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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: That's why LL should IP/MAC ban them so they can't log in even on an alt. I don't think that delaying them for 30 seconds while they overcome a hardware/IP ban is the solution you want.
  2. Ina Fairport wrote: Yes, many years ago I met my SL partner in RL. It was a disappointing experience. There was no "click" in RL and the thrill was gone in SL..... Which seems to be the usual experience afaik. When you take away the seduction of music, the fake avatars and the fake surroundings, not much is left.
  3. Krypton radio. There will be no other side effects from connecting to that stream. Trust me
  4. I know what you mean. While entering my password to log in today I accidentally pressed the wrong key which gave me an undesirable result. I was so angry. DELL U SUK WE HAVE BEEN MAKING KEYBOARDS FOR A HUNDRED YEARS AND U STILL CANT GET IT RIGHT I AM GOING 2 MAKE A FORUM THREAD AND EXPOSE URE FAIL!!!!1!!
  5. The fact that LL do not directly accept their own currency probably should tell you a lot.
  6. Well to represent the broadest SL community I guess it should demonstrate the unusual love between an unemployed overweight man and something from the animal kingdom. PETA maybe?
  7. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: I don't fancy being homeless here It's not so bad, particularly if you don't log in! ;-). First sensible post in an otherwise standard attention seeking SL thread.
  8. Solaria Goldshark wrote: SallyBees wrote: I wanted advice on how to join a family. What makes a family good in your opinion/what are their values morals, respect, etc. I am looking for a demon or furry family. Is it hard to find a family? What sort of adventures do you go on with your family? Will it take months before I find the right one?(im guessing it will, no always the first try.) Hmmm...let me think here a moment...... Oh, ok. I got it! Let's review the words in red, and ponder the following ...family, good, values, respect and morals. Not sure if demon is gonna work out
  9. It's two fireplaces with particle smoke, rotated 180 degrees because they are at each end of the building. Not exactly rocket science.
  10. Voices can echo over very long distances in SL
  11. Meow2016 wrote: It has been so long since I've had a tv in sl that I don't know where to start. Used to be tv channels in sl with talk shows or this drama about a trailer park. Does any of that still exist? That was not a drama, it was a reality TV program aimed at SL users.
  12. ClariceRose wrote: Why are there so many "new" clubs opening in SL? There are so many already! There are not enough people on SL to frequent all of them. Are people power hungry, is that why so many ones are opening, do they just want to say "I own a club in SL" or ? I am not being sarcastic, just trying to understand. I think it would be better for clubs to merge, thoughts? I'm just venting, yes, but I also am curious to find out why there are so many clubs in SL. Like so many clubs, groups, clans or guilds on the internet, people who are boring nobodies in real life want to be importan
  13. Prokofy Neva wrote: Um, I don't have any big black walls anywhere, big guy. Do you? You're right cupcake. Last time I looked your preferred griefprim was actually either a row of glowing fullbright cooling towers floating in the air, or a megaprim wall carrying a texture of your ample RL butt. Very mature.
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