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  1. I know that the role play sim CRACK DEN has plots of land for sale that allows you to build. And this can be commercial or residential. Not really sure of any others but looking forward to seeing some of these suggestions.
  2. Someone created a forum thread to advise people how to get them to unmute them. Lmao! I find this so funny. Not ihow to unamute in general, but how to get this person specifically to umute you! is this person famous or something? But im also glad to see some NORMAL people turn a bizzare post into an actual learning post.
  3. You really need to contact Linden Labs and raise it with them. I have called them several times and they are super helpful over the phone. If you don't want to call then then just raise a Support Ticket. And check yur bank account to make sure the funds were actually taken our of your account.
  4. Some stations update their policies. For example, Digitally Imported Premium no longer allow public streaming. It could be that the stations you liten to have updated their policies for public broadcast.
  5. Have you tried facebook? There are Second Life Event groups there and you could reach thousands of people if you ask people to share your post. Just one example: https://www.facebook.com/groups/slevents/
  6. How can i set up my account to send me offline im's from people and not from Groups? When I have offline IM's turned on I receive so many emails because of Group IM's that it takes me ages to see which ones are actual messages for me from people. Any ideas?
  7. Hey your answer saved me days of rebuilding a mesh object!
  8. I need an unpacker script that will not give out the ANIMATION and ANIMATION script thats in the package. Just the items that the Resident has purchased. Full perm. Please someone help! I cant even find this on the marketplace! If you have this please send me the details in world on notecard with quote.
  9. I need an unpacker script that will not give out the ANIMATION and ANIMATION script thats in the package. Just the items that the Resident has purchased. Please someone help! I cant even find this on the marketplace!
  10. Hey thanks for trying but unfortunately I know NOTHING about scripts and that one doesnt seem to work. I will keep looking for an answer. But thanks for responding. I also looking for a script that will give just certain items from its inventory when touched. I have an unpacker but that gives everything apart from itself and I have a pose with a pose script that I dont want the person to get when thet unpack.
  11. THANK YOU! Ive only been modelling for a few days and your pic just showed me that making a physics object can be done with PLANES! Amazing! Ive been using full objects until now. Thanks for that!
  12. Does anyone have the right script for a double door? I have figured that by cutting each door in half they wont need a root prim to turn on and im pretty sure the script just needs to have a channel put in there so all doors on that channel open when one does. I havne no clue about scripting so if anyone has the answers please let me know. - open door script - contains channel - smooth Thanks anyone who can help!
  13. Hey, I was actually looking at land yesterday and saw one of your very low Li builds. A house and a warehouse! Both VERY NICE! So cool that you should then reply to my thread!
  14. Thank you to EVERYONE for your input. I read it all and made notes and applied it to my build. I was up until 5am remaking the build in blender and was able to get the prim count from 16 Li to 2 Li. The tips I used were: In Blender: to reduce the texture faces to a maximum of 8. This allowed me to upload it as ONE object. Deleted surfaces not visible to reduce the triangles count (?) In secondlife uploader: Upload in LOW physical and reduced the size of the object. Because it was a small CDJ 2000 which is the size of a playstation I kept the LOD low at LOW, and HIGH on the medium settings because even at smal distances it reverts to the medium LOD settings. You guys gave loads more things to consider so I will keep at it until I can get it to 1 prim!
  15. Hi guys, I know this has been covered in other threads but most are over 2 years old and I wanted to see if there have been any recent developments as I'm only uploading mesh since yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how to upload with LOW land impact. I have created my own .dae and .blend files so if anyone would like me to send them the files I will be more than happy to do so if you want to give a real hands on answer. - So what can we newbies do to keep land impact to a minimum when uploading? - What tips do you have for using BLENDER to keep objects optimal for Second Life? My case specifically, is that I am building my own DJ Equipment so it is very small. But my CDJ 2000 (CD Player) is 16 prims and I have seen even better looking ones only 1 prim! One point I would like to make is that although I built it all in one go on blender I have given it approx 14 texture faces. And it uploads as 3 seperate parts instead of one even though I have it as one in Blender. Thanks for any help and if anyone is willing to receive the files and check them out for yourself please message me in-world and I will supply a download link or something similar. AdamZadig
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