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  1. hard to keep a girls attention lol Gotta find something in common with them, also easy to talk to other wise. i don't think it will work X_X
  2. ... I just want to know. If there are other ways to buying lindens without me putting PayPal or credit card information on here. I can buy prepaid cards but that's it basically If there's no other way then I think I'll just retire my avatar T_T
  3. I mean like when you add your bank info and "fees" Lol was still new to the whole idea of it but oh well. Learned my lesson.
  4. I'm asking this because.. I had PayPal hooked to my bank account And I bought lots of countless prepaid cards and added them to PayPal so I could Spend money on my avatar, Any ways like 3 months later I get a bill over $700 to my bank account -_- guess I should've Double checked the writing but that's paid off now and I would still like To shop through secondlife . But I'm never adding my bank account to here again learned my Lesson LOL .. :( Is there a alternative way to get lindens ? I read some of the other threads talking about a .. Greendot card from walmart?
  5. oh?! O_O i never knew that thanks for sharing Alwin heard people discussing it on game awhile ago thought it was ok but guess not :matte-motes-agape:
  6. paypal's at 90% :matte-motes-sour: Got money on my paypal... but cant use it for Secondlife because the bank transfer hasn't gone through yet. Is there a way to pay someone through paypal and get Lindens for exhange~. and where do you find a trusted person to begin with? :matte-motes-mad:
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