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  1. Hello, You may be wondering..what i mean by the title. I mean just that. If you want a strict/dictator with no feelings for you whatsoever then by all means join the bdsm community in sl. If your looking for something meaningful or someone not as strict..Girl or Guy...you've come to the wrong site. I have been in the community for...maybe 3 or 4 yrs. They were...the worst experiences i had on this site and thats including being in BL clans and having to leave them, because "Politics." If your looking for a daddydom and or a caring master, dom, etc, then I'm afraid your out of luck. All th
  2. I'd like a link or some explaination on where it is please and thank you:)
  3. whenever i do /4 or commands like that they dont work for my rp tool:( I've tried reattaching and relogging:(
  4. I wanted advice on how to join a family. What makes a family good in your opinion/what are their values morals, respect, etc. I am looking for a demon or furry family. Is it hard to find a family? What sort of adventures do you go on with your family? Will it take months before I find the right one?(im guessing it will, no always the first try.)
  5. Im looking for active ones the would accept teens or a father looking for a family. The only one i know of so far is Next Gen Inc. Any recommendations will be appreciated:)
  6. how do i put up the away sign message to show I am away when someone im's me? I want to put it up when i am away/afk for a long period of time.
  7. How to I get rid of showing jelly people and only show their avatars fully? thank you for listening.
  8. Is there settings that make it a lot less laggy? I think the version is 4.5
  9. Is there settings that make it a lot less laggy? I think the version is 4.5
  10. Hi, im kind of shy, you can add me if you'd like^_^ always nice to have great people to be with on sl:)
  11. I need friendly people to be round, chat with, hang with and friendly places to go to, clubs too. Love that bass- 3-
  12. True, what is option b though incase?
  13. I want to have different colored textures of this one print to wear. I want to have it commissioned(were would i post that?) How would i know what prices they take? Would i have to ask the owner of the outfit if im allowed to have it commissioned?(or does it matter on what permissions the outfit has?)
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