking for a decent teleporter, but I couldn't find any. Free teleporters/scripts were limited by height and Non-free teleporters had all these gimicks that are useless for me. What I'm looking for is a copy/mod teleporter or copy teleport script that simply does this: When you have your mouse cursor over a teleporter item, the icon changes into a chair icon (sit) and you simply click to get to the other teleporter's location. I need it to teleport to altitude over 1600m. I've seen plenty of these teleporters in shops and RP areas, but I can't seem to find it on my own
  6. That is a very interesting character. And unique! I think I am too impatient to roleplay a doll character (probably break him/her in an hour or two). Where do you roleplay as her?
  7. This is a thread for your roleplay characters. It can be urban, futuristic, medieval, fantasy, etc. Post a picture of your character and his/her profile! :smileyvery-happy: I know that this maybe difficult for adult RPs, but lets keep it PG. :smileysurprised:
  8. Thank you :smileyhappy:
  9. It is not just linking, it is putting an art with a frame into a single texture. I would probably download the art into my hard drive. It gives me versatility to work around the art (without modifying the art itself of course). As for working on art on my own..I could, but that is not why intend on doing. As I said, I simply wanted to have art by SL users to make it more SL relevant. I see it more akin to Deviant Art. I'm not sure why you are so sensitive about the perms. I mean I can understand about possibility of me scamming someone's art, but I think I'd lose a lot more than gain fr
  10. You have 20 seconds to comply! :robotvery-happy:
  11. Thank you, glad you liked the place. I always enjoyed the sound of rain, and I think it complements the classical guitar music that is played there(aside from the ads in the station). The whole idea was to recreate the experience of listening to rainfall while you are all comfy in your bed falling asleep. :smileyvery-happy: P.S. the mattress upstairs is PG.
  12. I wanted it full perm (or have it posted here) so I can build around the piece (like frames and such). I learned that non full perm textures are really annoying to work with. But yeah, this is not for resale. I am just going to have the artpiece hang on the wall with the artist name in description. My goal is to make the gallery more SL relevant by having SL user's artworks (for those that are willing to share their artwork with the community that is).
  13. Thanks for all the support everyone, both from here and in-world. :smileyvery-happy: As so many have requested, I have added ground textures for rain.
  14. Hello, I recently created an alleyway with a small art gallery. (From the thread "Rainy Alley" in Mainland forum) As of now, I have a couple SL arts and famous art pieces. But I'd like to have a gallery full of SL art (Original pieces created by SL users). This could be photoshopped photographs or paintings you've done. I cannot guarantee that I'll use all the pieces as I do not have much space to put them. It is not a high traffic area, and this is a non-commercial plot. Your art will not be used for any other purposes. So if you have a piece that you'd like to share, please eit
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